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merged portfolio 2015

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merged portfolio 2015

  1. 1. ADAM FARAG M.S. MECHANICAL engineering University of Illinois
  2. 2. CONCEPT SKETCH Apple Inc. RENDERING FOR PATENT APLICATION Designed and built physical prototypes to test an adjustable mechanism for pivot point and button sensitivity ADAM FARAG
  3. 3. FIRST GENERATION PROTOTYPE IMPROVED MODULAR DESIGN CONCEPT IST Innovative Shoring Technologies ADAM FARAG Co-founded and served as lead design engineer for IST, a small startup created to design and bring to market a simple yet robust shoring system for utility excavations with multiple pipelines CONCEPT SKETCH
  4. 4. HAND LAID CUSTOM CARBON TUBING ADAM FARAG Tinkering at home CONCEPT SKETCHES FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPE OF EXCHANGEABLE DROPOUTS Designed and built a prototype carbon fiber utility bike with exchangeable dropouts. KEY DESIGN CRITERIA: Robust, simple, adaptable, functional ASSEMBLIES IN SOLIDWORKS FOR FEA ANALYSIS
  5. 5. ADAM FARAG Tinkering at home Can you extract usable energy out of the thermal expansion causes by daily temperature gradients? I designed and built this proof of concept prototype to find out. CONCEPTUAL SKETCHES PRO-E RENDERINGS PROOF OF CONCEPT PROTOTYPE
  6. 6. ADAM FARAG Tinkering at home FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPE CONCEPT SKETCH How do you test improvements to a pinewood derby car without a full size track? SOLIDWORKS RENDERING OF PROPOSED ENCLOSURE