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The Exhaust of Innovation (OLCInnovate 2016)


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Presented at OLC Innovate 2016 in New Orleans, LA.

Published in: Education
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The Exhaust of Innovation (OLCInnovate 2016)

  1. 1. The Exhaust of Innovation Adam Croom Director of Digital Learning Center for Teaching Excellence University of Oklahoma @acroom
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  4. 4. flickr photo by @daslive shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license @acroom
  5. 5. flickr photo by Viv Caruna shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license@acroom
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  7. 7. Have I shared an asset or have I shared my interpretation and arrangements of multiple assets? @acroom
  8. 8. @acroom
  9. 9. Layers of Media •Wordpress •Custom Theme •Multiple Plugins •Be above a digital literacy threshold @acroom
  10. 10. @acroom
  11. 11. Defining Innovation Innovation is an idea or application perceived as new by the individual - Everett Rogers @acroom
  12. 12. @acroom
  13. 13. @acroom
  14. 14. “Intellectual Exhaust” “You are welcome to collect, observe, remix, learn from, or get high off of the exhaust off my daily work—go right ahead, this is one of the many reasons I work so hard each day. You my loyal reader. One. Single.” - Kin Lane, @acroom
  15. 15. What responsibility do we have in sharing our innovation? What barriers exist (either social or technological) that keep us from doing stuff? What exit strategy do you have with your current technologies? How locked in are you to the tools you use before of this?