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Adam_Hodgson_resume Oct'15


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Adam_Hodgson_resume Oct'15

  1. 1. AdamB. Hodgson 192 FourStar Ln. Madison,AL 35757 (623) 262-0169 Dear Siror Ma’am, I am a JourneymanCarpentercomingupon25 yearscombinedexperience inthe trades,includingboth residentialandcommercial Carpentry. Myfather,JimHodgson,hasbeena unionCarpenterformore than 40 yearsand he providedme withasolidfoundation inthisfieldthathashelpedme togrow as a personandas a professional tradesman. Aftergraduationfromhighschool in1991, I apprenticedwith my fatherforfive yearsanddiddiscoverthatI had a knack and passionforskilledtrade work. Shortly thereafter,however,Ijoinedthe UnitedStatesNavytoplayapart insomethingbiggerandmore importantthanmyself. In the Navy,as an OperationSpecialist2nd ClassPettyOfficer(E-5) inthe CombatDirectionCenter(CDC) of the USS JohnF. Kennedy(CV-67),Ispecializedinradaroperation,navigation,dataencryption,and bothsecure and unsecure communications(ship-ship,ship-shore,ship-aircraft). Establishingand maintainingefficientandeffective communicationwasof toppriorityinensuringthe safetyof our travelsandour aircraft launches/landingsaboardthe carrier. AsI climbedthe ranks,Imade my “home” up inthe CommandingOfficersTactical Plot(COPlot) of the ship. Here,Isupervisedadedicatedteam that workedefficientlyinhigh-stresssituationstoaccomplishacommonmission. Icontinue tolearn frommy militaryexperience eventothisday. In 2001, I leftthe Navyto resume mycareerin Carpentry,inhopesof settlingdownandstartinga family.AlthoughIdidn’tchoose to make myservice a career,I foundpreciselywhatIhad beenlooking for inthe ArmedForcesand my patriotismplaysabigfactor inthe man I am today. I am a mission- orientedindividual andIappreciate the feelingof accomplishmentthatcomeswithconqueringataskor completingaprojectwithhands-onresults. Today,myfamilyandIare inthe midstof relocatingfrom the NorthwestValleyof Phoenix,Az toMadisoninorderto be closertomy wifesparents. We are scheduledtobe intownby the second weekof November. I am lookingforopportunitiestomove up and growthfor the benefitof myfamily. Throughoutmyprofessional development,Ihave trulyenjoyeddiversityinthe workIperformandlove the challenge itprovides. One of mygiftsistrouble-shooting,whichtendstocome inhandyamong varioustrades. I am versatile andadaptwell andeasilyintomostanyrole thatallowsme toworkwith my handsto solve aproblemoraccomplisha tangible task. There isn’tmuchI cannotdo or quickly learn to do. I bringa varietyof abilitiesandskillstothe table,butIalsobringsolidvalues:Character,Integrity, Respect,Honor,Commitment,Patience,andastrongwork ethic. These are the thingsthat rarelycome across well inaresume,butthat I hope will emanate inaninterview opportunity. Theyare alsothe thingsI am alsolookingforinan employer(now becomingarare find). Furthermore,Iam enthusiastic and lookforwardto tacklinganychallengesyoumayhave forme. I come fully equippedwithmyown toolswhichcovermostof the tradesdealtwithinconstruction. I am veryfluentinelectrical,plumbing, drywall,painting,roofing,tile,andconcrete;withcarpentry –framing,trim, finish,cabinetry,doors,and windowsare myspecialty. Thank youfor yourtime.
  2. 2. KindRegards, AdamB. Hodgson REFERENCES: Chris Madrid- 8 yrs 623.556.4496 Joe Miller- 25 yrs 607.592.9963 Bruce Siler- 1 yr 805.471.0029 EDUCATION: 1985 - 1990 Brooktondale BaptistSchool - Math & Science 1990 - 1991 Cortland Christian Academy - Math & Science(High School Diploma) Fall of 1992 Letourneau University - Design Technology 1995 - 1996 Tompkins Cortland Community College - Math & Science 1991 - 1996 Carpenter Apprentice MILITARY AND CIVILIAN EMPLOYMENT: Aug ’15 – Current; Albrecht & Son L.L.C. ($18 hr) Sept ’12 – Mar 14; Nov ’09 – June ‘11; Tom Albrecht (623)933.4312 Joe Brown (623)256.8391 Returned to the field as a Remodel/Trim Carpenter (carpentry (rough-framing& trim-doors,windows, crown), drywall,electrical,plumbing,tile,punch lists,troubleshooting,etc.) for approx.6 months, after which my duties were then splitbetween the officeand field work as a resultof my experience in the role of Estimator, Proj ect Manager, Operations Manager, Supervisor,and Material Procurement Specialist. accepted a position as the owner’s Executive Assistant/Project Designer and, eventually,became an Estimator. This position was grooming me for a Project Manager roleand required well-developed skillsin Job Supervision and Customer Service. It also required that I branch into Website design/management and Material procurement. Aug '14 – June ‘15; Aspen Square Management : The Villages at Cottage Park ($17.50 hr) Lead Carpenter in charge exterior remodeling of this newly aquired property in Surprisewhilealso quiteoften lendingmy abilities to the interior remodeling sideof the project. Currently replacingall (approx 190) custom privacy fences and exterior wood trim as well as fully remodelingthe existingapartments and townhomes adding new washer/dryer connections. Responsiblefor all material takeoff and procurement to stay ahead of a 6 man crew. Electrical,plumbing,windows,doors,trim, cabinetry,drywall,paint,tile,punch list,troubleshooting,as well as rough, trim and finish carpentry. Apr '14 – July '14; Ramsey Brothers, Inc ($15 hr) Phil Ramsey (623)939.3592 Accepted a shop position to rehone my cabinetbuildingskillswith this high end custom cabinetcompany. Shortly thereafter was moved into the field as an installer. July’12 – Sept ’12; Goldshot Home Services, L.L.C. ($20 hr) John Goldshot (623)388-0303 Working Project Manager for the Home Services division of GoldshotExterminating. While putting my carpentry/remodel skillsto work in headingup a new division,l also learned a great deal about pest control. This position required a lot of climbing,with a prerequisitethat I be comfortableon firstand second-story roofs, ladders,and capableof performing my duties outside in extreme heat. Jun’11 – Jun ’12 ; Palmer’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond L.L.C. ($20 hr) Rob Fruend (623)283.6337
  3. 3. Project Manager/Operations Manager- performed field work as a Remodel/Trim Carpenter (rough & trim), plumbing,electrical (lowvoltage), tile,doors & windows, drywall,punch list,troubleshooting,etc. ); scheduled vendors, material procurement, managed up to 6 field employees on several jobs runningatonce, job take off, as well as project design. Took each projectfrom “sold”to “finished”with efficiency and served as the liaison between the clientand company. Aug ‘09 – Nov ‘09; J.P. Osborne Inc. ($22 hr) Brian Broadstock (928)486.0647 Roy Martin (602)300.0416 Trim Carpenter, workingwith the same 4-man crew from a previous employer, AZ Window& Door Company. Here, I conquered punch listitems, FRP (firerated panels) installation,troubleshooting,custommetal & wood work installs,and multiplecustomitem installationsthroughoutthe construction of the new Wild HorsePass Casino. Jun ’09 – July ’09; Unemployed Apr ’09 – Jun ’09; Gleason Appliance Repair ($18 hr) Mike Purdy (623)670.9563 Better-developed my mechanical,trouble-shooting,and customer serviceskills freelancingas an Appliance Repair Technician. Dec ’08 – Apr ’09; Artisan Trim Co. Inc. ($22 hr) Butch (602)626-5397 Field Trim Carpenter- installed customcrown, base, case,closets,doors (pre-hung or retrofit), and hardwarein high-end custom homes in ParadiseValley and North Scottsdaleareas. Mar '07 – Dec ’08; Arizona Window and Door ($22-$30 hr) Brady Tenney (602)859-8891 Roy Martin (602)300.0416 Trim Carpenter- worked in high end, custom homes installingcustomcrown mold, base, casing,door jams,hinge mortisingslab doors as well as boringthe doors for hardware.I also installed customcabinets and customceilings, stairs and walls which included millingour own lumber and cabinet-buildingon site. Eventually, I accepted the position of Field Superintendent and became responsiblefor a 4-man trim crew. Duties included:crew supervision,projectmanagement, material estimation and procurement, material prep and delivery,client/contractor relations,schedulingand troubleshooting. July '06 - Feb '07; Tradesman International Phoenix, AZ ($20 hr) Sept '05 - June '06; Tradesman International Baltimore, MD ($19 hr) Chris McCracken (623)566-4761 Tradesman (Phoenix) Linda (443)250-6812 Tradesman (Baltimore) Bruce Best (443)496-0662 ILEX Super (Baltimore) Trim Carpenter for RiversideBuilders doingfinish trimwork and punch listitems to complete a custom home build in Fountain Hills:Installed customcabinetry,milled trim, crown molding,3 piece basetrim, punch listwork,low voltage communication installation,applianceinstallation,door hanging,drywall repair. Carpenter for Linthicumon a high end home in the mountains area of Scottsdale doingpunch listtype work: Bondo repair to steel, Troubleshooting,low voltage (Tracingand pullingTstatand sensor wire), Metal and wood framing Carpenter for ILEX on high end home remodel Complete remodel and addition to 37,000 sq. ft home in Annapolis,MD Interior framing,and stair construction,sub-flooring,radiusforms for brick wineracks,layout. Promoted to working with subcontractor,Masterpieces,doingsoffit,fascia,and cornicework,window and trim installation,builtin gutters construction,dormer roofs construction,deck construction with all theabove, front
  4. 4. porch round and squarecolumn installation.Mahogany,Spanish cedar,and azak trim. Completed OSHA 10 refresher course *March '06 Employee of the month Dec '04 - Sept '05; Upscale Remodeling, Inc. Ithaca, N.Y. ($18) Steve Nash - Owner (607) 539-6014 Project Manager/Lead Carpenter responsibilities included carpentry (rough & trim), drywall,electrical (low voltage, cat-5, & coaxial),re-installingclients data or cableprovided components), plumbing, tile,doors & windows, punch list,troubleshooting,etc. $25,000 basement remodel / garage/ house structural reinforcement Ithaca Tile& Hardwood (new location):installed doors,handicap hardware,includingramp to showroom floor $52,000 remodeled garage and 3 adjoiningrooms dueto water damage Coordinatevarious trades (contractor work) in and out of projects $45,000 remodeled basement with coffered cedar ceilings Installed stairs,railing,wallsand shelves to match existingin rough pinetrimmed cabin,$32,000 remodeled kitchen Sept '04 - Dec '04; Hatchett Home Improvement Newport News, VA ($19 hr) Don Hatchett - Owner (757) 244-1777 Doug Soule- Production Manager (757) 715-7185 Project Manager/Lead Carpenter- carpentry (rough & trim), drywall,electrical (lowvoltage,cat-5,& coaxial),re- installingclients data or cableprovided components), plumbing,tile, doors & windows, punch list,troubleshooting, etc.) Completed multiplehome projects. Apr '03 - Sept '04; Fleet Technical Support Center Atlantic ($15 hr) (FTSCLANT) - (FSS Alutiqq) Norfolk, VA Frank S. Walker - Facilities Manager (757) 443-3872 x1027 Brad Bond - Supervisor (757) 443-3872 x1118 Command Carpenter- solely responsiblefor all carpentry in a 288,000 sq.ft. buildingand variousother projects in sister commands (as the resultof a command merger), Planned projects with architectvia CAD program and basic MicrosoftSuite, Estimated/researched material and costto produce exact project quotes, etc. Remodeling and/or buildingprojects included framing,sheet rocking,taping and finishing,painting,installingchairrail and covebase, installingceilinggrid,carpettile,and windows in office doors,door and hardwareupkeep and installation (per command security requirements), laid concreteand level sidewalks,foundation construction,repaired and refinished furniture,milled and crafted show cases,pictureframes, and tables. Also wrapped and mounted pictures,installed ductwork and performed general maintenance on a/c units (per former experience in this field), responded to trouble callsin a timely manner with proficiency. I was further responsiblefor the inventory and maintenance of the command Carpentry Shop and paintlocker and I traveled between various commands (merger) to meet carpentry needs for Admirals,Captains,Government Service officials,etc. Oct - Dec '02; Crista Construction Ithaca, NY (Union Local 281) ($21 hr) Paul Klinko - Superintendent (607) 760-2786 Journeyman Carpenter- Worked on Cornell's new Ornithology building,Builtcedar fences and hung sheet rock; Installed several ceiling-mounted, retractableprojectors and screens;Builtforms for concrete walls and installed window molding, etc. June - Sept '02; Cornell University Carpenter Shop Ithaca, NY (Union Local 281) ($21 hr) May - Aug '01 Bob Markes - Superintendent (607) 255-4745 (Union Local 281) Journeyman Carpenter- Worked on campus, installingwindowa/c units,corner guard,counter tops, and office furniture; Hung sheet rock,white board and chalk boards;Installed ceilinggrid and vinyl tilefloors;Worked on a 4 - man team that responded to trouble calls acrosscampus.
  5. 5. Completed 10 hr OSHA construction course Sept '01- May '02; Ocean State Heating and Air Conditioning Jacksonville, FL ($9 hr) Brent Reedy - Superintendent (904) 249-8251 Worked in the general installation of a/c ductinguntil eventually got promoted to installingand wiringa/c units. Later, I took servicecallsand learned to do start-ups and regular maintenanceon the units. Jan - May '01; John J. Pausley Inc. Ithaca, NY (Union Local 281) ($21 hr) Terry Bailey - Superintendent (607) 387-7164 Journeyman Carpenter- Worked on a New York State funded job on the Cornell University campus,where I formed and poured concrete footers and walls,framed the building,installed sheet-metal on walls and roof,installed doors,and builtfeed bins. Feb '01 - Feb '02; United States (New York) Army National Guard - D Company 1st Battalion, 108th Infantry, Ithaca, NY Dec '01 - Jan '02; United States Naval Reserve Horseheads, NY Dec '96 - Dec '01; United States Navy (stationed out of Mayport, FL) Operation Specialist Petty Officer 2nd Class stationed aboard the aircraftcarrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV- 67) Watch Supervisor of the Commanding Officers Tactical Plot(COPLOT) on the Navigational Bridge& Combat (CDC) Responsiblefor safenavigation of ship,ID of surfacevessels and aircraft,encrypted communications:ship-shore, ship-ship,ship-aircraft,IFF (”Identify Friend or Foe” communication with aircraftand sea bound vessels). June '91 - Nov '96; Sunrise Acres Ithaca, NY ($17 hr) Jim Hodgson - Superintendent (607) 591-0906 Carpenter- completed 5yr apprenticeship in carpentry (rough & trim), drywall,electrical (lowvoltage,cat-5, & coaxial,re-installingclients data or cableprovided components), plumbing, tile,doors & windows, punch list, troubleshooting,etc. Remodeled the remaininghalf of a hay barn into 6000 sq ft livingspace;builtthree - 2400 sq ft houses (singlestory,ranch-stylehomes) from the ground up: excavation,concrete, framing,plumbing, sheet rock, painting,electrical,siding,roofing,HVAC, and landscaping.Also builta 4-bay machinery barn (40 x 60 pole barn) constructed with a metal roof and siding;turn-key. Builtnumerous picnic table,chairs,benches,and pressuretreated decks; operated heavy equipment including backhoe Case 570c, Cat D4e high track dozer, Cat D8 dozer, Cat Excavator, and Bobcat.