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Startups to Enterprise Software i18n/L10n Webinar March 2016

  1. Continuous(Globalization! Continuous Globalization Startups to Enterprise From Lingoport: Adam Asnes March 3, 2016
  2. Agenda •  Startups to Enterprise background •  Intro to Lingoport •  Startup iniAaAves o  Business case •  ConAnuous GlobalizaAon •  Enterprise Stakeholders & Concerns •  What’s learned •  Q&A, Follow-up Resources
  3. Why Startups? •  Dynamic and establishing value o  Fast pace of change o  Survival and growth driven •  My Previous view •  New view – Absolutely consider G11n •  Lessons learned
  4. Lingoport Suite Systems, automaAon & measurement to facilitate ongoing soUware internaAonalizaAon and localizaAon.
  5. Lingoport Dashboard •  G11n visibility over mulAple products and projects •  Drill down & Planning
  6. Globalyzer •  Server: Customize and store Rules (no source access) •  Workbench: Big i18n jobs, Configure rules, i18n focus •  Command Line: Automate i18n measurement from the repo •  Lite: i18n check from developer IDE or automated check-in
  7. Resource Manager •  See what’s new in resource bundles •  Automate Prep Kits •  Automate file validaAon •  Automate sending files for LocalizaAon o  Via TMS or L10n Vendor Portal •  Track it •  Validate it when it comes back •  AutomaAcally insert it back in the repo if it passes •  Email noAficaAons as well as dashboard instrumentaAon •  Automated Pseudo LocalizaAon
  8. ¡  i18n (i + nternaAonalizaAo + n) o  the process of making code world-ready so that it can be localized to a specific region and language ¡  L10n (L + ocalizaAo + n) o  the process of adapAng the applicaAon content to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market ¡  G11n (g + lobalizaAo + n) o  the process of designing and developing a soUware product that funcAons in mulAple countries and languages i18n, L10n, G11n – So:ware development focus 9
  9. Business Case Nobody does i18n and L10n just cause it’s cool
  10. Startups: What are we talking about? •  No one kind of start up •  All kinds of financial states •  Many business cases •  Dynamic environment offers much to learn o Part of the acracAon
  11. Startups: New Product Initiatives •  Minimum Viable Product (MVP) o  “A Minimum Viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount oif validated learning about customers with the least effort.” – Eric Ries via Leanstack o  Goal: Survival and exploraAon, funding o  Alpha code to First customers, funding •  Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) o  “A product that people love and that can be built in a short amount of Ame, because that’s simply what the MVP tries to accomplish.” - Appreneur o  Goal: AdopAon, more funding •  Minimum Desirable Product (MDP) o  “focused primarily on whether or not you are providing an insanely great product experience and creaAng value for the end user” - Andrew Chen •  Building community around your product •  hcp://
  12. Globalization Barriers •  Market analysis •  DistribuAon •  Sales teams •  Legal •  Product development o  I18n debt o  Speed, complexity, mulAple environments
  13. Development Cycle Purgatory without a business case
  14. Business case •  Example 1 – Stealth mode Startup #1 o  Big plans, built in global expectaAons o  Experienced and successful leading team o  Global support baked in early •  None or test localizaAon first •  US Spanish, measure •  Example 2 – Established Specialty Equipment Sales o  Experiment with SEO – build the case o  Big iniAal i18n effort o  Roll out for Spanish and measure
  15. Startup Lessons #1 •  Global from early development - SoluAon o  I18n & L10n systems integrated with development o  ConsulAng on requirements and pracAces o  Far less expensive: •  Time •  Money •  People
  16. Startup Lessons #2 •  Fixing i18n debt o  Market iniAaAves o  I18n requirements and planning clear o  IniAaAve is funded o  Development and tesAng process clear o  Phase work – MVP for GlobalizaAon Outsourced o  Make sure concurrent development within globalizaAon systems o  Measure response o  Keep going
  17. Caution Ahead! •  Avoid second class treatment •  Lost focus •  Proprietary i18n •  Proprietary processes •  Big egos
  18. LinkedIn Example •  SAcky and involved global community •  Long arAcle feature – released in English o  Power users looking for it in other languages
  19. Continuous Globalization Systems and experAse
  20. Speed, Churn and Technology •  Get organized •  Create processes •  ConAnuous measurement •  Cross team visibility
  21. Continuous G11n
  22. Continuous G11n in the Enterprise •  AutomaAon •  Visibility •  Metrics
  23. i18n & L10n 
 The Source Repository •  The truth is in the source repo o  Your Global Readiness? o  Is your process working? o  Can you see it? o  Can you measure it?
  24. Lingoport Suite Components
  25. Supporting Technology •  TMS o  SoUware Strings, resource files o  DocumentaAon o  MarkeAng o  Content Management
  26. Localization Vendors •  Partners, not just a nameless service •  Must understand fast turnaround on many small projects o  Minimums? We don’t want no minimums! •  Must have systems to deal with project overhead •  Consistency of file quality is criAcal •  Consume Prep kits from Resource Manager o  Via TMS or Vendor portal
  27. Continuous G11n in the Enterprise ConAnuous GlobalizaAon (G11n)
  28. G11n & Agile i18n & L10n issues oUen Fall into backlogs
  29. Defect costs per stage Tradi&onal approach to SW Development in a well defined process When most i18n & L10n issues are addressed
  30. i18n in Software Development ¡  i18n compliance through iteraAve QA cycles is a waste of money and Ame – Globalyzer Lite to find at commit ¡  Finding, managing, fixing and verifying i18n bugs is costly. Averages start at $500/bug. Interrupts the flow of development ¡  Releasing core products to worldwide markets faster creates revenue opportuniAes, not just cost savings “ReacAve internaAonalizaAon is unpredictable and poorly controlled.” – Gary Lefman, Cisco i18n Architect. ©Lingoport, Inc. 2013 - do not distribute 31
  31. •  5 Teams X 20 sprints/year = 100 Sprints •  Each sprint has 5 features = 500 features •  2 days saved per feature = 1,000 days •  At $40/hour = $325,000 per year •  ProducAvity increase of 3 people per year Continuous G11n ROI
  32. 5 Lessons for the Enterprise •  Your development teams are moving fast •  Make i18n & L10n a measured & visible part of every sprint •  Automate wherever possible o  Human factors are not to be trusted •  Backlog is purgatory for i18n and L10n •  Don’t treat global customers like second class users o  New features should be globalized from the start
  33. 3 Links for Further Reading •  The Lean Startup: hcp:// •  hcp:// dead/ •  LinkedIn’s Long Post feature: hcps:// stopped-worrying-post-jos%C3%A9-j%C3%B3vena-casa %C3%B1
  34. Questions & Answers: Contact Resources • • • Adam Asnes hcp:// Lingoport Suite Extensive Services Training –
  35. Question #1 •  It's known that localizaAon should be included in the soUware development process from the start. However, when the actual translaAon should start? Should it be started only aUer final soUware tests to avoid addiAonal costs generated by changes and bug fixes or rather as soon as possible to enable launch of all the language versions at once? - Martyna
  36. Question #2 •  I would like to see informaAon about integraAng content management, front-end portals and translaAon tools to support localizaAon and internaAonalizaAon. These tools aren’t necessarily chosen by people who consider localizaAon, but people like me end up having to integrate. Specifically I’m starAng to work with the CA API Portal and Adobe’s AEM content tool. Unfortunately, the version of the Portal we have today doesn’t support more than one language at a Ame. A future upgrade adds that support, but not sure how to integrate with AEM and our translaAon service (possibly using Clay Tablet). And then, how do you wrap all that with a globalizaAon tool like yours. Anyway, I think it’s an interesAng architectural challenge. - Doug
  37. Question #3 •  In your opinion, what are the top 3 items a start-up needs to address to support conAnuous localizaAon? •  Do you think a start-up needs to have a dedicated LocalizaAon Manager, and why? At what point does such a posiAon becomes necessary? -Loic