Risk AssessmentDuring the process of making a trailer it is inevitable that some risks may occur suchas someone falling do...
I have noticed that the toilet floors are usually contains water on the floor.Consequently, we will inform the school clea...
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Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk AssessmentDuring the process of making a trailer it is inevitable that some risks may occur suchas someone falling down from an unconventional place. To it is a necessity toimplement a degree of constraints on certain things and making sure that the setting ofour trailer has minimum risks. Thus, it is imperative to make sure that we havescouted our location so that we don’t come across any unfamiliar scenarios.Consequently, we have decided to construct a risk assessment throughout the durationof our scenes so that if any risks occur we will be able to tackle the issue swiftly.Scene 1:The establishing scene begins in the corridor of the college, as this scene will be heldat the beginning of school; the probability of numerous people passing through thecorridor is at a substantial rate. Consequently, as Sam will be walking through thebusy corridor, therefore to make sure that people don’t bump into there we will bemaking sure that everyone in the corridor is aware of the our trailer production andthat there is nothing on the floor. Furthermore, the next scene is Sam walking into theclassroom. Therefore to make sure that the classroom is safe we will tuck all thechairs in so that Sam does not fall over and risk obtaining injuries.Scene 2:This scene will be held at the schools lockers. Hence, as the lockers is located on asharp bend it is likely that someone may be around the corner, so when we open thelockers we will make sure that no one is coming towards the lockers so that peopledon’t bump into each to other and don’t get hit by the locker.Scene 3:As Sam and Michelle will be mocking about on the staircase, it is important that theystay vigilant so that they don’t stumble and fall, especially as the staircase is made ofconcrete, the likely hood is that they will obtain serious injuries. Additionally,sometimes the stair are wet or slippery, so we will make sure before we shoot thescene that the stairs are clear and make sure that Sam and Michelle hold on to therailings. Also as the will be holding a camera and a torch they should make sure thatthey concentrate on were they are walking.Scene 4:This scene is located in the school gym which is large and usually contains variouschairs and tables as January is exam period. As a result, we will clear the sports halland make sure that there are no lose footballs or ladders which may fall and hit us. Ialso noticed that one of the door handles in the gym is broken and has a nail in it. Soto extinguish that problem we will refer the issue to the school caretaker so that he canfix the problem. Furthermore, this scene will be held in the dark so it is imperativethat we stay vigilant to make sure that no one runs into any static objects and henceinjuring themselves.Scene 5:Furthermore, the next scene is held in the toilet as Ava goes for a cigarette. As a resultof the toilet being pitch black and Ava only being armed with a torch it is importantthat she knows were she is going so that she doesn’t bump into the wall. Additionally,
  2. 2. I have noticed that the toilet floors are usually contains water on the floor.Consequently, we will inform the school cleaner, and wait for it to dry before weproceed with the trailer production. Another risk is that the camera will fall into thetoilet therefore we make sure that the toilet seats is closed which means that thecamera can no0t be destroyed by the water.Scene 6:This scene the most amount of risks. As all the characters will be running around theschool we need to make sure that their shoe laces are tied properly. Additionally, asthe chase scenes will contain a lot of screaming and running it is important that thecharacters run slam into shut doors and run into static objects. So before we proceedwe will make sure that the floor is dry and that the characters know where to run andmaking sure that no one will be around so that the characters don’t collide withanyone proceeding. Also when the characters are running down the stairs they need towatch out for the staircases.Scene 7:Lastly, this scene will be the cliff-hanger in which the camera drops hits the floor as itfuzzes out. The most substantial risk would be that the camera breaks as it hits thefloor. As a result, to make sure that the camera don’t break I will make sure that thecamera drops rather than throwing it, I also spoke to the insurance company who Iensured that they will replace the camera with a new one, so that if the camera breaksit will not affect our production schedule.ConclusionTo conclude, I think that it is a necessity to create a risk assessment when producingthings because it minimises the chances of something unpredictable happening. It alsomakes our trailer more safe and encourages use to be more cognisant of oursurroundings in given circumstances. We all came to a consensus that the riskassessment especially as our trailer is held in the dark would to need as guideline tosafety in the dark.