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Delivering Content via Mobile


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Not long ago mobile was about just being available on mobile devices.

Now that requirement has very rapidly become the demand to be available on all mobile devices, the UI needs to follow our brand guidelines that were developed for our website.

Websites today are very complex, having many demands from across your business and importantly high demands from your audience.

By removing the term mobile from the planning stage we remove the classic need to ‘formulate a strategy’ for that.

You know your audience, you know your content, you need to know what you can do with it - mobile is a tacit not a strategy.

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Delivering Content via Mobile

  1. 1. Adam Fellowescontact:
  2. 2. Not Long ago…
  3. 3. Web projects today
  4. 4. Q: Is mobile a requirement?
  5. 5. Digital Budgets
  6. 6. Digital Budgets
  7. 7. Digital Budgets
  8. 8. Digital Budgets
  9. 9. Digital Budgets OH!!
  10. 10. Loose the term “mobile” and the problem goes away
  11. 11. don’t formulate a strategy – it will be out of date before the inks dry. Don’t Strategize (much)
  12. 12. 1. Do I need to consider mobile?2. Do I need an app?3. You do not need an app, So what do you need?
  13. 13. “Just do things”
  14. 14. use a service side analytics service to capture mobile usage Analytics Is more than just Google
  15. 15. Mobile FirstGrowth, Constraints, Compatibilities
  16. 16. take advantage of the growing opportunities Mobile FirstOpportunities, Focus, Innovation
  17. 17. Content + API First
  18. 18. context is difficult to define
  19. 19. test on real devices, and test on locationGoogle - spent a great deal of time andeffort watching how and why regularpeople used their smartphones.
  20. 20. Understand when, where and why users call upon your service
  21. 21. Make it your business to understand the latest trendsNo excuses - HTML5 FOR WEB DESIGNERS is FREE yes this link demonstrates Responsive Web Design
  22. 22. “I’m not a programmer and I hardlyever write code, but my success as auser experience designer hinges onthe talent and knowledge of theprogrammers I collaborate with.” Whitney Hess User Experience Expert
  23. 23. You know your audience, you know your content, you need to know what you can do with itAll because you…• Know your Customers• Know what devices they use• Know how they use them• Think customers not technology
  24. 24. Mobile is a BIGopportunity