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Getting Graphic: Incorporating Graphic Novels Into an Open Online Course Powered by Wordpress

  1. Getting Graphic: Incorporating Graphic Novels Into an Open Online Course Powered by Wordpress Jeremy Short Adam Croom
  2. Educational ComicsEducational Comics
  3. What is a graphic novel?
  4. Graphic Novels Now MoviesGraphic Novels Now Movies
  5. Harvard Business Case Example
  6. • Visual Learning Style Common to Business Majors (Hallock, Satava, & LeSage, 2003) • Allows for left and right brain engagement • Social Orientation of GNs • Short Attention Spans of Many Business Students • Allow for storytelling and application • Potentially less expensive • Potentially less boring • Potentially improved instructor evaluations ‘Y’ Use Graphic Novels?
  7. Short, J.C., Randolph-Seng, B., & McKenny, A.F. (2013). Graphic presentation: An empirical examination of the graphic novel approach to communicate business. Business Communication Quarterly, 76: 273-303. • Study 1 explores the potential of graphic novels to affect learning outcomes and finds that the graphic novel was related to high levels of learning experiences. • Study 2 compares the impact of graphic novels with that of traditional textbooks and finds that verbatim recognition was superior with graphic novel texts.
  8. Brief History Online Classroom • Distance students • Taught by GA • Traditional textbook • Quizzes • Large survey class • Taught by GA • Afternoon, evening, and weekends Introduction to Management (MGT 2013)
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  10. Website Criteria “Easy” • Easy to Build • Easy to Expand • Easy to Edit • Easy to Enroll • Easy to Consume
  11. Anecdotal Insights • Creating good content is contagious • Meet professors where they are with technology. • Be for credit. Be “open.” Be both.
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