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GNAT Pro User Day: Ada Factory


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A presentation from GNAT Pro User Day about AdaCore's internal development and release process.

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GNAT Pro User Day: Ada Factory

  1. 1. AdaCore Factory Presented by Nicolas Roche
  2. 2. GNAT Pro Releases • 60 platforms • 150 runtimes • Not just a compiler: • GNATBench, GPS • CodePeer, SPARK • GNATcoverage, GNATemulator, … • 3 releases/year
  3. 3. GNAT Pro Wavefronts Same as GNAT Releases Everyday
  4. 4. • Availability • Should work everyday • Handle customer Wavefronts requests (1/day) • Portability • Cross Environments, • Non Unix hosts and old Unix • Performance • Should fit in one day • Traceability Challenges
  5. 5. Architecture Overview Source Repositories Content Manager Server Monitor & Scheduler Server GNAT Tracker SERVICES send reports receive jobs Server Far m Continuous Builder Mailserver Nightly Build Customers publish sources and binaries p ackages monitor checkout
  6. 6. Architecture Notes AdaCore Internal Toolbox/Framework GNAT Pro 7.0.x Specifications GNAT Pro 7.2.x Specifications Wavefront Specifications
  7. 7. Technologies • Languages: Python, Ada, C, C++, Java, • Tool/Framework: GNATemulator, VxSim, psim, VxWorks, Django, • Homemade: Unix environment for Windows, Canadian compilation
  8. 8. Questions