Cadburys gorilla advert          Denotation            Connotation       ...
right shade. Then   into the logo to also                  the logo at the     help the audience                  end is a...
Element          Denotation             Connotation               NotesCamerawork,      The first shot is a    The first s...
Volkswagen advert
Element          Denotation           Connotation             NotesCamerawork,      All of the camera    The advert usesSh...
7 more advert examplesSony Bravia – paint advert: C4 – dancing robot adve...
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Top 10 advert analysis


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Top 10 advert analysis

  1. 1. Cadburys gorilla advert Denotation Connotation NotesCamerawork, Starts off with a This mixed with theShot type, close up then slow build up songAngle, slowly zooms out adds tension to theMovement, the show the advert. gorilla then the drums.Editing, It is a linear The slow start is toLinear / Non- structure. Slow help with the buildlinear, paced to start up to the song.Pace, then faster paced Then the fast pacedTechniques when the song section helps to addused, kicks in. impact.Sound, The main They used this songSFX, soundtrack is: because it is a highSoundtrack, Phil Collins – In impact song with anDialogue, the air tonight. intense build up. ItNarration, is also very popular so people will enjoy it.Iconography, The iconography They used purple used is the purple as the backdrop to backdrop, help people throughout the associate the advert entire advert and with Cadburys. then the logo, Then the logo at the which is shown at end was to promote the end. their new “glass half full” logo.Form / The advert uses They do this to getstructure a very anti-realist a very humorous idea. advert that people find extremely entertaining and remember able.Everything you The advert is They use the singlesee on screen, fairly basic. It is camera with theFraming, just one camera gorilla and drumsComposition, with the gorilla filling the frame toLighting, and the drums keep the audienceColour, filling the frame. focused on theGraphics, The lighting was most entertaining specific to make part of the advert. sure the purple They use an backdrop was the animation to lead
  2. 2. right shade. Then into the logo to also the logo at the help the audience end is a short focus on what it is. animation leading The into the static graphics/special logo. The effects used in the graphics are used advert help the to make the gorilla look more gorilla more realistic, instead of realistic. a man in a suit.Techniques The main things The song used inused, used to attract the advert is veryOvert the audience are, intentional. It is amessages, an emotional very popular songEmotional response and and is used to helpresponse / brand bring out anassociation, identification. emotional responseCelebrity from the audience.Endorsement, It is used to help theUSP, audience associateLifestyle the Cadburys brandappeal, with a good feeling/Brand song. The mixtureidentification, of the song andAdvantages comedy helps thisover other brand to stand outsimilar among its rivals, forproducts having such an original idea.Skittles advert
  3. 3. Element Denotation Connotation NotesCamerawork, The first shot is a The first shot is toShot type, static camera that help set the scene,Angle, has the entire so that theMovement, scene fill the audience knows the frame. Which setting. The then switches to alternating close- alternating close- ups are used to fill ups between the the shot with characters in the whoever is talking scene. Then back in the scene, to put to have the entire the focus on them. scene in the shot. The final shots are Then at the end it used to show all of switches to a the characters and different shot of their reactions. the entire scene.Editing, The story is a This just allows theLinear / Non- linear story that audience to followlinear, plays through at a the story and keepPace, steady pace. up with the comedy.Techniquesused,Sound, There is no music They use slowSFX, or soundtrack. speech for the mainSoundtrack, The dialogue is actor to show howDialogue, split between the sad the situation isNarration, main character for him. The speech and two extras. for the extras is fast The main paced and happy characters because they are speech is slow happy about the and slightly situation. It all helps depressed. The with the comedic extras speech is effect. happy and quite fast.Form / The structure of The anti-realism isstructure this advert is an for comedic effect. anti-realist This combined with narrative. the good effects works well.Iconography, The iconography They use the in the advert is a product during the mixture of the advert to help add product being to the humorous used during the narrative and help advert and then people know what the official Skittle the advert is for. logo at the end Then the logo at the with their popular end is to help with slogan. brand recognition.Everything you The framing This type of framingsee on screen, either has a focus is used to draw theFraming, on characters in audience attentionComposition, the advert or the to vital things in theLighting, entire scene. The scene. The lightingColour, lighting is typical used is to help setGraphics, of lighting in an the office scene.
  4. 4. Volkswagen advert
  5. 5. Element Denotation Connotation NotesCamerawork, All of the camera The advert usesShot type, shots are focused these camera shotsAngle, on the main so that the mainMovement, character in the character is advert; most of constantly the focus those shots are of the advert, so static. Apart from that the audience the opening shot, can watch the build which is the up to the funny camera, moving portion at the end of backwards as the the advert. character walks towards the camera.Editing, The story is a This technique ofLinear / Non- steady paced, story build up islinear, linear narrative very effective forPace, leading to a delivering a veryTechniques comedic ending. funny ending.used,Sound, The only sound in This soundtrack isSFX, the advert is the used because it fitsSoundtrack, soundtrack, into the wholeDialogue, which is Darth theme of the advert.Narration, Vader’s theme It also adds to the tune. There are comedy. other minor sound effects, from the car and other props.Form / The structure is a This combinationstructure realist narrative works well for the with a character humor side of the that is playing an advert. Using a anti-realist role. mixture of good acting from the main character and original comedy.Iconography, There isn’t much Because the car iconography enters the scene involved in the almost head-on, advert until the one of the first scene that has things the audience the car arrive at sees is the cars the house. emblem. Which makes the audience aware what and whom the advert is for.Everything you The setting of the This typical familysee on screen, advert is a family setting mixed withFraming, home and the the Darth VaderComposition, lighting and character adds toLighting, framing colour is the comedy factor.Colour, used to show a The framing of the
  6. 6. 7 more advert examplesSony Bravia – paint advert: C4 – dancing robot advert: C4 – ice skating robot advert: Fabia – mean green advert: – tipping point advert: – alien advert: – eyebrows advert: