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CRM1420 Nov 2019 slides


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Slides used for Library teaching in November 2019.

Published in: Education
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CRM1420 Nov 2019 slides

  1. 1. © Middlesex University Essential Library Skills
  2. 2. © Middlesex University This time we will look at..  What’s on offer and where to find help  Where to find different types of resources  How to search  Evaluating your sources  Any questions?
  3. 3. © Middlesex University The library has... Laptop loans Bookable Group study space Online Journals Links to Specialist websites
  4. 4. © Middlesex University Types of information Exercise 1: 1. Each group will be given a pack of cards 2. The cards contain the names of 4 different resources 3. Match together the correct: Resource Type + Definition + “Good for” + “Not so good for”
  5. 5. © Middlesex University Books What are they: A written or printed work of fiction or fact. May be electronic. Good for: Clear overview Not so good for: Up to date information
  6. 6. © Middlesex University Books This is a book reference from your reading list: Bryman, A. (2012) Social Research Methods. 4th edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Can you identify the different parts of the reference? Author, Date, Book Title, Edition & Publisher
  7. 7. © Middlesex University Books Author Date Book title Bryman, A. (2012) Social Research Methods. 4th edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Edition Publisher
  8. 8. © Middlesex University Web pages What are they: An information resource which can be easily created by anyone on any topic. Electronic. Good for: Very up to date information Not so good for: Accurate and reliable information
  9. 9. © Middlesex University Newspapers What are they: A regular publication containing current events, informative articles, diverse features and advertising. May be electronic. Good for: Daily information Not so good for: Balanced and well researched information
  10. 10. © Middlesex University Journals What are they: A regular publication containing articles on a particular academic subject. Presents new research. Good for: Latest research, critically reviewed by experts Not so good for: Broad overview of a subject
  11. 11. © Middlesex University Journals This is a reference from another reading list: Dowling, E. (2012) ‘Affect, Method and (Re)presentation’, Cultural Studies, Critical Methodologies,12(2), pp. 109 – 117. How do we know this is a journal article?
  12. 12. © Middlesex University Journals Author Date Title of article Dowling, E. (2012) ‘Affect, Method and (Re)presentation’, Cultural Studies, Critical Methodologies, 12(2) pp. 109 – 117. Journal Title Issue Page Nos Volume
  13. 13. © Middlesex University Where to find the resources? Journals Books
  14. 14. © Middlesex University Find books and Journals by searching KEYWORDS • Enable you to search effectively • Using different terms to find different result • Bias your search results • Do you want to do this? • Use words that interest/inspire you
  15. 15. © Middlesex University
  16. 16. © Middlesex University Starting your research ‘Research Portfolio’ Summative Task Two. • You are required to take a photo in the city you live that depicts community safety and/or endeavours to prevent crime in London. For example, surveillance and security in a certain area such as a shopping centre, or some of the latest urban architecture that is supposed to deter skateboarders etc. • Alongside the photo, you need to say: — Where the photo has been taken and — Why you believe this type of crime prevention and safety or security measure is going on in that area. • In your short 600 word essay you need to link the photo to notions of social exclusion or discrimination and the way it can impact negatively on certain group.
  17. 17. © Middlesex University Task 1 Study the picture on the next slide • Listen to the history of the area Write • Write down all the keywords you can think of Post • Share your results with the class
  18. 18. © Middlesex University Community safety measures
  19. 19. © Middlesex University Feedback
  20. 20. © Middlesex University Using the Keywords, where do you search?
  21. 21. © Middlesex University UniHub home page > login
  22. 22. © Middlesex University
  23. 23. © Middlesex University Library Search  Paid for resources that have added functions to help you keep track of your references.  Many peer reviewed and good high quality articles.  Conference proceedings.  Saves you time by searching relevant disciplines.  NOT everything is full text! But how do you search using Library Search?
  24. 24. © Middlesex University Google vs Library So Can’t I just Google?
  25. 25. © Middlesex University Finding Books and journals on Library Search  Use your keywords  Limiting your search to a particular resource i.e. books, journals  Limit by date range  Refine by subject discipline.
  26. 26. © Middlesex University Think about keywords Task Two - Log on to UniHub now! • In your groups, select keywords for searching. • In Library Search: enter keywords to search. • Find: – one relevant journal article – one article from Safer Communities.
  27. 27. © Middlesex University Library Search features
  28. 28. © Middlesex University Search your favourite journals! Type your search terms here to find articles in this journal
  29. 29. © Middlesex University How to select relevant references? • For each item you find check: • C Current? • A Authoritative? • R Reliable or Relevant? • P Point of view
  30. 30. © Middlesex University How to create references.
  31. 31. © Middlesex University Cite them Right Online
  32. 32. © Middlesex University It’s not in the Library! • Sconul Access • Inter Library Loans:
  33. 33. © Middlesex University Essay writing companies • Unethical business • False claims • High charges/no standards • Get out clauses • Hard sell • University rules
  34. 34. © Middlesex University Buying coursework is cheating It’s against University Regulations: There are serious consequences: • Unfair advantage • Poor quality work • Open to blackmail • Suspension • Degree cancelled • Career prospects
  35. 35. © Middlesex University What should I do? • Report it • Stop and think • Get help
  36. 36. © Middlesex University Need further help? UniHelp: StudyHub – Librarians available: 9am-5pm Contact your Librarian: