AdForum Case Studies of the Month of July 2013


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Discover our selection of advertising media cases for July 2013: the best of creativity in communications operations worldwide.

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AdForum Case Studies of the Month of July 2013

  2. 2. Each week, we select and feature a media case made to promote a creative operation or a campaign of communication in a particular section of our site LAST MONTH WE HAD
  3. 3. Agencies Mediacom, USA Åkestam.holst, Sweden JWT, Singapore/Philippines Publicis, Italy Brands Volkswagen Swedish Post Cream Silk Orphea Business Sectors Cars Shipping Services Cosmetics/Hygiene Household Media/Channels Outdoor Gaming Sponsoring Stunt This month, discover the following… JULY 2013
  4. 4. CARS An underwater shark observation vehicle was constructed in the shape of a Beetle model SEE THE COMPLETE CASE Branded content at its best- using a shark, to promote a Beetle. Over the years the Volkswagen Beetle has grown to become synonymous with women-both young and old. In order to regenerate interest in the Beetle from a male perspective and to gain a larger portion of the male drivers market – Volkswagen alongside Discovery and marine biologists created “The Beetle Shark Cage”… JULY 2013
  5. 5. POSTAL SERVICES The quest to deliver precious packages on behalf of Swedish Post SEE THE COMPLETE CASE A mobile app that actually makes you mobile! Swedish Post claims it is the „safest shipping company‟ -but safe is boring so they created a new mobile app called “Do you have Sweden‟s safest hands?” where users were challenged to deliver a package from A to B to enhance the company‟s image The game was devised to make the concept as real as possible… JULY 2013
  6. 6. COSMETICS/HYGIENE Hair was instrumental in the production of a concert in a Manila mall composed by a human hair quartet. SEE THE COMPLETE CASE “The hair is the richest ornament of women”. Not only. Think outside the box Cream Silk; a hair product yearned to prove to its market that it did in fact make hair stronger and to overshadow it competitors who recite similar claims. A “Human hair Quartet” had the horse hair that is usually used in their bows replaced with that of a human (shampooed and conditioned with “Cream Silk” naturally)… JULY 2013
  7. 7. Flying insects were the unlucky victims of a giant billboard trap SEE THE COMPLETE CASE Insects find themselves in a sticky situation whilst travelling through Milan… Orphea Insect Spray needed to prove to its audience, the effectiveness of its spray for killing insects and devised a cunning plan to do so. Italian insects were the unlucky victims of a giant billboard trap- which had the Orphea insecticide sprayed on it on a busy Milan street … JULY 2013 HOUSEHOLD
  8. 8. provides easy and unfettered access to a vast library of nearly 140,000 pieces of creative work spanning all media types. Each month, approximately 1,000 of the latest and greatest ads from around the globe are added, many directly from award show organizers who partner with AdForum or from agencies themselves. JULY 2013 AdForum Creative library makes it a breeze to analyze creative trends from around the world, get inspired, view the competition, and facilitate numerous strategic and creative discussions throughout the year. It provides agency teams (creative, account, media) with the most convenient way to stay on top of the latest, save their favorite ads in personal and customizable online folders, and even have the option of downloading some ads in high-quality format for presentations. ABOUT US SEE MORE
  9. 9. COME BACK IN A MONTH TO VIEW OUR NEXT SELECTION (To see last month’s selection, click HERE) JULY 2013