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What's Next in eCommerce Marketing


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e-Commerce sales have grown to over $300 billion annually in the US, and mobile commerce is rapidly accelerating. With consumer behavior shifting, e-Commerce marketers are adopting new strategies, testing new ad units, and finding new ways to target their audiences at scale.

Innovation in cross-device audience targeting

Retargeting strategies on Facebook and Twitter

Best practices for driving potential customers through the marketing funnel

Tips for maximizing ROI and conversion volume

Measuring campaign success and benchmark stats

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What's Next in eCommerce Marketing

  1. 1. AGENDA: 1. The retail eCommerce landscape! 2. Retargeting strategies for retail eCommerce! 3. Maximizing cross-device sales with AdRoll! 5. Q&A with Elizabeth Trongone and Dave Coles! 4. The Bonobos Journey!
  2. 2. The retail eCommerce landscape
  3. 3. $0B $100B $200B $300B $400B $500B $600B 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 e-Commerce Sales, 2012 - 2018 + 15.5% Y/Y US Retail is projected to be $4.4 trillion in 2014
  4. 4. $0B $28B $56B $84B $112B $140B 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 m-Commerce Sales, 2012 - 2018 + 37.2% Y/Y mCommerce currently represents 19% of total US retail eCommerce
  5. 5. Source: ZenithOptimiedia: $0B $28B $56B $84B 2014 2015 2016 Display is growing 21% annually through 2016
  6. 6. "We expect internet display to overtake paid search … for the first time in 2015. - Zenith Optimedia
  7. 7. Retargeting is the cornerstone to performance marketing Website Visitation Lift within Four Weeks of Ad Exposure for US Online Ad Campaigns*, by Media Placement Strategy, March 2012 % Lift AUDIENCE 358% CONTEXTUAL 349% PREMIUM 302% RON 280% RETARGETING 729% Note: *excludes online video, mobile or social media campaigns Source: comScore adValueClick Media,“When Money Moves to Digital,Where Should it Go?” Sep 22, 2010 “Retargeting is powerful. It adds a lot of value on the branding side, and on the direct marketing side. As an agency, we view retargeting as essential.” — Terry Whalen, Founder and CEO of CPC Search
  8. 8. Cross-Device retargeting is now essential Staying ahead of the curve means having a retargeting strategy that works on both desktop and mobile devices. ▶  Utilize deterministic device identification to accurately identify users across devices ▶  Retarget your desktop website visitors on their smart phones and tablets ▶  Extend the reach of your desktop retargeting strategies ▶  Drive incremental conversions on your mobile website
  9. 9. Top Retargeting Strategies Web, CRM, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile
  10. 10. Focus on the three C’s — Terry Whalen, Founder and CEO of CPC Search ▶  Custom Segmentation: Target three key segments! ▶  Campaign Structure: Design campaigns that target the customer based on the level of intent they’ve demonstrated! ▶  Creative Best Practices: Build creative based on the ad format and channel!
  11. 11. Custom Segmentation Gain insight into customer intent by focusing on these five key segments Product Shopper Cart / Checkout Previous Customers / Loyalty Home PageAudience Development / Branding Retargeting
  12. 12. Low Intent | Home page visitors Middle Intent | Product page visitors High Intent | Cart abandoners Loyalty Campaign | Past purchasers CRM Targeting | Expired users Audience Development | Branding Campaign structures based on customer intent for web retargeting
  13. 13. Custom ads that scale Personalized ads drive higher performance Dynamic creatives see up to 115% increase in CTR and provide up to 44% lift in ROI when compared to static retargeting.! Product Page Ad
  14. 14. How does it work with email & CRM?
  15. 15. CRM Retargeting to Reinvigorate The Audience ▶  Utilize your offline data for online sales! ▶  Utilize Seasonality, Holidays and New Product Launches as touch points to restart the conversation!
  16. 16. Checklist of Twitter ads to test 1)  Promoted accounts 2)  Promoted tweet 3)  Photo card 4)  Website card 5)  Mobile app card 6)  Lead generation card 7)  Mobile app download cards $0.50 - $1 Average Cost Per Engagement 1% – 3% Average Engagement Rate
  17. 17. Be everywhere your audience is
  18. 18. The Future is mobile
  19. 19. Increase mobile conversions Similar to desktop retargeting, continue to re-engage potential customers through mobile web browsers
  20. 20. Increase app discovery and app installs Your desktop audience are the most likely to download your app, so engage this audience while they’re on their mobile device
  21. 21. Drive in-app re-engagement Increase app engagement by promoting your app the apps your customers already use
  22. 22. More mobile, more money! FB Mobile App Install Ads (MAI)! ! Serves mobile app install ads to your drive installs! FB Mobile News Feed Ads (MNF)! ! Serves mobile news feed ads to your desktop audience ! $8.00 - $10.00 Average CPM! 1% - 2% Average CTR! $0.50 - $1.00 Average CPC ! $1.00 - $3.00 Average Cost per Install!
  23. 23. Facebook Creative Best Practices
  24. 24. Calls-to-action and copy matter!
  25. 25. Brand your creative
  26. 26. AdRoll’s Platform Tools to help the retail marketer run across device retargeting
  27. 27. Our Mission Leverage your first party data to optimize and drive high performance campaigns Capture CRM data and web data. Business rule expressed through custom segmentation, transparent reporting. Algorithmic bidding, dynamic creative, broad reach across the web, Facebook, Twitter.
  28. 28. AdRoll is the global leader in retargeting
  29. 29. 10B+ Data requests processed every 24 hours
  30. 30. Campaigns structured with audience in mind Implement business rules, measure results Frequency! Recency! Impression! Ratios! Campaign SignalsIntent Signals How many pages viewed Time on website Number of visits Added to cart
  31. 31. Leverage your desktop, mobile, and CRM data to target cross-device and cross platform
  32. 32. Retargeting based on visitor behavior Place the AdRoll SmartTag across your site A different message is delivered to each individual 1 2 3AdRoll segments and scores visitors by their web actions
  33. 33. Exactly where your impressions are running What drives your campaign performance The true market-value cost of your media Radical Transparency
  34. 34. 97% client retention rate
  35. 35. Bonobos’ Marketing Journey
  36. 36. Today’s Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Trongone manages Bonobos’s retargeting campaigns and is focused on the development of multi-channel online and offline marketing strategies. Elizabeth Trongone, Sr. Manager, Marketing - Bonobos
  37. 37. The Marketing Journey Ongoing Always on Campaigns ▶  Online: Display, Retargeting, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), SEO, SEM, Email, Podcasts ▶  Offline: Catalog, OOH, Print, Partnerships and Experiential Testing ▶  Mobile ▶  Video ▶  Native Advertising ▶  Affiliate
  38. 38. Upper Funnel Brand Campaigns Performance BrandVS
  39. 39. Performance Display Selected AdRoll for superior account management support, range of targeting and creative units, and ability to run dynamic ads Objectives ▶  Convert new visitors that we have driven to the site ▶  Build CRM campaigns ▶  Drive Offline store traffic (Guideshops) ▶  Drive app downloads Other display providers ▶  Quantcast and Rockerbox for prospecting companies ▶  Direct buys in targeted online publications (e.g., New York Times)
  40. 40. Ongoing Retargeting Strategy Awareness (Homepage): Visited the homepage. Recommendations: strong brand imagery, lower bid, add contextual filters. •  0.06% Average CTR Consideration (Product): Viewed product pages, multiple site visits, high duration visits. Recommendation: dynamic product creative, higher bids, broad reach. •  0.05% average CTR Purchase (Cart): Cart abandoners. Recommendation: dynamic product creative, high bids, broad reach, use promotions. •  0.08% Average CTR
  41. 41. Current Retargeting Tests App Downloads: Drive new visitors to Bonobos to download the Bonobos digital catalog •  Results •  1.39% Avg CTR •  $10 Avg. CPM •  $2.60 Avg. CPA Geo-targeting: Drive new visitors to learn about Guideshops in their regions •  Washington FB Results •  0.55% Avg CTR CRM: Re-engage inactive customers, convert non-buyers on our emails list and engage inactive email subscribers Twitter: Unlock new revenue opportunities on social media
  42. 42. Thank you! For additional questions, contact: or your account manager Don’t forget to download the guide for more tips!
  43. 43. Questions? Q&A with Elizabeth Trongone, Bonobos and Dave Coles, Retail Vertical Lead