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#The periodwebinar


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How Social Media is changing the conversation around being a woman

Published in: Social Media
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#The periodwebinar

  1. 1. @adajuri @tori_swansonimage: Erin Wormsbecker
  2. 2. #theperiodwebinar Welcome,
  3. 3. #theperiodwebinar Welcome, We will be talking about periods.
  4. 4. #theperiodwebinar Welcome, We will be talking about periods. Seriously.
  5. 5. Who are we? @adajuri @tori_swanson n #theperiodwebinar
  6. 6. #theperiodwebinar WE ARE TERRIFIED OF PERIODS.
  7. 7. Tomorrow is a big day #theperiodwebinarsource
  8. 8. Why did it take so long? #theperiodwebinar
  9. 9. The menstrual cycle used to be celebrated #theperiodwebinar
  10. 10. #theperiodwebinar What does it mean to have your period?
  11. 11. Social media has done a lot to move the conversation around women’s bodies forward. #theperiodwebinar
  12. 12. #theperiodwebinar
  13. 13. #theperiodwebinar
  14. 14. menstruation: the last great sporting taboo? #theperiodwebinarsource
  15. 15. … but we still have a long way to go #theperiodwebinar
  16. 16. #theperiodwebinar “I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.”
  17. 17. #theperiodwebinar Are we accurately describing our periods?
  18. 18. #distractinglySexy #theperiodwebinar
  19. 19. #distractinglySexy #theperiodwebinar
  20. 20. here’s how you can help shift negative stigma associated with women’s bodies #theperiodwebinar
  21. 21. Thank you #theperiodwebinar questions?