AdWired mobile: media formats (EN)


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AdWired mobile: media formats (EN)

  1. 1. Mobile media advertising
  2. 2. What is AdWired MobileAdWired Mobile (AdWired) is a new generation in mobile advertisement. It brings richmedia banners to all mobile platforms with easy-to-integrate SDK.Key features:• New user interactions (click-to-call, click-to-lead);• World-wide audience;• Precise targeting;• New generation of banners;• Easy campaigns management;• Detailed activity statistics;• Anti-fraud protection. AdWired mobile works on: iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone 7, Bada, Blackberry, mobile web
  3. 3. AdWired Demo App You can download AdWired Demo App and see all formats by yourself right on your phone. Come play with AdWired’s interactive banners in Examples section, or have a look at use cases. Just type “adwired” in AppStore search string, scan QR code or visit this link formyour mobile device:
  4. 4. New generation of mobile banners
  5. 5. AdWired’s bannersAdWired mobile media network lets you find and engage the most receptive audience:smartphone and tablet users.We have set base formats for banners to cover all your needs in delivering advertisementmessage. Build your campaign using this banners or invent your own, everything ispossible with AdWired.There are 5 base formats: 1.Fullscreen Banner 2.Standard Banner 3.Advanced Banner 4.Slim Banner; 5.Custom BannerOur banners can: •play animation (GIF, SVG or HTML); •play video and audio clips (Advanced Banner); •can have transparency;Each banner have a lot of display and interactions options.
  6. 6. User actionsApart of traditional web click-to-visit, you can useany of available user actions: • make a call; • callback request; • fill form request; • click to visit web site; • click to install an app • Send email; • Show markers on the map; • Display advanced banner (mini-site right in the app)
  7. 7. User actions examples 1. Call 2. Callback 3. Show on map 4. Web site visit 5. Send email 6. Install an app
  8. 8. Campaigns management and statisticsTake control of your campaigns with AdWired. You can start/stop banners, set targetingoptions and all other things in your control panel on provide detailed real-time statistics, so you can adjust your campaign parameters tomake it even more efficient. You’ll get access to your AdWired statistics, or can integrateit with Google Analytics or DoubleClick if it suits you better.
  9. 9. Formats and banners
  10. 10. 1. Fullscreen Banner Fullscreen Banner – the most effective branding banner. This banner is one of the first things users can see when app starts. It’s a full screen banner, so it takes all user attention for a few seconds. Technical requirements: Scenario: Banner starts together with application, closes as soon as app data loaded (5-15 seconds, can be adjusted). Interactive: no interactivity, can be combined with Advanced banner. Banner: Static JPG/PNG file, 250Kb max. Size iPhone 2G-3GS, Android 320x460 iPhone/iPod Touch (Retina Display) 640x920 iPad 768x1004, 1024x748 Android, Windows Phone, Bada 480x760
  11. 11. 2. Standard Banner Standard Banner – universal banner, mobile industry standard size. This banner shows on the bottom of the screen, in any app screen you want. It doesn’t overlap your content, but can be expanded to full screen with one click. Technical requirements: Scenario: Starts in 1 second, can be closed: (1) always shown; (2) automatic (in 3-5 seconds); (3) manually. Interactive: Fully interactive, including Advanced banner (HTML5 + JavaScript) Static files JPG/PNG, 100Kb max each, Animated SVG, 200Kb max each HTML5 / CSS / JS files, 20Kb each Size Links, phone numbers or email for interaction* iPhone 2G-3GS, Android 320x50 iPhone/iPod Touch (Retina Display) 640x100 iPad 768x100 Android, Windows Phone, Bada 480x100 * Web site pages should be optimized for mobile viewing. Web pages should not contain Flash.
  12. 12. 3. Advanced Banner Advanced Banner – unique interactive possibilities. This banner can be shown when you tap on ther banner formats, as a full screen extension. You can put videos, audios or web forms here. It can even contatin mini-website or a simple game. This banner can be scrolled vertically if you can’t fit all information in one screen. Technical requirements Scenario: Can be activated by user action (Standard, slim or custom banner click) Interactive: advanced interactive, HTML5 + JavaScript, audio and video clips, web forms. Static JPG/PNG files, 200Kb max each Animated SVG 200Kb each HTML5 / CSS / JS files, 20Kb each Video MP4 files, h.264, codec, 30Mb max Audio MP3, 44KHz, 192kb/s, 5Мб max Size Links, phone numbers or email for interaction* iPhone 2G-3GS, Android 320xUnlimited iPhone/iPod Touch (Retina Display) 640xUnlimited iPad 768xUnlimited, 1024xUnlimited Android, Windows Phone, Bada 480xUnlimited * Web site pages should be optimized for mobile viewing. Web pages should not contain Flash.
  13. 13. 4. Slim BannerSlim Banner – the most user-friendly bannerThe best banner for news lists, as it leaves a lot of space for yourapp screen.This banner can be a good point to start Advanced banner withfull details on your advertisement.Technical requirementsScenario: Starts in 1 second, can be closed:(1) always shown;(2) automatically (in 3-5 seconds);Interactive: no interactiveStatic JPG/PNG file, 80Kb maxLinks, phone numbers or email for interaction* Size iPhone 2G-3GS, Android 320x20 iPhone/iPod Touch (Retina Display) 640x40 iPad 768x40 Android, Windows Phone, Bada 480x40* Web site pages should be optimized for mobile viewing. Web pages should not contain Flash.
  14. 14. 5. Custom Banner Custom Banner – no limits to your imagination Custom Banner is like a rich media in the web. It doesn’t have any limitations. No matter what it is, it can be watches, car or a heart. This banner can show animations, play video or audio clips, or provide new levels of user interactions with full HTML5 support. Technical requirements Scenario: Starts in 1 second, can be closed: (1) automatically (in 3-5 seconds); (2) manually. Interactive: Advanced interactive, including full HTML5 + JavaScript support. Static JPG/PNG files, 200Kb max each Animated SVG, 200Kb max each HTML5 / CSS / JS files, 20Kb each Video MP4, h.264 codec, 30Mb max Audio MP3, 44KHz, 192kb/s, 5Mb max Links, phone numbers or email for interaction** Size Any device Any size * Web site pages should be optimized for mobile viewing. Web pages should not contain Flash.
  15. 15. Targeting options
  16. 16. Targeting options - Geo targeting (ie. city/state/country)- Location Based Advertisement (Russia & CIS only)- Frequency targeting (ie. show banner N times per user)- Cell network targeting (ie. AT&T/Verizon/Sprint, etc..)- OS targeting (ie. iOS, Android..)- Mobile device vendor targeting (ie. Samsung or Apple only)- Mobile device model targeting (ie. iPhone 4S only)- Connection speed targeting (ie. show lightweight banners for 3Gconnection)- Applications targeting (show banners in selected apps only)
  17. 17. About AdWired teamAdWired is developed by iD EAST, the major player of Russian mobile development market.The technology had been polished together with media agencies and advertisers for twoyears before going public.iD EAST is developing mobile apps for every moder mobile platforms: •Apple iPhone; • Apple iPad; •Microsoft Windows Phone; •Google Android; •Nokia (Symbian); •RIM BlackBerry.We can help you with your media plan, banners production and your app promotion. Feel free to contact us: +1 415 800 3730