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Jim Brigden_Digital consumer - key trends 2013


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Презентация Джима Бригдена (Chief Client & Commercial Officer, iProspect Global) на презентации All Digital Marketing

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Jim Brigden_Digital consumer - key trends 2013

  1. 1. Performance Marketing Ecosystem – role of media channels, agencies and partners” The Digital Consumer Key trends for 2013 & beyond
  2. 2. • 1990s • GoTo / Overture / Yahoo 2000-2004 • The Search Works 2004-2007 • The Technology Works 2004-2007 • TradeDoubler 2008 • I Spy Marketing 2009-2012 • iProspect (Aegis) August 2012 • iProspect manage c$2bn in Search Advertising globally for many of the world’s leading brands with c2000 global staff in 50 locations My career in search & digital marketing
  3. 3. • 64m population • Broadband, Smartphone and tablet penetration high – a sophisticated market • Google Monopoly – 90% market share for 5+ years • 15% the size of US search market c $8.5bn on online advertising & c$5bn on search • Agencies dominate search spend • Mature market – heavy competition • Higher Cost Per Click for clients • Higher Revenue Per Search for search engines About the UK
  4. 4. • Ongoing Growth – living through a successful marketing revolution • Changes in Consumers puts the focus on digital marketing • Specific Search trends that iProspect deal with every day Trends In Search
  5. 5. £465 £825 £1 366 £2 016 £2 813 £3 350 £3 541 £4 097 £4 809 £5 416 £0 £1 000 £2 000 £3 000 £4 000 £5 000 £6 000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 £Millions SOURCE: IAB / PwC Digital Adspend 2002 - 2012 UK Digital advertising spend – last 10 years
  6. 6. SOURCE: IAB / PwC Digital Adspend 2002 – 2012 & WARC Digital shows sustained quarterly growth
  7. 7. SOURCE: IAB / PwC Digital Adspend 2002 – 2012 & WARC Digital spend is the biggest medium
  8. 8. SOURCE: IAB / PwC Digital Adspend 2002 – 2012 & WARC Digital = 31% of a £17.6 billion market
  9. 9. Category 2011 Share Search 58% Display 24% Classified 16% NB: Other includes Lead Generation, Search Affiliate, Solus Email, Mobile SMS/MMS SOURCE: IAB / PwC Digital Adspend 2012 The digital media mix - % share of revenues 2012
  10. 10. SOURCE: IAB / PwC Digital Adspend 2012 Search continues to show impressive growth
  11. 11. “ “What does the UK growth tell us and why?
  12. 12. changing The world around us is
  13. 13. reasons Three main
  14. 14. 70% Speed Will have 4G coverage by the end of 2013
  15. 15. £83 Accessibility Is the average price that an entry level smartphone has fallen to
  16. 16. 44% Information Visit price Comparison sites
  17. 17. Today’s consumer Is…. Different.
  18. 18. Five consumer trends 1 2 3 4 5 Connected Today’s consumer is Empowered Today’s consumer is Savvy Today’s consumer is Busy Today’s consumer is Expectations Today’s consumer has high
  19. 19. connected Today’s consumer is
  20. 20. Whenever, Wherever 48% Increase in time spent online in two years 40% Of all adults use 2+ devices to go online 28% Of time spent online via mobile
  21. 21. Across all screens 75% Of W Europe population will be online 50% Will have a smart-phone 20% Will have a tablet By next year…
  22. 22. We lead increasingly ‘3 device lives’
  23. 23. M Commerce becoming big business Of all Debenhams traffic via mobile Global sales through mobile Of all online sales via mobile
  24. 24. Top 100 advertiser mobile websites 63% 37%
  25. 25. Keeping up with the consumer What clients should be doing: Think cross platform digital strategy Ensure consumers experience a great user experience across all platforms by developing mobile and tablet optimized sites and connection plans
  26. 26. Empowered Today’s consumer is
  27. 27. Choice & Control More than a third of adults watch video on demand One in ten households have Connected TVs Over three quarters get their main source of news online
  28. 28. Curators rather than Consumers Tomorrow’s consumers will curate their own media galleries Increasingly, they will cherry pick the content that’s right for them and share it with those with similar
  29. 29. Keeping up with the consumer What clients should be doing: Free content from place and time Use data to understand the customer to personalize the media and content experience Diversify traditional TV advertising strategies into other channels such as Video On Demand
  30. 30. Savvy Today’s consumer is
  31. 31. More sites, more Searches 27 days 3:17 hours 22 sites and across Before making a purchase, today’s consumer spends up to:
  32. 32. Recessionary Behavior to stay Consumers will continue to seek out the best deals and research their purchases thoroughly even when we begin to see green shoots of a recovering economy.
  33. 33. Keeping up with the consumer Maintain a strong digital presence throughout the customer’s path to purchase - understand attribution Search at the core of the plan Understand the true customer journey Be always on at the moments and the places that matter What clients should be doing:
  34. 34. Busy Today’s consumer is
  35. 35. Elusive Today’s consumer is constantly on the go. They have so many things to cram in to such little time. It’s a struggle to get, never mind keep their attention
  36. 36. Time pressured Next Year: Consumers will take more measures to save time: 90% Will make purchases online 53% Of internet users are expected to have their groceries delivered 40% YOY growth expected for mCommerce
  37. 37. Keeping up with the consumer Help them to save time by making their lives easier (apps, click to call, mobiles sites, easy to use sites) Remarket to consumers who have already shown an interest in your brand who haven’t had the chance to convert. Get their attention with impactful & engaging creative What clients should be doing:
  38. 38. Expectations Today’s consumer has high
  39. 39. Simply the best Today’s consumers want the best of everything from... WEBSITE SPEED to CUSTOMER SERVICE
  40. 40. Fast & efficient 55% Of consumer have abandoned a purchase because of poor customer service Key reasons include: Waiting too long for an issue to be resolved. Having to make a follow up call.
  41. 41. Speed matters…
  42. 42. Keeping up with The consumer Ensure all online touch points with your brand provide a fast and efficient experience Deliver a great website site user experience Use analytics to optimize and personalize Be social by design What clients should be doing:
  43. 43. 1 2 3 4 5 Connected Today’s consumer is Empowered Today’s consumer is Savvy Today’s consumer is Busy Today’s consumer is Expectations Today’s consumer has high Five consumer trends
  44. 44. Specific Trends In Search •Targeting the customers that matter •Attribution – 3 battles that wage endlessly •Technology selection and evolution
  45. 45. Not all UK consumers are equal
  46. 46. Search Ads are Tailored to the Individual Stage 2 • New versus returning consumers • Consumers who pass credit checks • Consumers who will be profitable long term customers rather than the mass market Stage 1
  47. 47. Attribution in a 3 device world is an impossible dream for most marketers But still marketers endlessly battle On; Battle Number 1 - Brand & Non Brand terms - beware of reducing volume Battle Number 2 Paid and SEO. If it’s working invest more not less Battle Number 3 Impact of Offline media on Paid Search. Good offline media drives searches
  48. 48. Technology Is Vital to Manage Search • To efficiently create, manage and track large campaigns across multiple search engines search technology is a given – Campaigns with millions of keywords – Tracking multiple actions – Regular optimisation to CPA or ROI targets • Historically 3 Options – Bespoke Technology, 3rd party technology (Kenshoo, Marin, Ignition One or Adobe) or Search Engine Own technology • Choose the technology that is right for your business that allows you to understand and optimise campaign performance – Robust – Scalable – Costs are known • Given the new battlegrounds of Attribution, Targeting individuals and relentless budget optimisation the well funded tech players look strongest
  49. 49. To Conclude • The UK & Global search market is growing fast and isn’t slowing • The World is Undergoing a consumer driven digital change • Advertisers are willing to pay more for the right consumer • Those consumers are not making it easy for advertisers to track them and attribution is getting harder every day • Select the right technology partner wisely to get the best results