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App Development with Swift, by Apple


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Contents of App Development with Swift, by Apple

- Getting Started with App Development
- Introduction to UIKit
- Navigation and Workflows
- Tables and Persistence
- Working with the Web
- Prototyping and Project Planning

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App Development with Swift, by Apple

  1. 1. App Development with Swift By Apple Franco Cedillo
  2. 2. On iTunes
  3. 3. Units 1. Getting Started with App Development 2. Introduction to UIKit 3. Navigation and Workflows 4. Tables and Persistence 5. Working with the Web 6. Prototyping and Project Planning ● Additional Sources ● Glossary
  4. 4. Unit 1: Getting Started with App Development Swift Lessons ● Introduction to Swift and Playgrounds ● Constants, Variables and Data Types ● Operators ● Control Flow SDK Lessons ● Xcode ● Building, Running, Debugging and App ● Documentation ● Interface Builder Basics Guided Project ➢ Light is a simple full-screen flashlight app, where the user taps the screen to toggle its color between black and white.
  5. 5. Unit 2: Introduction to UIKit Swift Lessons ● Strings ● Functions ● Structures ● Classes, Inheritance ● Collections ● Loops SDK Lessons ● Introduction to UIKit ● Displaying Data ● Controls in Action ● Auto Layout and Stack Views Guided Project ➢ Apple Pie is a simple word-guessing game, where the user must guess a word, letter by letter, before all the apples fall off of the apple tree. If there are apples remaining, the user wins—and can eat delicious Apple Pie.
  6. 6. Unit 3: Navigation and Workflows Swift Lessons ● Optionals ● Type Casting and Inspection ● Guard ● Constant and Variable Scope ● Enumerations SDK Lessons ● Segues and Navigation Controllers ● Tab Bar Controllers ● View Controller Life Cycle ● Building Simple Workflows Guided Project ➢ Quiz is a simple app that guides the user through a personality quiz and displays the results.
  7. 7. Unit 4: Tables and Persistence Swift Lessons ● Protocols SDK Lessons ● App Life Cycle ● Model View Controller ● Scroll Views ● Table Views ● Intermediate Table Views ● System View Controllers ● Saving Data ● Complex Input Screens Guided Project ➢ List is a task-tracking app that allows the user to add, edit, and delete tasks in a familiar master-detail interface. You can customize the app to keep track of any type of information, such as a card collection or your favorite movies.
  8. 8. Unit 5: Working with the Web Swift Lessons ● Closures ● Extensions SDK Lessons ● Practical Animation ● Working with the Web: ○ HTTP and URL Session ○ JSON ○ Concurrency Guided Project ➢ The Restaurant app allows the user to browse a customizable menu that fetches information from a web service. You can customize the entire menu with your own dishes, descriptions, prices, and photos that will appear in the app.
  9. 9. Unit 6: Prototyping and Project Planning ➢ Your final project is an app of your own design, which you'll build following best practices for design, prototyping, and project planning. 6.1 App Personality ● Use the best design principles for an app icon ● Create an efficient launch screen ● Brand and stylize an app ● Understand the Apple human interface guidelines
  10. 10. Unit 6: Prototyping and Project Planning 6.2 Prototyping for Real People ● Clearly define the problem you want your app to address ● Create a user persona to assist in making design decisions ● Create iterative prototypes that end in a concrete design ● Conduct user interviews to gather feedback on your prototype 6.3 Project Planning ● Pan the classes and methods your app will need to meet a specific feature set ● Plan the classes and methods your app will need based on how the data will be created and stored