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Export market of Kyrgyzstan


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Export market of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan business climate brief. Our employment, payroll outsourcing and expat immigration solutions in Kyrgyzstan are many.

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Export market of Kyrgyzstan

  1. 1. Kyrgyzstan Country business climate briefCountry business climate brief Location: Central Asia, west of China, south of Kazakhstan Capital: Bishkek Population: 5 895 100 (2015 est.) Introduction Labor code spotlight Labor force: 2.615 million (2014 est.) Currency Minimum wage Employer's taxes Annual paid vacation VAT Currency Minimum wage Employer's taxes Annual paid vacation VAT Umbrella services and payroll in Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstani som (KGS) - 970 KGS (app. USD 15) - 17.25% - 28 calendar days - 12% Market entry opportunities gold, cotton, wool, garments, meat, tobacco; mercury, uranium, electricity; machinery; shoes $2.009 billion Exports (2014 est.) Exports commodities: Exports -partners Imports oil and gas, machinery and equipment, chemicals, foodstuffs $5.537 billion Imports (2014 est.) Imports commodities: Imports -partners Market entry opportunities Appoint a local representative, distributor/agent Set up branch office Acumen International Company provides the functions of an international employer in the former Soviet Union, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe plus Central Asia. We are officially registered as a professional employer (PEO) and payroll provider and have established partnerships in the countries we cover, so we can facilitate your new and emerging market entry helping you make the most of foreign markets. If you are interested in getting more details about how to enter new and emerging markets instantly, compliantly and with no employment risks, contact Acumen International. Source: Central Intelligence Agency, Startup Overseas, Wikipedia, GlobalTrade Contact usContact us