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Building Landing Pages that Sell, by Chris Hawley


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Acumatica Partner Summit 2015 Marketing Breakout Session.

Published in: Business
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Building Landing Pages that Sell, by Chris Hawley

  1. 1. Safe Landings Designing landing pages for lead generation. Better Faster Stronger Version 5.0
  2. 2. Overview
  3. 3. Components of Landing Pages  Definition  A web page to which you direct users; contains offers and tools for data collection  Purpose  Generate leads  Generate sales  Collect data
  4. 4. Components of Landing Pages  Headline  First place users’ eyes fall—should summarize offer  Copy  The body text fully explaining and incentivizing your offer  Media  Images or video clips that grab attention and augment the copy
  5. 5.  Form  What visitors submit to claim your offer  Information collected here turns visitors into leads  Call to action (CTA)  Link that lets visitors claim their offer Components of Landing Pages
  6. 6. Components of Landing Pages  Layout  Simple and clear  Emphasize major points early on with bullets or bolding  Navigation  Should be sparse to encourage visitors to stay on page and complete form  Meta information  Succinctly summarize your page for search engines  Select comprehensible URLs; dashes > underscores
  7. 7. Building Landing Pages
  8. 8. Construction Tools • Hubspot • Template builder • Suggestions for SEO optimization • Collects tracking data • Internal coding and design • More labor but more options for personalization • Remember to allow search engines to crawl pages
  9. 9. Integrating Landing Pages  Maintain site consistency  Landing pages should clearly reflect brand  Explain comparative value  Make sure visitors can immediately identify offer through context and copy  Blink test—can visitors understand in < 5 seconds?  Identify conversion path  Steps visitors take to travel from one point of the buying process to the next  Conversion occurs when visitors submit their information via form  Fulfill promises  Deliver what you’ve offered in a timely fashion  Show appreciation  Redirect to thank-you pages after form submission
  10. 10. Measuring Success  Select analytic tools  Hubspot, Google Analytics, Moz, SimplyMeasured, Meltwater, etc.  Monitor relevant values  Traffic, conversion rates, others you identify  Check performance at least weekly  Adjust pages accordingly  Implement successful strategies elsewhere
  11. 11. Application
  12. 12. Landing Page Examples
  13. 13. Landing Page Examples
  14. 14. Summary  Landing pages should be crisp, informative platforms for offering value to customers in exchange for information  Simple and intuitive design is best—keep audience focused on the offer and the form  Remember to keep things human!  Regardless of technical guidelines, craft your content with real people in mind
  15. 15. Thanks for listening—see you in the cloud!