Influencer Marketing POV


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While interning, the client was interested in influencer marketing. They wanted to compare other influence marketing tools with TRAACKR.

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Influencer Marketing POV

  1. 1. LL Bean Influencer Marketing Tool POV7/24/2012
  2. 2. Tools in this POV•Contextual Influence•Traackr•Appinions•Mblast•SocMetrics•Personal Influence•Klout•Monitoring•Radian62
  3. 3. What Is Contextual Influence?•Influence relevant to a specific conversation.•All contextual influence measurement tools allowbrands to:•Monitor topics/conversation over time•Manage relationships with key influencers•See what’s being said right now3
  4. 4. Key Takeaways•All Contextual Influence tools identify influencers –each tool can also provide a unique benefit.•Traackr – Keyword-based. Fully customized lists. Also allowskeyword alerts so you’re always informed on new data•Appinions – Uses sentiment and opinions to drive influenceridentification. Shows influencer gaps.•SocMetrics – Topic-based. Shows multiple spheres ofinfluence. Influence sticks longer.•mBLAST – Influencer maps plot and influencer’s relevanceand authority over time. More weight is given to socialnetworks than blogs/other sites.4
  5. 5. Traackr5
  6. 6. Overview•Traackr identifies individuals•History:•Founded February 2006.•Been running for around 4 years•Receieved $1M in series A funding July 2011.•Sample Clients:•Honda•Delta•Amway•CVS6
  7. 7. Features•Identify Influencers: Find those that are most relevant to a business,and most likely to impact it•Insights: Provides unique insights on top influencers to make outreachmeaningful and increase chances to create new brand advocates.•List Generation: Accurate influencer lists in seconds, saving teams timeto perform higher value functions•Information for these influencers is updated weekly•Monitor: Allow brands to see footprint and follow activity/engagement7
  8. 8. Influencer Search Engine•Keyword-based searches•Triangulate influence based on Reach,Resonance & Relevance – This helps todiscover the “right” influencers – not just thepopular ones.•Reach: How many•Resonance: Reposts/RTs, Links - are theyamplified•Relevance: See next slide•Influence includes blogs, Twitter, YouTube,Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Quora andmore.8
  9. 9. Relevance Metrics9
  10. 10. Insights•Profile information to understand presence and contribution•Track sentiment and opinion shifts•Can be adjusted manually to account for sarcasm•Leverage influencer content analysis to help become relevant toinfluencers•Stay up-to-date on who the movers/shakers are•Measure success of outreach10
  11. 11. Influencer Lists•Run live influencer searches on any topic in seconds•Search for a high degree of relevance for the topic. 3 scores. Relevance is heaviest ofthose three scores.•Topic is called a campaign – (Outdoor gear)•Populate campaign with 50 keywords. (running, cold climate, climbing, etc)•24-48 hours later you can login and you’ll see a list of people.•Refresh results and see who’s on top at any point in time•The database for searching is in real-time•A social web platform crawl for keywords has a validation step and takes 24-48 hours).This does a brand new search with the chosen keywords.•By using keywords rather than topics, there is more ability to define and laser-focus the results for a campaign.11
  12. 12. Proprietary: A-List•A-List provides a ranked list ofpeople•This list can be manually adjusted ifa specific person is wanted toappear•List is only individuals.•Huffington post – nope•Author of postcould be an influencer•Individual with author-level content.•This list is refreshed weekly•Each member’s footprint (activity)is available12
  13. 13. Profiles•Full footprint (activity)•Detailed info (publicprofiles, reach, resonanceand relevance)•Filtered content stream(filtered for specifickeywords)13
  14. 14. Brand Monitoring•Track daily mentions•Track share-of-voicetrends over time•Display graph bykeyword or influencer•Sort by specific groups&/or keywords14
  15. 15. Sentiment•Can be manuallytagged•Can be tracked overtime to show changes•Can be filtered byinfluencer/keywords15
  16. 16. Uses•Research•Identify consumer experts to guide decisions•Listen•Locate and learn from leading voices across all areas ofinterest•Target•Identify top influencers for every client•Monitor•Track success of campaigns16
  17. 17. Cost•Single campaign•$399/mo for list of 50•$499/mo for list of 100•This includes monitoring (no extra fee)17
  18. 18. Cost (Multiple Campaign Pricing)18
  19. 19. Appinions19
  20. 20. OverviewLeverages the power of opinions to identify leading influencers.•History: Spun out of 10 years of research at Cornell in late 2007•Standing start in December 2011.•Sample Clients:•The Economist•Sabra•Dell•Strawberry Frog•Euro RSCG20
  21. 21. Features•Identify Influencers: Mine data from 4.5 millionsources – not just social media channels.•Measurement: Provides consistent, quantifiablemeasures of the impact influencer marketing hason a marketer’s goals.21
  22. 22. Relevance Metrics22•Preference: Who is picking the opinion?•Imitation: Are other people duplicating the opinion?•Trend-Setters: Topic originators (who started theopinion?)•Scores are updated daily.
  23. 23. Differences from TRAACKR•Appinions uses opinions and Sentiment•This can be a downside given sarcasm. It’s hard toqualify sentiment and must be done manuallysometimes.•Score are updated daily.23
  24. 24. Differences from TRAACKR•Influencer Gap Reports:•Shows how many people aretalking about competitors incomparison to a brand.•It also shows where theconversation is taking place,so that a brand can knowwhere they need to increasethat share.24
  25. 25. Cost•No set up or support fee•$1500/month for up to 25 topics25
  26. 26. mBLAST (mPACT)26
  27. 27. OverviewmPACT Pro Influencer Management Solution is thecontextual measurement tool.•History:•No available history or client list27
  28. 28. Features•Philosophically, TRAACKR and mBLAST are verysimilar.•mPACT has a less slick interface, however alsohas a faster load time.•There are no Keyword Alerts or ability to managethe list. What you get is what you get – no edits.28
  29. 29. Differences from TRAACKR29•mPACT seems to give more weight to socialmedia than blog posts and other web content –and the scores reflect this.•mPACT runs queries faster, while TRAACKR issluggish.
  30. 30. Differences from TRAACKR•Influencer Map:•Ability to see everything that agiven influencer has posted,across all networks, virtually inreal-time.•Charts can plot an influencer’srelevance and authority overtime (see who is up-and-coming).30
  31. 31. Cost•No set up or support fee•$1000/year for up to 25 topic searches31
  32. 32. SocMetrics32
  33. 33. OverviewIdentifies and monitors top influencers•History: launched in Jan 2011 – Started out of Boston•Sample Clients:•Vida Coco•Nintendo•Target•McDonalds33
  34. 34. Features•Identification: Looks at influencersthrough a topical filter or keywords•It takes 12-24 hours to spit out a list of 50based on keywords.•Topical search is immediate.•Monitoring: Allows brand to see footprintand follow activity/engagement.•Engagement: Shows contact info andsocial platforms usernames.34
  35. 35. Social Spheres35Profiles of influencersinclude multiple“spheres” an influencermay be influential in.This can help to selectsomeone who is well-balanced.
  36. 36. Influence Metrics36•Peer validation: Who is interacting? Do those whointeract have influence? Ex. - Google page ranks•Topicality: Is content on topic consistently or is itscattered? Are their followers interested in the topic inquestion?•Actionable: Does the person get shared? What istheir engagement relative to each platform? What isthe audience reaction (votes, shares, likes,comments, etc)?
  37. 37. Differences from TRAACKR•TRAACKR is keyword-based. SocMetrics istopics-based. This means that TRAACKR selectsan influencer based on if the keywords they use,rather than scoring an influencer on a specifictopic.•Topics can be too broad – The ability to define a topicwith keywords can yield more laser-focused results.37
  38. 38. Differences from TRAACKR•Length of time influence sticks. With TRAACKR,scores are updated weekly – if an influencer takes acouple weeks for vacation and their content isn’tmoving, they won’t be seen as an influencer anymore.•However TRAACKR has the ability to save an influencer, soeven if their influence drops, they still will show up.•SocMetrics will gradually reduce a score over timedependent on their authority and influence.38
  39. 39. Cost•Cost is based on the influencers you add to list.•There are no limits on queries.•Access to influencers and their profiles are available.•There is no set up or support fee.•$400/month for access to a list of up to 25 people ($1000 for 100)•Can edit the list freely – remove and add influencers•Once added to list, you can export to excel and social media contactinformation.•$400/month for monitoring•Allows you to track influencer and their activity•Provides metrics for influence•3 hrs free support – but help is pretty much free after that.39
  40. 40. Personal Influence40
  41. 41. What Is Personal Influence•Personal Influence is influence based mainly onreach.•It does not take into account specific keywords ortopics.•These are best used as supplements to acontextual influence based tool.41
  42. 42. Klout Summary•Klout measures personal digital influence based mainly on reach.•Based on a 1-100 point scale.•Drawbacks:•Lots of controversy around privacy issues and accuracy.•Identifies influencers, but doesn’t rank or qualify them•Cost:•It’s free to access the data – could be used to supplement the lists othertools generate.•Brands can partner with Klout to provide Perks (giveaways) to userswith certain Klout influence or score. This is done on a case-by-casebasis.42
  43. 43. Monitoring43
  44. 44. Radian6 Summary•Radian6 monitors and tracks articles, blogs andsocial media mentions.•It can be used to identify key bloggers or contentcreators.•However, it doesn’t measure the contextualinfluence of content creators against a specifictopic area.44
  45. 45. Gauging Influence•Radian6 has a partnership with Kloutto include Klout score data.•Finding influencers is labor intensive.One must locate the influencer, markthem as an influencer and then set upa keyword group to bring in theircontent.•Influencers are not ranked either.•Influencers are given a 1-10 ratingbased on engagement, but not a ranking45
  46. 46. Comparison46
  47. 47. 47