Adam Beizsley-Pycroft,User Experience Director, Natural InteractionSWUX June 4th 2013SWUX
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Start user testing for less than £100


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This talk examines how to get started with Guerrilla user testing. The speaker set himself a challenge of spending less than £100 but offers optional upgrades to improve the quality of what is delivered throughout the talk.

Adam Beizsley-Pycroft delivered this at SWUX in Bristol and is available to do the same talk elsewhere.

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  • Here are a few of my ideas
  • To get the best out of this you need to be as scientific as possible. I like to type up some questions and test scenarios in advance. Have a clear idea of what questions you’re trying to answer.Real scenarios give the research credibility and users aren’t good at pretending
  • The software I’m going to suggest you use only works on OSX. There are PC alternatives but they’re much more expensive (Morae = $2000, Camtasia $300)If you don’t have one, I’m sure one of your colleagues, friends or family will have one. As we’re doing this on a budget and don’t want to shell out for over priced software beg, steal or borrow one. Calling this talk “Start user testing for less than £1,200” didn’t have the same ring to it! It might have iMovie if you want to cut down the videosPRACTICAL HINT: If your users aren’t familiar with Macs consider attaching an external mouse
  • Allows you to record what the user is doing on screen and their reactions (audio and video)Outputs video in a normal format (no obscure software required to edit)Lets you add define tasks and add chapter marks which make it easier to skim laterFree 30 day trial 10% of profits from the app go towards saving Gorillas!
  • This could be a HTML prototype of your site, the current site, clickable wireframes (Balsamiq - £51), more complex clickable wireframes (Axure – from £190ish).For this hypothetical example, to keep the costs down you’re using HTML! Twitter Bootstrap ( is free, well documented and contains everything you’ll need to prototype a typical site. This method of testing is great because it’s cheap to organise so could take place on the same day as the sprint demo in Agile shops – used to priortise backlog for next sprint
  • This can often be the most expensive part of user testing. Ideally you’ll test with people who represent your target audience, but what if you can’t gain access to them? How much is an hour of their time worth? Most users seem to want about £50 for an hour of their time but what about shorter bursts? Simple answer: Bribe them with cake or coffee. Humans react instinctively to the site of cake (and most people seem to have a caffeine addiction these days) so use the rest of your budget to bribe them! Whilst you can’t always get direct access to the right users, you’ll still learn something (mostly about usability) by testing with people with similar experience of technology.
  • Here are a few of my ideas
  • Thanks for listening
  • Start user testing for less than £100

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