Best Practices for Retargeting on Twitter


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Twitter gives over 255 million monthly active users the power to share ideas and information instantly, and that often includes brands. With Twitter’s introduction of tailored audiences, marketers have a new way to use their website data to serve engaging direct-response ads to reach Twitter’s global audience. Now that 78% of Twitter’s users are active on mobile, running retargeting on Twitter has become an essential way to reach site visitors across devices.

Join AdRoll Product Specialist Kelly Eng and Product Manager Peter Clark to get indispensable best practices for setting up successful campaigns on Twitter:

Campaign strategy and audience segmentation for Twitter tailored audiences
Advanced cross-device tips
Performance benchmarks and use cases
Case studies from top-performing brands
Chubbies’s strategy for driving ROI with AdRoll on Twitter
How to get free product access through AdRoll

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Best Practices for Retargeting on Twitter

  1. 1. Meet the Speakers Kelly Eng Product Specialist Peter Clark Product Manager
  2. 2. AGENDA: 1. AdRoll and the Value of Retargeting 2. Introduction to Twitter Ads 3. Use Cases and Customer Success Stories 4. Q&A
  3. 3. AdRoll is the Global Leader in Retargeting 20,000+ Customers Agency Partnerships
  4. 4. Promoted content on Twitter AdRoll brings retargeting expertise to Twitter
  5. 5. Marketers have been leveraging purchase intent for years Modern Furniture
  6. 6. Marketers have been leveraging purchase intent for years
  7. 7. AdRoll leverages the purchase intent data from your website
  8. 8. Web Retargeting Facebook Retargeting AdRoll brought web retargeting to the masses Twitter Retargeting
  9. 9. Web Retargeting Facebook Retargeting Twitter Retargeting AdRoll Retargeting SolutionsAdRoll supports the largest amount of advertisers on FBX
  10. 10. Web Retargeting Facebook Retargeting Twitter Retargeting AdRoll Retargeting SolutionsAdRoll was the first retargeting-focused company on Twitter tailored audiences
  11. 11. Diving into Twitter retargeting Reaching your customers where they’re most engaged
  12. 12. Twitter: A new channel for retargeting
  13. 13. Twitter’s mobile users are more engaged 78% of Twitter’s active users are on mobile
  14. 14. Mobile is quickly becoming the most important channel for reaching users
  15. 15. Twitter has custom ads to solve for different marketing objectives Mobile App Card Lead Generation CardWebsite Card
  16. 16. How AdRoll’s Retargeting Works Step 1 Collect the cookie IDs of shoppers on your site
  17. 17. How AdRoll’s Retargeting Works Step 2 Analyze the data and divide users into targetable segments
  18. 18. How AdRoll’s Retargeting Works Step 3 Serve a relevant Tweet to shoppers
  19. 19. Rock/Creek increased engagement by 255% with AdRoll ► 6.29% engagement rate on Twitter retargeting (versus 2.8% engagement rate on Twitter interest-based targeting) ► Lowered Cost Per Click to $0.45 “Twitter Retargeting with AdRoll was the real success in driving engagement and conversions. It’s been extremely cost- efficient with CPCs notably lower than our average CPCs in display and across other Twitter products.” — Mark McKnight, Marketing and Creative Director at Rock/Creek
  20. 20. How Bonobos Leverages Twitter Lead Generation 1. User engages on website 3. User redeems coupon and gives email address 2. User is served lead generation card
  21. 21. Hipmunk Drives Mobile App Installs 1. Traveler books flight on 2. Retarget user across devices with Mobile App Install Ad 3. User converts within Hipmunk mobile app
  22. 22. Introducing Self Service and Promotional Offer for Q3 Now customers of any size can sync their segments over to Twitter. Monthly Pricing: Greater of $50 or 10% of media spend Promotion: Customers can try it free through the end of Q3
  23. 23. Syncing AdRoll segments to Twitter is easy 1. Place the AdRoll SmartPixel 2. Build out audience segments 3. Sync segments over to Twitter by placing Twitter handle in the AdRoll self-serve UI 4. Launch campaign in Twitter, targeting your AdRoll segments
  24. 24. Questions? Q&A with Peter Clark, Product Manager and Kelly Eng, Product Specialist
  25. 25. Thank You!