The Essentials for Crafting High Quality Ad Copy


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AdLux, Account Strategist, Ben Khoshabeh gave this presentation at SMX Melbourne 2010

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  • Do you provide free shipping?
    Do you have %50 off your stock
    Are you giving away a free report?
    Placing your price, number of items available (if possible) and promotions can greatly increase conversion rate. It’s easier to for searchers to see the immediate benefit of what you have to offer. They are more likely to click on an ad with information that on a generic one.
    Again, specificity and setting customer expectations in only 70 characters. It’s very easy to forget mentioning such things and get caught up in being too broad and untargeted. Be as specific as possible wherever possible. PPC is about demand harvesting – and you need to be able to cut through all the noise to pop out to your customers!
    Mention your price and or promotions. Why?
    Creates a sense of urgency – which drives sales!
    Makes users feel like they have something to gain and a lot to lose out on
    Mentions your Unique selling points – what do you have to offer your customers that’s different from your competitors
  • Related to CTRs and ROI, sometimes advertisers can get conflicting data. For example, sometimes ads will show a high CTR and low conversion rate, or a low CTR and a high conversion rate (you generally want high CTRs and high conversion rates). Generally speaking, inconclusive data means ad tests haven't been running long enough, and I'll continue to run tests until results become conclusive. In many instances, "weird" data stems from insufficient PPC traffic.
    But click-through isn’t conversion, and your highest-costing copy may or may not be your highest-selling copy. Understand when you want to maximize CTR and when you want maximize conversion, and set up your test accordingly
  • The Essentials for Crafting High Quality Ad Copy

    1. 1. The Essentials for Crafting High Quality Ad Copy Ben Khoshabeh 16/11/2010
    2. 2. o Proven, tried and tested essentials for ad copy that converts o The impact of Searcher modes/buying funnel on PPC ad copy quality o Combining insights from searcher modes and buy cycles to create hyper targeted ads o The Importance of Testing o The Most Common Traps What we’ll be covering today
    3. 3. What are you looking for when “driving traffic” to your website through paid search marketing? As much traffic volume as possible for as little expense as possible High CTR and Low CPC The traffic to be as targeted as possible Very low bounce rate on your landing page Pre Sell your visitors on what they are about to see on your website. Keywords qualify your visitors by signalling intent but so does ad copy. Each unique visitor is led to conduct a specific action (purchase a product, complete a for lead generation, opt in for a mailing list etc) The content of your PPC ads can greatly affect all of these for better or worse!
    4. 4. Use The Keywords (keywords get %50 more clicks on average) Make sure your ad groups are “tight” Ad copy quality is a second order effect in your PPC Success Women’s Designer Handbags Over 50 Premium Women’s Designer Handbags. Free Shipping. Order Today! Handbags We offer 50 handbags brands. Affordable Deals on handbags online. Includes keyword phrase in headline and body Broad ad that does include the entire keyword phrase. Keyword: “Women’s designer handbags”
    5. 5. Mention your prices and/or promotions 50” Samsung 3DTV Buy The New Samsung 50” 3DTV for Only $1999. Free Delivery. Order Online! Samsung 3DTV Great Deals On Samsung 3DTVs. Browse Our Online Offers.
    6. 6. Pre qualify your visitors & filter clicks Are you targeting B2B or B2C? Are you targeting a particular market segment/demographic? Do you only sell one type of product? Jobs For Teenagers No Experience Required. Jobs Ideal For Teenagers. Apply Online At CareerOne! Ideal Weight Loss Plan You Can Still Enjoy Beer with your Mates. Learn More & Join Today. Weight loss for men Jobs for teenagers Citibank Gold Card 1.9% Pa on balances for 12 months. Min Salary $35K. Response in 1 min.
    7. 7. Use a strong call to action You want your users to do something right? Well point it out! Ideal Weight Loss Plan Half Price Membership Offer For a Short Time Only. Join Jenny Craig Today! Weight Loss Jenny Craig Helps You Lose Weight. Great for Both Men and Women.
    8. 8. Capitalise The First Letter Of Every Word But not articles, preps and conjunctions Women’s Designer Handbags Over 50 Premium Women’s Designer Handbags. Free Shipping. Order Today! Women’s designer handbags Over 50 premium women’s designer handbags. Free shipping. Order today! Upper case ad Lower case ad Measure which ad has a better CTR and conversion rate
    9. 9. Understand Searcher Modes & the buy cycle Surfing mode Review mode Review mode/buying mode Buying mode “new york” “summer holiday new york” “compare new york hotels” “hilton hotel new york cheapest rate” Consider language - Understand Your Audience/Target Market and how they are searching for you
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    11. 11. Is your product cheaper? available with free shipping? one that last longer? on offer with a flexible payment plan available in a wider variety of options Highlight benefits not features! What else can do you to make your ads pop? Use a unique selling proposition Flights To Bangkok Find A Cheaper Available Price. Flight Centre Will Beat It!
    12. 12. Again , comes down to how well you know your audience Use psychological buying triggers
    13. 13. How well do you know your audience? Who is searching? Why are they searching? What motivates them to buy? Who is it for? How are they searching (consider language)? Keywords signal user intent, ad messaging should mirror that
    14. 14. Sense of urgency - Offer valid until Wednesday Exclusivity - One of 500 made Sense of belonging – people want to be accepted and included Instant gratification - Ships immediately Curiosity – find out more about or special techniques Psychological triggers contd.
    15. 15. Understand the importance of acronyms “Employment” vs. “Careers” vs. “Jobs” Looking For Employment? Find New Employment Opportunities On CareerOne. Apply Online Today! Job Vacancies Find Your Ideal Job. Search Through Job Vacancies & Apply Today! Find Career Opportunities Find Ways to Boost Your Career. Search on CareerOne Today!
    16. 16. Test, Test, Test (and test some more)
    17. 17. Why Test? Approach to Split and Mutli-Variate Testing Identify which ad has a better CTR? Identify which ad has a better Conversion Rate o Trial different offers o Different headlines o Different USPs/benefits o Experiment with psychological buying triggers o Tweak ad copy order o URL with www and URL without www o URL with sub domain vs. URL without sub domain o Exclamation or no exclamation. Buy Now! Vs Buy Now.
    18. 18. Citibank Gold Card 1.9% Pa on balances for 12 months. Min Salary $35K. Response in 1 min. Citibank Gold Card 1.9% Pa on balances for 12 months. Min Salary $35K. Response in 60secs. The little nuances of testing
    19. 19. o Don’t base your decisions on random fluctuations o Gather a large amount of data to compare ad performance o Weird data may stem from insufficient PPC traffic Need statistical significance when testing
    20. 20. o Try taking messages from other channels o Go on Facebook or Twitter o Look at competition overseas o Steal from your sales team – they talk to your customers everyday o Go for a walk and revisit your copy with ‘fresh’ eyes Lost for Ideas?
    21. 21. o Trying To Sell Too Hard In The Ad o Not Segmenting Your Keywords correctly o It’s not only about the keywords & ad copy – what about your landing page selection? o Testing for the sake of testing – needs defined parameters o CTR can be misleading o Not paying attention to what your competitors are doing o Rushing or being lazy leads to generic and bad copy o Following Rules Blindly The Most Common Traps
    22. 22. Thank You