How to remove DRM from Kobo books


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Remove DRM from Kobo books for reading on multi devices and sharing with family members.

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How to remove DRM from Kobo books

  1. 1. Remove DRM from Kobo books withEpubor softwareRemoving DRM from Kobo books enables you to feel free to read purchased Kobobooks on multi devices or share with family members. This guide explains how toremove DRM from Kobo books.As Kobo books are locked by Adobe DRM, you have to firstly make sure you canread them on ADE (Adobe Digital Editions) and then use Epubor software toremove DRM. This is how Epubor software generates the correct decrypting keyand removes DRM smoothly.This guide is based on Win 7 OS, which can be used on other Windows OS andMac as well.Download & instsall ADE (Adobe Digital Editions)Download Kobo books and read on ADE Use EpuborUltimate to remove DRM from Kobo books1. Download & instsall ADE (Adobe Digital Editions)#1 Download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.Adobe Digital Editions Download
  2. 2. #2 Click “Help” -> “Authorize Computer…” to authorize your computer with yourAdobe ID.#3 Authorized.
  3. 3. 2. Download Kobo books and read on ADE#1 Go to Kobo’s official site:, select “eBooks” tab onthe top bar and sign in.#2 Click “MY LIBRARY” tab.Under “MY LIBRARY”, you will find purchased Kobo eBook titles listed. On theright hand of each title, you will notice either “DOWNLOAD EPUB” or “ADOBEDRM EPUB” button. “DOWNLOAD EPUB” means readers can download a DRM-free EPUB file whereas “ADOBE DRM EPUB” button means a DRM-protectedversion will be provided to be downloaded.#3 Click both buttons to download.
  4. 4. (downloaded via Chrome browser)#4 Read Kobo books on ADE.  The “Download EPUB” button brings a ZIP file instead of an EPUP to us. Well, just rename the “ZIP” with “EPUB” and it will be OK. This is a DRM- free EPUB and you can directly open and read.  The “ADOBE DRM EPUB” button brings us an “ACSM” file. Right-click the ACSM file and select “Open with” -> “Adobe Digital Editions 2.0” (or Adobe Digital Editions)Case1: If your Adobe Digital Editions has been authorized, you will get yourACSM files opened with a corresponding EPUB file downloaded.
  5. 5. Check the path of downloaded Kobo EPUB:Right click the book icon on ADE, select “Item Info”. On the” Item Info” screen,click the right arrow to get the downloaded EPUB file under “My Digital Editions”.
  6. 6. Case 2: If you haven’t authorized your ADE before, you will be asked to inputyour Adobe ID and password. Input the necessary info and then you will get yourEPUB books downloaded and displayed under Bookshelves.Follow case 1 to get the downloaded EPUB Kobo book.Now you have successfully read your Kobo books on ADE! Run Epuborsoftware and remove DRM.3. Use Epubor Ultimate to remove DRM from Kobo EPUB / PDFbooks.Step1: Install & run Epubor software. Here I take Epubor Ultimate for example.Epubor Ultimate for Windows downloadEpubor Ultimate for Mac download
  7. 7. Step2: Drag and drop the downloaded EPUB file under ADE folder (Libraries Documents My Digital Editions …) to Epubor Software. It will be decrypted atonce.Step3: Done. To get the DRM stripped EPUB, click to select the title, click thetitle link under the book cover on the right hand side.
  8. 8. If you want to read the EPUB book on Kindle or other devices, click “ePUB”under “Output Format” to set output format and then click “convert” icon.After conversion, click the “Finish” icon to get the converted Kindle MOBI file!
  9. 9. If you can successfully read Kobo books on ADE but failed to removeDRM from them, please feel free to contact us:support@epubor.comHow to read Sony / Kobo books on ADECreated by: EpuborFollow us on:FacebookGoogle +Twitter