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Step By Step Details On Addate Solution And How It Can Bring Extra Income


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If you own a web site, you own it your self to generate advertising revenue from it. You can do this easily and more importantly by ensuring that you get only non-competing and relevant ads to your web site visitors that does not in any way affect the reason why they come to your website in the first place. In addition you can multiple websites from the others in your industry supply chain to form your own vertical advertising network - or help you join another network. In either case you get extra income for selling ads to your own site or to the network of sites. You will receive monthly check - while leaving all the headache of selling and servicing the clients to AdDate. You have nothing to lose and every thing to gain - Do not let Google collect the money. You claim your share simply by acting today and using www.AdDate.Com/SetupAdsByAdDate now!!!

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Step By Step Details On Addate Solution And How It Can Bring Extra Income

  1. 1. GENERATE HIGHER AD REVENUE FOR YOUR WEB SITE WITH NO EXTRA WORK by Narayan Swamy [email_address] 404-663-8183
  2. 2. Every web site will have visitors <ul><li>Advertisers pay premium price to web site visitor groups that have matching interests </li></ul><ul><li>Sell ads direct or add your website to other ad networks of similar lifestyle & interests </li></ul><ul><li>Get higher share of ad revenue – at no cost </li></ul>It is easy to do this and there is nothing to lose
  3. 3. Advertisers Click Here to Buy Ads Ear mark advertising areas on web pages Say this is your website Start with your web site
  4. 4. Create or Join an Ad Network – Go to www.AdDate.Com/SetupAdsByAdDate Select different Ad Formats Generate Code Your Web Admin can add this code in couple of minutes. Ads sold by AdDate starts appearing on your web site instantly =>$$
  5. 5. Advertisers see layout of your site with cost & benefits of advertising What advertisers do? Step 1: They click on ‘Advertise Here’ link on your web page Also see other networks you belong to and select one that fits their need Select Text or Graphic Ads They select duration and payment in next step
  6. 6. Advertisers set ad duration Select Budget Pay by Credit Card Payment We screen for content and release the ad What advertisers do? Step 2: S elect ad duration, ad budget per day and pay by credit card
  7. 7. Welcome Your Media and Your Name Login to your account on www.AdDate.Com/AdSales and check your accrued earnings Names of the media you allow us to sell on your behalf Time Period How your media helped get web visits to advertisers? Your earnings does not depend on this <ul><li>Your earnings for the period = </li></ul><ul><li>10% sales commission on any ad sold direct from your site + </li></ul><ul><li>65% times all ads served on your sites/total ad network page views, off the amt sold direct & other ad networks </li></ul>Receive payments based on web site exposure – every month Commission on all ads sold + % of exposure provided from all website ad inventory aggregated for your a/c
  8. 8. ADD MORE WEB SITES AND EARN MORE Enroll associate’s web sites to use “Ads by AdDate” . ( If you own a business you can enroll your customer or partner sites). You can start a network or AdDate will group web sites into unique ad networks appropriate for different life style and interests. Say, you are a primary care physician and join the local medical alliance ad network. We target and sell to relevant advertisers in related services that will pay top $s to reach your network website visitors. We take care of selling, servicing, collecting payments & distributing your portion of the revenue at the end of the month. We can help set it up in minutes . You can designate your self, your association or a non-profit group to receive all or part of this extra earnings. Learn from Google – get your ad revenue, before others grab it!