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As Account Director for our NSAC team, it was my responsible to lead a team of 28 to create an IMC for our client, Nissan.

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NSAC 2012 -

  2. 2. 2EXECUTIVE SUMMARYNissan is truly an exciting advertising challenge. Most brandsstruggle to gain momentum, yet Nissan is rapidly gaining marketshare. It is on course to deliver one new model every six weeks and15 advanced technologies per year.The challenge is to add to the brand’s ongoing success and leverageInnovation for All with Multicultural Millennials. Building a legacyof innovation with this generation will assure continued salesmomentum.The task is to discover insights on how to emotionally engage thistarget market to create lasting favorability. This is our integratedand persuasive plan to help Nissan reach its goal of becoming oneof America’s automotive leaders.So, let’s get started.TARGETThe Multicultural Millennial target includes Chinese, Hispanic and African-Americans. They are named the “Transculturals” because they fluidly movefrom one culture to another. These millennials share universal truths, yet stillmaintain cultural differences.CREATIVE STRATEGYThe creative strategy builds on the Innovation for All platform by highlightingthe emotional benefit. Nissan makes it easy for consumers to expressthemselves by giving them access to innovation. Innovation becomes adestination for achieving possibilities.POSITIONINGBy positioning Nissan as the destination for achieving life’s possibilities, thecampaign makes Nissan a relevant part of Transculturals’ lives.CREATIVE EXECUTIONThis campaign uses symbols to tell stories and connect Transculturals tothe Nissan brand. Symbols have universal meaning. They are adaptive to anyculture or advertising situation and add iconic imagery to Nissan’s advertisingequity.CONNECTIONThe campaign reaches the target through a combination of paid, earned andowned media encompassing all consumer touchpoints. It uses broadcast,digital, print, promotions and sponsorships in fun, engaging and innovativeways.NISSAN EXPERIENCEThe campaign makes the Nissan brand more engaging and transforms thebuying experience.CONCLUSION/ROIThe plan will reach 90% of Multicultural Millennials with a compellingmessage. The result is $66 of revenue for every $1 spent on advertising.
  3. 3. 3OBJECTIVESThe challenge is to develop a fully-integrated marketing communication campaign to increase Nissan’sdomestic market share and favorability among Multicultural Millennials. To accomplish this, a plan hasbeen developed to increase market share from 13% to 18%.The automotive industry is poisedfor growth barring an unforeseenspike in energy prices or a double-diprecession.PENT-UP DEMANDDemand for new cars is rising becausethe average owned vehicle is 11 yearsold.ATTRACTIVE NEW CAR PRICINGVehicle shortages driven by theJapanese earthquake have caused newcars to be priced at or below used carprices for the first time in history.AVAILABLE CREDITHistorically low interest rates andreadily-available credit.EXCITING INNOVATIONSAutomakers are adding more advancedtechnological features to new carmodels, making them attractive to theconsumer.ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTYRising energy costs and slow economicexpansion are the key barriers toachieving significant industry growth.INDUSTRY ANALYSISBRAND PURCHASE FUNNEL FORMULTICULTURAL MILLENNIALS90% aware of campaign10% test drive33% buy50% consider purchasingtotal population20,000,00018,000,0009,000,000900,000300,000
  4. 4. 4NISSAN BRANDHELPFULSTRENGTHSOPPORTUNITIESWEAKNESSESTHREATSHARMFULEXTERNALINTERNAL• Established brand within car industry• Diverse selection of cars with wide range of prices and appeal• Innovative technological developments• Large domestic production relative to other Japanese brands• Sales leadership momentum• Entering new car segments• Lack of marketing to Multicultural Millennials• Low new model awareness• Lack of emotional brand connection• Established competitors for Multicultural Millennials• Global profits reduced by strong yen• Rising gas prices• Economic uncertainty• Increased demand for new vehicles due to shortage of used cars• Growing purchasing power among Multicultural Millennials• Toyota and Honda have decreasing market shareNissan is positioned to capitalize on category growth.Nissan grew by 25% in 2011 while Toyota and Honda lost ground.
  5. 5. 5COMPETITIONAutomakers compete largely on new technology, style and price.Nissan must bring innovation to an emotional level to set itself apart fromestablished Multicultural Millennial programs and celebrity-driven campaigns.“CHEVY RUNS DEEP.”• 3,084 dealerships• Targets first-time car buyers by testing new cars at high school and college campuses• New Chevrolet MyLink technology connects to smartphones“THE POWER OF DREAMS.”• 1,034 dealerships• Targeted “LeapList” campaign encourages millennials to create a bucket list online• Advanced all-wheel drive system“BUILT FOR THE ROAD AHEAD.”• 3,202 dealerships• Celebrity-driven campaign that has charity tie-in with the Tom Joyner Foundation• New Sony sound systems and blind-spot information technology“NEW THINKING. NEW POSSIBILITIES.”• 820 dealerships• Targeted millennial campaign using headlines like “asphalt boom box” and “uber drive”• Applying holographic displays and solar cell technologies“MOVING FORWARD.”• 1,233 dealerships• Markets to Hispanic and Asian-Americans by using novelas and Japanese animation• Pre-collision systems with avoidance assistance
  6. 6. 6RESEARCHQUANTITATIVE RESEARCH | ONLINE SURVEY (1,575 RESPONDENTS)OBJECTIVES• Understand the brand perception of Nissan among our target• Understand the brand equity of Nissan advertising• Gain insight into auto buying habits• Understand the link between Nissan and its modelsSTRATEGIES• Primary quantitative and qualitative methods were used withsecondary research• Specific methods include: online surveys, mind mapping,ethnography, industry interviews, word association, picturestorytelling, social media analysis and iconoculture reviewWhen you think of automotive brands, which ones come to mind?2 TO 1Are you familiar with the Nissan brand?25%How familiar are you with these Nissan models?45% are familiar with the Nissan Rogue48% are familiar with the Nissan Juke71% are familiar with the Nissan Sentra89% are familiar with the Nissan AltimaAre you familiar with the following advertising themes?“Innovation for All” “Shift the way you move”WHAT WE DISCOVEREDMulticultural Millennials preferforeign to domestic vehicleswill consider purchasing aNissan as their next vehicle• Toyota owns top-of-mind awareness• Nissan has low advertising equity• Target prefers foreign over domestic vehicles• Emotional disconnect between innovation and Nissan• Unfamiliarity with Nissan’s new models42%58%33% 15%37% 34%60.2%
  7. 7. 7QUALITATIVE RESEARCHWORD ASSOCIATION (50 RESPONDENTS)ICONOCULTURE REVIEW (3,000 RESPONDENTS)SENTENCE COMPLETION (50 RESPONDENTS)PICTURE STORYTELLING (50 RESPONDENTS)WHAT WE DISCOVERED: Unaffordable, unreliable and white-collar areassociated with Nissan.WHAT WE DISCOVERED: The target wants a low-maintenance car thatseamlessly fits their lifestyle.WHAT WE DISCOVERED: Nissan drivers are perceived as smart, successful andsophisticated, yet spoiled.WHAT WE DISCOVERED: The target perceives the brand as stylish,environmentally conscious and technologically advanced.74% want a car that is economical and easy to maintain71% want a vehicle that is versatile and supports their lifestyle54% personalize their car to reflect their individuality47% pay close attention to the design of their car42% will pay more for a car that has the latest featuresELEGANTEUNAFFORDABLEUNISEXUNRELIABLEWHITEATRACTIVOCOMFORTABLECAREEREXCITEDIDEALFUNDIVERTIDOTECHNOLOGYBARATOCOSTOSOABBURRIDOEDUCATEDBORINGSLEEKEFFICIENTSOFISTICADOOLD SCHOOLATTRACTIVE引人注目的可靠的興奮的乏味的COLLAR• Nissan is for people who are successful• Whenever I think of a Nissan model, I think sleek• If you bought a Nissan today, your friends would say you’re spoiled
  8. 8. MIND MAP (50 RESPONDENTS)WHAT WE DISCOVERED: Nissan is associated with style, features and experiences.QUALITATIVE RESEARCHRESEARCH8
  9. 9. 9Toyota and Honda dominatetop-of-mind awareness.Target lacks clearperception of Nissan.Nissan has lowadvertising equity.There is a weakemotional tie betweeninnovation and Nissan.There is a disconnectbetween Nissanand its new models.BARRIERS TO OVERCOMELISTENING-IN-ONLINE (1,250 RESPONDENTS)WHAT WE DISCOVERED: Reliability issues are a popular online topic.DEALERSHIP INTERVIEW AND ETHNOGRAPHY (50 RESPONDENTS)WHAT WE DISCOVERED: Multicultural Millennials are most comfortable buying from people they can identify with.QUALITATIVE RESEARCH
  10. 10. 10CONFIDENCECOMMUNITYHISPANICHispanic-Americans areculturally linked to Nissan,given its popularity in Mexico.INDEPENDENCETREND-SETTINGTARGETThe target is called “Transculturals” because they fluidly move from one culture to another.Transculturals share universal truths yet maintain cultural differences.PRIDECULTUREFINANCIAL SECURITYAFRICAN-AMERICANAfrican-Americans prefer Nissan’s style butoften find it unaffordable.CHINESEChinese-Americans prefer Japanesecars, with Toyota and Honda beingtheir top choices.TRADITIONFAMILYAMBITIONAUTHENTICITYPASSIONSECURITYSTYLEEDUCATIONSHARED VALUES SHARED CHALLENGESBUDGETSTIME CONSTRAINTSSTEREOTYPESAUTHENTICITYAMBITIONPASSION
  11. 11. 11GEOGRAPHY101257642913811Twelve opportunity markets have been selected based on penetration of Transculturals for special support.A national umbrella campaign will support all markets.% of US % of Transculturals Penetration IndexDMA MARKET LIST29.0% 50.4% 1741. Atlanta2. Chicago3. Dallas / Ft. Worth4. Houston5. Los Angeles6. Miami / Ft. Lauderdale7. New York8. San Francisco / Oakland9. Washington, D.C.10. Phoenix11. Orlando12. San DiegoTOTAL1.6 2.6 1633.0 4.6 1532.1 3.8 1811.7 3.8 2245.0 9.2 1841.4 2.8 2007.4 10.3 1392.3 3.9 1701.2 3.0 250.95 2.2 2321.5 2.3 1530.8 1.9 238
  13. 13. 13HUMAN TRUTH“I am what I drive”BRAND TRUTHGives Consumers the freedom toown a car that fits their personality.NISSAN MAKES IT...WHY THE IDEA WORKSIt highlights the universal truth thatfreedom means it’s possible.BIG IDEAPOSSIBLE
  14. 14. 14CAMPAIGNNISSAN POSSIBLENissan is democratizing innovation. By giving consumers access, itopens up their world. Nissan makes it possible. Innovation becomes adestination for achieving possibilities.POSITIONINGBy positioning Nissan as the destination for achieving life’s possibilities,the campaign makes Nissan relevant to Transculturals’ lives.EXECUTION IDEAThe campaign uses symbols to tell stories and connect Transculturalsto Nissan and its brands. This approach is unique in the automotivecategory. It maintains brand consistency by not using spokespeople orcelebrities in the advertising.WHY THE IDEA WORKSSymbols have universal meaning. They are adaptive to any cultureor advertising situation. Symbols add an iconic imagery to Nissan’sadvertising equity. They are timeless yet timely.ART DIRECTIONThe campaign uses symbols in a variety of ways to link Transculturalswith Nissan brands. Advertising follows brand guidelines of usingbold and bright colors. The checkerboard style grid is used to extendNissan’s brand equity.CALL TO ACTIONThe campaign directs Transculturals to the Nissan Possible campaignmicrosite. Transculturals are invited to engage, shop or connect to alocal Nissan dealer.INNOVATION FOR ALLInnovation for All is featured on all advertising to support eachmodel’s innovation concept.TAGLINE“Shift your ” is the recommended evolution of Nissan’s tagline“Shift the way you move.” This provides a stronger emotional linkbetween the brand and the consumer. “Shift your ” mirrors howNissan helps Transculturals shift something positive in their life.COPY / LANGUAGEThis campaign is adaptable to any language and culture. Copy istailored to the predominant language of each media vehicle. Forexample, a print execution in Latina will be in Spanish.QR CODESQR codes provide stories behind each symbol and directTransculturals to the campaign microsite.The creative strategy builds on the Innovation for All platform by highlighting the emotional benefit.By giving consumers access to innovation, Nissan makes it possible to express themselves.
  15. 15. 15CREATIVE WORK PLANWHY ARE WE ADVERTISING?To help Nissan build awareness and lastingfavorability among Multicultural Millennials.WHOM ARE WE ADVERTISING TO?Transculturals, including Chinese, Hispanic andAfrican-Americans.WHAT DO THEY CURRENTLY BELIEVE?Nissan is stylish, yet it doesn’t always have thecars that fit their lifestyle.WHAT DO WE WANT THEM TO THINK?Nissan brings innovation to the masses withpopular cars that fit everyone’s lifestyle.WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO SAY?Nissan makes it possible to find the perfect carthat symbolizes my personality.WHAT TONE DO WE WANT TO TAKE?Fun, friendly and engaging.MANDATORIESNissan logo, Innovation for All and QR codes.“ Our campaign builds on the Nissan brand story.Every piece of communication clarifies the brand.Every model ladders up to the brand.It is always Nissan...or N Through A to Z ”Phillip O’Connor, NissanAAF National Student Conference Washington D.C.FROM | TOProductUnattainableAllCar CompanyPeopleAspirationalMeCaring Company
  16. 16. 16PAID | EARNED | OWNEDOBJECTIVES• 90% reach/12x average frequency per month• Provide additional support to 12 opportunity markets• Support key sales periods and eventsSTRATEGIES• Use traditional, non-traditional and digital media• Use local media and promotions to support 12 opportunity markets• Schedule support with emphasis leading into key sales events• The campaign will be adjusted based on market and media dynamicsNATIONAL TELEVISION | ENGLISH LANGUAGEWHAT: :7½ bookend and :15 primetime commercials on selectiveprograms on 8 broadcast and cable networks.WHY: Programs have 50% or more Transcultural audience composition.HOW MANY: 700 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $14,000,000NETWORKS: CW, MyNetworkTV, MTV, VH1, Ovation TV, FOX SoccerChannel, BET, TV OneNATIONAL TELEVISION | IN LANGUAGEWHAT: :7½ bookend and :15 commercials on 5 broadcast and cablenetworks.WHY: Networks tailored to individual language and viewership.HOW MANY: 425 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $8,500,000NETWORKS: Chinese: TVB8, TVBS Spanish: Univision, Telemundo, Si TVThe Connection Plan consists of three media categories: paid, earned and owned.Paid media is traditional media that is purchased on behalf of Nissan to activate the brand funnel.7.5-second BookendsDVR ProofCommercial Break:7.5 :7.5:30 :15:30
  17. 17. 17NATURALSAVESINGCut to Natural.V.O.: Natural.Cut to Save.V.O.: Save.Cut to Sing.V.O.: Sing.Cut to Shift Your Perception.V.O.: Shift your perception.Cut to Shift Your Investment.V.O.: Shift your investment.Cut to Shift Your Stage.V.O.: Shift your stage.Shrink previous shot into NissanPossible branding.V.O.: Nissan Possible.Shrink previous shot into NissanPossible branding.V.O.: Nissan Possible.Shrink previous shot into NissanPossible branding.V.O.: Nissan Possible.Open with Possible.Open with Possible.Open with Possible.Cross-fade to tree, looking still likea painting.Cross-fade to money falling intoshot from the top of the screen.S.F.X.: Fluttering paper.Cross-fade to microphone, pancamera around 180 degrees.S.F.X.: Subtle feedback.Pan right to car, petals fall into theframe.S.F.X.: Gentle BreezeCar speeds through the money,scattering the bills.S.F.X.: Speeding car, paperfluttering more aggressively.Cross-fade to car.
  18. 18. PAID | EARNED | OWNEDPRINT | COLLEGE / UNIVERSITY NEWSPAPERSWHAT: 20 half-page spread, 4-color ads in 24university community college newspapers in 12opportunity markets.WHY: 82% of college students have read their campusnewspaper in the past three months.HOW MANY: 30 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $1,500,000AFRICAN AMERICANVibe: 5 spreads: $668,000Source: 6 spreads: $283,000Essence: 12 spreads: $2,400,000CHINESEHyphen: 2 spreads: $1,400Thirteen Minutes: 6 spreads: $3,600Audrey: 4 spreads: $24,000HISPANICPeople en Espanol: 11 spreads: $1,640,000Latina: 10 spreads: $880,000 PRINT | MAGAZINEWHAT: 56 full-color spreads in 8 magazines.WHY: 60% or more Transcultural readership.HOW MANY: 195 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $5,900,00018
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. 20SEARCH ENGINE MARKETINGWHAT: Build on Nissan’s existing SEM on Bing, Yahoo! and Google.WHY: Use specific keywords to drive Transculturals to the campaignmicrosite.HOW MANY: 333 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $1,000,000 KEYWORD EXAMPLES: Nissan Possible, Innovation Station,Shift your -STREAMING VIDEOWHAT: Behaviorally targeted pre-roll ads on YouTube and VEVO.WHY: 60% of our target audience visit YouTube and VEVO at leastonce a month.HOW MANY: 348 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $4,000,000INTERACTIVE WEBSITE BANNERSWHAT: Behaviorally targeted interactive banners on high Transculturaltrafficked sites.WHY: Transculturals are 2 times more likely to click on banner ads.HOW MANY: 1.4 billion impressionsHOW MUCH: $7,000,000BANNER ADS ON PANDORA SPOTIFYWHAT: :15 audio spots and accompanied banners.WHY: Most popular music-streaming platforms.HOW MANY: 444 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $4,000,000PAID | EARNED | OWNED
  21. 21. 21INTERACTIVE DIGITAL MALL DISPLAYSWHAT: Interactive digital mall displays in 12 opportunity markets.WHY: Allow consumers to use symbols to interact with the brand.HOW MANY: 80 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $2,000,000ADDED VALUEWHAT: Negotiate free banner ads on websites of purchased media.WHY: Increase reach by 10%.HOW MANY: 132 million impressionsHOW MUCH: Free as bonus weightCONSIDERED, BUT NOT RECOMMENDEDWHAT: RadioWHY: Radio is highly localized and used by Nissan dealerships.Wi-Fi TRANSIT SHELTERSWHAT: 18 Wi-Fi transit shelters in 12 opportunity markets.WHY: Provide free Wi-Fi access in unexpected locations to create buzz.HOW MANY: 287 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $4,300,000CINEMAWHAT: :15 commercial during previews in 75 selected theaters in 12opportunity markets.WHY: Cinema advertising recall is three times greater than television.HOW MANY: 135 million impressionsHOW MUCH: $2,000,000
  22. 22. 22OBJECTIVES• Create lifestyle events, promotions andsponsorships that will generate PR and socialmedia buzz• Build ongoing partnerships that foster lastingfavorability among Transculturals• Build on existing Nissan efforts to reach thecommunitySTRATEGIES• Develop events, promotions andsponsorships that have universal appeal toTransculturals• Develop partnerships that will extend thecampaign• Schedule events and promotions in a phasedapproach to generate ongoing buzzEarned Media is non-traditional media, sponsorships and events thatmake Nissan a part of the consumer conversation.NISSAN POSSIBLE ARTS FESTIVALHOW IT WORKSNissan Possible arts festivals in 12 opportunitymarkets showcase local artists, musicians and vendors.Nissan partners with local restaurants to provide foodtrucks that use Twitter to promote the festival.WHY IT WORKSThis connects the Nissan brand with artistic andculinary innovators.HOW MANY: 40,000,000 impressionsHOW MUCH: $240,000MAKE IT POSSIBLE - VIDEO CONTESTHOW IT WORKSMake It Possible Video Contest introduces symbolsin a new and exciting way. Participants submit videosthat tell a life story using a symbol that ties to a car.Nissan will reward the creator of the video with thehighest number of views with a new Altima.WHY IT WORKSLike Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl campaign, whichachieved 1 billion media impressions, the video contestcreates opportunities to engage Transculturals.HOW MANY: 100,000,000 impressionsHOW MUCH: $200,000PAID | EARNED | OWNED
  23. 23. 23NISSAN ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIPHOW IT WORKSNissan will be the exclusive provider for WeCar onmilitary bases and college campuses.WHY IT WORKSCapitalizes on the growing car-sharing trend.HOW MANY: 1,330,000 impressionsHOW MUCH: Negotiate with Enterprise.STREET BASKETBALL TOURHOW IT WORKSNissan sponsors the Street Basketball Associationcompetitions in 12 opportunity markets. Promotion ofthese events will be aired on BET.WHY IT WORKSBasketball has the highest sports viewership and rateof participation among our target.HOW MANY: 80,000,000 impressionsHOW MUCH: $1,200,000MEDIA PARTNERSHIPSHOW IT WORKSPartner with Vibe to sponsor new artists that will befeatured in the Nissan Possible Celebration of theArts tour.WHY IT WORKSSponsorship generates online and social mediainterest just like the “Reebok We R Classic”campaign.HOW MANY: 1,400,000 impressionsHOW MUCH: Included with Paid Media.PROJECT GRAD PARTNERSHIPHOW IT WORKSPartner with Project GRAD to provide Nissan Possiblescholarships to extend Nissan Neighbors program to12 opportunity markets.WHY IT WORKSCreates positive ongoing presence in the multiculturalcommunity.HOW MANY: 130,000,000 impressionsHOW MUCH: $1,000,000NISSAN INNOVATION STATION TOURHOW IT WORKSA mobile version of the Innovation Station travels tomalls and universities in 12 opportunity markets.WHY IT WORKSLike the UK Innovation Station, which received 1.7million visitors in its first 3 months. The tour willengage our target.HOW MANY: 120,000,000 impressionsHOW MUCH: $3,000,000
  24. 24. 24OBJECTIVES• Increase the number of NissanUSA Web site visits among Transculturals by 10%• Increase time spent with Nissan’s online channels by 15%NISSAN ONLINE DESTINATION EXPERIENCEThe “Nissan Possible” microsite is the hub for the campaign and will link to NissanUSA.com.VERSASHIFT_ your music.Starting at $10,990+ 109-hp 1.6-liter+ 4-cylinder engine+ 30 city MPG+ 38 hwy MPGSix Standard air bagsAnti-lock Braking SystemCD audio system withauxiliary audio input jackStretch things out - VERSAhas class-leading legroomINNOVATION FOR ALLHomeWhat’sNewTestDriveSubmita storyPOSSIBLE.When users click on a symbol, they are takento a landing page that highlights the carmodel and the backstory about the symbol.PAID | EARNED | OWNEDOwned Media allows Nissan to create an onlinedestination experience by controlling the channels.
  25. 25. 25FACEBOOK GAMEHOW IT WORKSDevelop a simulation game where players build and manage their own virtualNissan car dealerships.WHY IT WORKS80% of Facebook users play simulation games.PINTEREST PAGEHOW IT WORKSNissan extends the“Possible” campaign onthe photo-sharing websitePinterest.WHY IT WORKSPinterest is the fastestsite in history to reach 10million unique visitors.AUGMENTED REALITY APPHOW IT WORKSA mobile application that lets potential buyers virtually see their favorite Nissanmodel in their driveway.WHY IT WORKSMillennials are 28% more likely to own a smartphone.RECOMMENDED CHANGES TO THE NISSAN BRAND EXPERIENCEYOUTUBE PAGEHOW IT WORKSNissan’s YouTubepage makes it easy forTransculturals to sharetheir stories.WHY IT WORKSOver 4 billion YouTubevideos are viewed daily.
  26. 26. 26NISSAN CONQUEST PROGRAMNissan capitalizes on the opportunity totake market share from Toyota and Honda.HOW IT WORKSCustomized invitations containingpersonalized URLs (PURLs) will be mailedto targeted Honda and Toyota owners whohave vehicles that are at least 5 years old.Users will be offered special incentives toswitch to Nissan.WHY IT WORKSPURL programs have proven to be 50%more effective than other incentive-basedprograms.WHAT IT COSTS$500,000.Maria Lopez1234 Any StreetChicago, IL 60657POSSIBLE.Congratulations, Maria!You can now trade in your Toyotaand earn up to $2,000 towardsa new Nissan of your choice.Log on to your customized Nissan Web sitebit.ly/n6kkLAto access your personal discountsand get exclusive informationon our newest car models.POSSIBLE.PAID | EARNED | OWNED
  27. 27. 27THE DEALERSHIP EXPERI-Transculturals dread the dealership visit. “Nissan Possible” makes it fun and interactive.DEALERSHIP KIOSKHOW IT WORKSInteractive kiosks feature symbols that correspondwith Nissan cars. Users can schedule test drives,view car specs and learn about Nissan’s financingoptions.WHY IT WORKSThe digital kiosk puts Transculturals in control ofthe shopping experience. 55% say negotiating a carpurchase is worse than visiting the dentist.COLLATERALEach car model has print materials that use symbols to link with product benefits.NAMETAGS FOR STAFFMakes the sales associate an ambassador for the campaign.
  28. 28. 28TIMELINECategory Sales (2011)Sales EventsHolidaysWeeks 1 8 15 22 39 6 13 20 27 3 10 17PAID MEDIATelevision: 7.5 bookends/ 15-second8 English Language Networks5 In Language NetworksPrint: Spread and 1/2 spread, 4-color8 Magazines24 College NewspapersDigitalSEMInteractive Website BannersVevo and YouTube Pre-rollPandora + SpotifyAdded Value - Media BannersOutdoor: 12 Opportunity MarketsWi-Fi Transit SheltersInteractive Digital Mall DisplaysCinema: 12 Opportunity Markets15-second / 75 theatersEARNED MEDIAVideo ContestMake It PossiblePromotional EventsNissan Possible Arts FestivalStreet Basketball TourInnovation Station TourPartnershipsVIBEEnterprise We-CarProject Grad / Nissan NeighborsOWNED MEDIADigitalNISSAN Web ExperienceConquest Program (PURL)Facebook GameYouTube ChannelPinterest PageAugmented Reality AppDealershipKioskCollateralOTHER LINE ITEMSProductionAgency FeeContingency******24Memorial Day6.9%Jun-13Apr-136.9%May-137.3%Cost to be negotiated with EnterpriseFunded under paid mediaThese will be added as bonus weight with our paid mediaTent Sale1 8 15 22 29 5 12 19 26 2 9 16 23 30 7 14 21 28 4 11 18 25 2 9 16 23 30 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24Feb-148.9%Dec-139.7%Jan-146.9%Most WonderfulSale of the YearIndependence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving ChristmasNewYear/MLKChinese NewYearAug-13Tent Sale8.8%Nov-138.1%Jul-13Funded under paid mediaThese will be added as bonus weight with our paid mediaSep-13 Oct-138.9% 7.9%8.1%Impressions Cost ($)3 10 17 24 31700,000,000 14,000,000425,000,000 8,500,000195,000,000 5,900,00030,000,000 1,500,000333,000,000 1,000,0001,400,000,000 7,000,00034,800,000 4,000,000444,000,000 4,000,000132,000,000 *287,000,000 4,300,00080,000,000 2,000,000135,000,000 2,000,000100,000,000 200,00040,000,000 2,000,00080,000,000 1,200,000120,000,000 3,000,0001,400,000 **1,330,000 ***30,000,000 1,000,00020,000,000 500,000500,000 500,000500,000 233,000550,000 225,000250,000 25,000300,000 250,00020,000,000 1,650,0001,100,000 5,517,00017,000,0007,500,0005,000,0004,611,730,000 100,000,000TOTALMar-1411.6%Bottom Line SalesEvent23058 Annual GRPsMonthly: 95% Reach/20 avg. frequency
  29. 29. 29BUDGETThe $7.5 million agency fee is an estimate ofthe hours it will take to provide Nissan witha dedicated team of management, planning,creative, media, public relations, production,traffic, social media and digital development.Cougar Concepts will review agency hourswith Nissan on a semi-annual basis to makeadjustments to the fee accordingly.RETURN ON INVESTMENTRETURN ON INVESTMENTThe plan reaches 90% of MulticulturalMillennials with a compelling message. If 15%of those who are aware of the advertisingmake a purchase, an additional $6.7 billion ofrevenue will be generated.The result is $66 of revenue for every$1 spent on advertising. *Nissan Purchase Funnel and ROI CalculationMarket share goal is to increase from 13% to 18% for our target. The case study has 13% market share which equates to 200,000 units. An 18% market share would equate to 300,000 units. The target market is 20 million.Reaching 90% would be 18 million. If 50% consider Nissan, that would be 9 million. If 10% visit a dealership and test drive a car, that would be 900,000. If 1 out of 3 are converted to a purchase, that would be 300,000 unitssold. Return on investment is calculated by 300,000 units multiplied by an average $22,300 per car, which equates to $6.7 billion. The advertising budget of $100 million would be 1.5% of sales. This is less than the 2.1% A toS ratio cited in the latest Nissan annual report. This is $333 of advertising per unit sold, which is less than the normal $500 per unit sold. $6.7 billion in sales is $66 in sales for every $1 of advertising.TELEVISIONPRINTOUT-OF-HOMEDIGITALPROMOTIONSPRODUCTIONAGENCY FEECONTINGENCY$100 MILLION TOTAL BUDGET7.4%8.3%22.5%24.9%17.0%7.4%7.5%5.0%19.4%5.5%COLLATERAL
  30. 30. 30PRE-TESTING (N=100)The campaign has been pre-tested with Transculturals as well as othermillennials on likeability, uniqueness and motivation. Testing confirmed thecampaign is unique and will motivate consumers to shop Nissan.POST-TESTINGCougar Concepts will measure the market effectiveness of the campaign through:• A post-wave to the benchmark awareness, attitude and usage study• The number of impressions in the connection plan schedule• The response to the Conquest program• The number of leads to the “Nissan Possible” microsite• The number of fans generated by social media• The number of attendees to “Nissan Possible” eventsCOUGAR CONCEPTS ASKS YOU TO PROVIDE MEASURES OF:• Overall sales for the target• The number of leads to NissanUSA from the campaign microsite• Sales from the Conquest program• Dealership satisfaction of the overall campaignThe campaign will be closely monitored so that adjustments to media andmarkets can be made.CAMPAIGN EVALUATION AND FUTURE THOUGHTSFUTURE THOUGHTSThe campaign adds to Nissan’s momentum to reach its fiscal Power88 goals of 8% global market share and 8% corporate profit margin.FINAL THOUGHTSBy democratizing innovation, Nissan makes it possible for consumersto express themselves. This simple insight reveals the emotionalpower of Nissan’s Innovation for All campaign. We connect this ideato Transculturals by using symbols that tell stories. This campaign isfully integrated and adds to the equity of the Nissan brand.Cougar Concepts is confident this plan will meet your objectives.Together, we make it “Nissan Possible.”Thank you. When can we start?Nissan Authorization1. LIKEABILITY2. UNIQUENESS3. MOTIVATION20%40%60%80%% that scored 8 to 10/10
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