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Twitter Trend Report Oct 2010


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A brief presentation I made to the STA Travel marketing team on the ever increasing importance of Twitter as a platform on which to converse with consumers.

The aim was to start the team thinking about how we can adapt and innovate as new platforms arise.

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Twitter Trend Report Oct 2010

  1. 1. Youth Trend Report – instantaneous brand conversation Adam Fyfe
  2. 2. The modern consumer’spurchasing process iscomplicated and multi faceted.Brands can no longer ignoreany digital communicationchannel without losing anever-increasing slice of thepopulation
  3. 3. Our acquaintances — not our friends — are our greatest source of new ideas and information - Malcom Gladwell – The New Yorker – September 2010
  4. 4. 86% of online users look to fellow internet users online for purchase adviceAs increasing amounts of The more trusted an individualinformation are created and is online, the more of a keypublished, consumers look for influencer they are becomingan information source they can as consumer purchasingtrust patterns continue to include online
  5. 5. 27% of online users account for 87% off all news shared onlineThe 80/20 rule applies to the Tap into the top 20% ofdissemination of online influencers and you will reach ainformation. larger slice of the population Source: cnn
  6. 6. In order to tap into the ‘86%’ The Palms casino is developing acompanies need to find ways of VIP system that allows entryseeding brand experiences within based on members’ ‘Klout score’.key online influencers A rating of an individuals online influence. Source: 30-SEP-2010
  7. 7. usage quadrupled in Australia in 2009 Souce: Nielson 2010Twitter provides an increasingly A typical twitter user’s feedagile, yet sceptical consumer the contains a mixture of feeds fromability to personalise and maintain celebrities, news sources,their information sources companies and friends.
  8. 8. 96% of all retweets or replies happen in theTwitter is aninstantaneous service. first hourThe message timingneeds to be spot on orit will most likely belost. Source: Sysomos 30-SEP-2010
  9. 9. Best buy in the US is one @twelpforce is a twitterof the most referenced account dedicated tochampions of social media. answering customerAs well as a massive queries in real time. Theinternal communications account reinforces theservice they have brands position as aestablished @twelpforce technology expert and uses twitter’s instantaneous relevance Source:
  10. 10. Twitter represents the ‘always on’, real timecontinuous nature of modern business toconsumer communications.Consumers don’t work within businesshours, so why should the service providedbe restricted?
  11. 11. What is the role of twitter in the company? Customerresponse/promotions/specials/information source?How will your company’s Twitter account (and overallsocial media strategy) separate you from competitors? Where, if at all, are there opportunities for commercialisation within your company’s Twitter presence?