Planning documents - soap trailer:


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Planning documents - soap trailer:

  1. 1. Planning documents – Soap Trailer:<br />
  2. 2. Scripting – Scene 1 script:<br />Scene 1: <br />Characters Brendan and Steven are having a discussion in a corridor, outside Brendan’s office. <br />Steven: (Calling him over) Brendan! <br />Brendan: Not interested. <br />Brendan:(Holding wad of bank notes) There you go. <br />Steven: What’s that? <br />Brendan: A loan, so Amy doesn’t have to quit college. <br />Brendan: Take a small payment out of your paycheque each week, you won’t even notice, and Amy doesn’t have to give up on her dream. <br />Steven: Cheers. <br />Brendan: I like you Steven, you remind me of me. <br />
  3. 3. Scripting – Scene 2 script:<br />Scene 2: <br />Character of James is stood outside a College. Character of Michael runs over to him, with a bag. They have a discussion. Character of Anthony runs over and confronts character of Michael. <br />Michael: *COMES OVER* <br />James: What did you do with his stuff? <br />Michael: (Sounding proud, and showing bag) It’s in here. <br />Character of Anthony runs towards character of Michael. <br />Michael:(Sounding scared) Anywhere but the face! <br />Anthony: I’m not gonna hit you, you muppet, not outside a school anyway. <br />Michael: (Throws the bag to Anthony) No hard feelings? I’d best be off. <br />Character of Michael exits the scene. <br />Anthony: You should have seen the look on his face, thanks for getting my stuff back. James: You got it back, I just got him here. Were you really going to hit him? <br />Anthony: Doughnuts? Nah, I will get him back though. <br />James: I’ll be there.<br />
  4. 4. Scripting – Scene 3 script:<br />Scene 3: <br />Steven walks into Brendan’s office, and they have a discussion, Steven leaves Brendan’s office. <br />(Shot of Brendan on the phone, in the forefront of the shot, with Steven watching in the background). <br />Steven:(Questioning, nervous) Who do you think you are, talking to me like that? <br />Brendan: Your boss, I can talk to you any way I like, ok. <br />Steven: *NODS*. <br />Brendan: (on the phone) Listen, don’t come here, don’t come here ever, if you get on that ferry, I will personally…………… <br />Brendan: (Phone has gone dead) Hello…? <br />Brendan snaps phone, and proceeds to throw it against a wall<br />Brendan: (To Steven at the door): What do you want? <br />Brendan: (Angry, raging) SPEAK, YOU IDIOT!! <br />Steven: I just came to let you know that my shift’s finished now. <br />Brendan: (Angry, raging) SO! <br />Brendan: GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!<br />
  5. 5. Roles within group:<br />Scene 1 – Actors: Adam, Liam. <br />Directors: Josh, Matt. <br />Props: Whole group.<br />Scene 2 – Actors: Matt, Josh, Liam. <br />Director: Adam. <br />Props: Whole group. <br />Scene 3 – Actors: Adam, Liam. <br />Directors: Josh, Matt. <br />Props: Whole group.<br />
  6. 6. Costume and prop preparation:<br />Scene 1 – Costume: Casual clothes, specifically, character of ‘Brendan’ – smart jumper, character of Steven – shirt.<br />Props: Money (a £10 note, then paper to wrap it around, to create a ‘wad’ of money). <br />Scene 2 – Costume: Casual clothes, specifically, clothes that college students could wear – casual. <br />Props: Bag – rucksack.<br />Scene 3 – Costume: Casual clothes, specifically, character of ‘Brendan’ – smart jumper, character of Steven – shirt. <br />Props: Old mobile phone.<br />
  7. 7. Location:<br />Scene 1 – Aquinas College – In a corridor, and then in a classroom (Media suite). <br />Scene 2 – Aquinas College – A road at the side of Aquinas College – pavement. <br />Scene 3 – At Matt’s house (A member of the group) – garage.<br />