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  1. 1. Adam Anderson 16630 N. Reems Rd Surprise AZ, 85374 (480) 290 5524 OBJECTIVE: To obtain a Quasi-Experienced level Medical Assistant position with your company. I am experienced in both front and back office. My goal is bring immediate productivity into the office without having to rely on co workers to succeed in my roles as a Medical Assistant.. I am very confident in my abilities as a Medical Assistant. Specific areas of Expertise include: “ Front Office Administrative Roles” ● Comprehensive understanding of various EHR/EMR Systems. “Practice Fusion, MediSoft” ● Vast technological knowledge (setting up, troubleshooting, and maintaining electronic systems, “IT”) ● Prior Authorizations ● Patient Referrals ● Patient Scheduling ● Calling in/Refilling Pt. Prescriptions ● Authorizing previously denied medications ● Authorizing/Scheduling Pt. Radiology Exams/Referrals ● Integrating New Pt. Information into the EHR ● Insurance Policy Verifications ● Pt. Reminder/Notification Calls “Back Office Clinical Skills” ● Swift/Accurate manual Blood Pressure Skills ● Swift/Accurate Collection of Pt. Vital Signs (Ht./Wt. P/R) ● Blood Glucose testing abilities (Glucometer)
  2. 2. ● Blood Viscosity testing skills (INR/Coumadin Ck.) ● Phlebotomy Experience (minimal) Back Office Clinical Skills ADV. ● Very well Experienced with IM,SQ,& ID injections. (Over 300 given in multiple Regions) ● Vast Experience with Reconstitution/Administration of the following Injectible Medications: ❖ Rocephin (Ceftriaxone) .5/1.0g ❖ Vitamin B-12 Basic Powder Solution ❖ TB/Allergy Skin Test ❖ Annual Flu Vaccinations PROFESSIONAL HISTORY: Medical Assistant Internal Medicine, Sun City, Arizona 2014-2015 ● Administrative Responsibilities included: Documenting patients. lab reports, Req. Prior Authorization/coverage of previously denied Medications/Referral Consultations, Scheduling patients, Creating/Importing new patients in the EHR. Authorizing insurance policies/coverage. ● Clinical Responsibilities included: Patient rooming documenting patient vital signs, entering their v/s into the EHR logged under the appropriate user. Then document v/s onto the patients superbill. Over 25 IM injections administered on a daily basis. Office average of 30-45 patients a day (2-4 new). After hours custodial work, cleaning the office, wiping counters, removing trash receptacles and sanitizing in preparation for the next day. making sure supplies are stocked and injections were filled/vials were prepared. EDUCATION: Shadow Ridge High School/Rio Salado Community College High School Equivalency Diploma (GED) Arizona College of Allied Health, Phoenix, Arizona
  3. 3. Certified Diploma in Medical Assisting. REFERENCE: Dr. Anita Dai Allopathic Physician (M.D) Internal Medicine, Sun City, Arizona P.S. Will provide more references and their contact information upon request

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