Global Facebook Agency Campaign called "Facebook Friday"


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I created a global campaign for Ketchum's Facebook page called "Facebook Friday." On a Friday, a Ketchum colleague from around the globe would take the keys to Ketchum's Facebook page.


Ketchum is one of the largest PR agencies in the world. It was fun working for them!

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Global Facebook Agency Campaign called "Facebook Friday"

  1. 1. Ketchum’s Facebook Friday Handbook Welcome!What is Facebook Friday?Facebook Friday is an internal Ketchum facebook campaign that will run almost every Friday. It wascreated for Ketchum employees to share their personalities by taking ownership of Ketchum’s facebookfor the day and posting items of interest to them and engaging with others on the page.
  2. 2. Facebook Friday Guidelines1) BE YOURSELF!2) PROMOTE your facebook Friday to your network so your friends can participate and support you.3) PROFILE PICTURE: Provide Adam Kornblum and Jackie Burton with a picture of you. If you’re working with a team send a group photo. (If you’re a nifty designer – you can create a picture of yourself with Ketchum’s logo). Adam Kornblum will upload the profile picture to Ketchum’s fb page. Here’s a past profile picture of our first Facebook Friday Pilot, Alan Danzis, as well as a fun with Pamela Von Lehmden. Own the page For A day!4) STATUS UPDATES: Post 4-5 status updates about interesting things that you like. This can range from an article in a trade publication, to a viral video, to a movie or CD review to a photo of your team!5) FRIEND SUGGESTIONS/INVITE FRIENDS: Consider suggesting/inviting that your friends ‘Like’ Ketchum’s fb page.
  3. 3. 6) RESPONDING: When people comment on Ketchum’s wall and/or on a post that you created – interact, comment, and ‘Like’ back… Again, be YOU! a. NEGATIVE COMMENTS: i. How to handle negative comments by others: Although this is unlikely, Ketchum is a high profile agency; therefore, if someone happens to comment with a negative/snarky remark - please notify and before responding. #FacebookFridayLaws1) If your facebook post is about a brand, even if it’s not a Ketchum client, it needs to be approved prior to posting. Please send the post to or IMPORTANT: All posts should be original work from you. Meaning, any video or photo posted should be taken by you. a. Should you decide to post a picture or video from another website (i.e. Google images), please credit the website and link the website.3) If your facebook post is about a client – two requirements must be met prior to posting: a. Client approval i. Please send a draft of the post to and before posting. Do not post until client approves. b. Proper Disclosure: Somewhere in the facebook post – the phrase “our client” has to be included.4) Keep everything clean! Meaning, no profanity, no political posts, and do your best to be as objective as possible when posting.5) Be careful: If you want to post something to YOUR facebook account – make sure that you ‘switch’ back to YOUR account. Please sign your name! Signature! Where’s the squiggly thing? ~
  4. 4. Be the page… Becoming Ketchum’s FB Admin for the Day! Once we activate you as an Admin – this is how you ‘switch’ from your facebook account to Ketchum’s facebook page. Note: You will literally be Ketchum’s facebook page after switching. You will not see your friend lists, your pictures, etc. until you ‘switch’ back or sign out (and log back in as you normally would). Step 1: Log-in to your fb account (as you normally would), then… Step 2: Go to “Account” 1 Step 3: Click on “Use Facebook as Page” Step 4: Click on “Switch” 2 3 4
  5. 5. How to go back to using YOUR facebook account:Step 1: Go to “Account”Step 2: Click on “Switch back to __(YOUR Name)__”Now you’re back on YOUR account. (Please click on “Profile” to double check that you are in fact on youraccount before posting, etc. Thank you!) 1 2
  6. 6. “Wait, why can’t I tag my friends in posts or pictures?”Here’s your answer:When you’re “switched” over and made an Admin you can’t tag friends in posts or pictures. However, ifyou DO NOT “switch” over and simply go to Ketchum’s facebook page using your account as younormally would - as long as this button is checked (see below), you will automatically transform intoKetchum and can tag your friends! (If the button is unchecked then you will NOT transform intoKetchum’s facebook page and can comment and ‘Like’ under YOUR personal facebook account.)How do I get to this? Where is it? 1) Start with this… Click on “Edit Page”
  7. 7. 2) The next screen that appears (after clicking “Edit Page”)3) Click on “Your Settings” and make sure to “Save Changes” if you need to update.