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Cho Adam Reference

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Cho Adam Reference

  1. 1. A Land-Grant University - The Commonwealth Is Our Campus An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution Department of Mechanical Engineering VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE College of Engineering AND STATE UNIVERSITY Blacksburg, Virginia 24061-0238 Office Phone (540) 231-7596Fax:(540)231-9100 email: 3 June 2015 Reference Letter for Adam Cho It is certainly a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Adam. He took two tough courses from me – ME 5304 (Conduction Heat Transfer) and ME 3304 (Heat and Mass Transfer). He earned the grade of “A” in both these courses. In addition, I served as his major adviser for his Master’s degree. As a result, I have gotten the opportunity to know Adam and to judge his intellectual capabilities. Grades in the classroom are only part of the story. Adam seems to always be engaged intellectually and asked good questions both in class and outside of class. He is ambitious and has great potential as a researcher and educator. His research effort was where he really stood out. He developed some dynamic, interactive software applications for heat transfer using Mathematica. One, concerning internal flow, was published on Wolfram’s demo site. Adam was able to quickly learn new software. He would discover and learn on his own and come to my office and teach me new things. I could use a few more graduate students like him. Adam has continued to grow in the workplace and exemplify the qualities he so adeptly displayed in his academics. Through our regular contact, I learned that he not only started and is now President of an employee club that now has over 70 members, but has consistently sought out additional leadership positions in addition to performing his day- to-day duties. He has held two leadership positions in a professional development, networking, and community service group at Boeing called REACH, and is also part of the Membership Committee of the Boeing South Carolina 2015 Diversity Council. Furthermore, he informed that he recently has been selected for a competitive program within Boeing called the EDGE FRP (Factory Rotation Program), where he will train as a mechanic and perform shop floor work with other engineers in an effort to identify and solve issues of process improvement. For a student that diligently completed all of his Master's requirements within a year, it comes as no surprise to me that Adam has accomplished all of this within only 9 months of starting work at Boeing. I have high hopes for his future and there seems to be no limit to what he can achieve.
  2. 2. A Land-Grant University - The Commonwealth Is Our Campus An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution In conclusion , I wholeheartedly recommend him for any position he pursues, leadership, managerial, or otherwise. His work ethic, passion, and motivation for success will serve him well in his promising career. Sincerely, Dr. Brian Vick

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