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ARM Financial Reporting Enhancements in Acumatica 5.0, by Gabrial Michaud


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Breakout Session from Acumatica Partner Summit 2015.

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ARM Financial Reporting Enhancements in Acumatica 5.0, by Gabrial Michaud

  1. 1. ARM Financial Reporting Enhancements in Acumatica 5.0 Gabriel Michaud Better Faster Stronger Version 5.0
  2. 2. Goals of this Session 1. Tell you more about the ARM enhancements in 5.0 2. Show you examples of how these enhancements can be used 3. Give you a glimpse at 5.1, and other upcoming ARM enhancements
  3. 3. What is ARM?
  4. 4. What is ARM?
  5. 5. What is ARM? “The Analytical Report Manager is a web-based report access and management tool for creating and modifying analytical reports. Report designers can use this tool to design and run custom analytical reports using advanced data selection criteria, data calculation rules, and customizable report layout design features”
  6. 6. ARM Report Sample Unit Set Column Row Column Column …
  7. 7. 5.0 Enhancements
  8. 8. Performance Improvements • Completely refactored design, which now takes advantage of multiple cores available on modern servers • Uses less memory 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 P&L (560 rows, 24 columns, 10 000 accounts, 3500 subaccounts, 250K GLHistory entries) 4.2 5.0
  9. 9. Merging of Data Sources • At run-time, system combines data source from unit set, column set, row set and report parameters • Prior to 5.0, Acumatica didn’t support overlapping ranges of accounts/subaccounts • In the example below, system is now able to intersect the accounts of the row set and the column set, and only include the right accounts in the calculation Columns Devices Accessories Rows ???010 ???020 iPhone 410??? $10 000 $2 000 Android 420??? $5 000 $1 000 All phones 410???- 420??? $15 000 $3 000 Columns Devices Accessories Rows ???010 ???020 iPhone 410??? $10 000 $2 000 Android 420??? $5 000 $1 000 All phones 410???-420??? $17 000 $8 000 < 5.0 5.0
  10. 10. Account Ranges • ARM allows you to include multiple accounts or subaccounts in a single cell by specifying a start and end account. • But what if you want to combine non-consecutive ranges in a single cell? (ex: 401000 to 401500, and 401900, and 402000 to 499999) • Prior to Acumatica 5.0, you had to create to hidden rows, and add them • Major drawback: you loose drill-down
  11. 11. Account Ranges in 5.0 • Start Account, Start Sub and Start Branch now allows you to specify a list of accounts, a range of accounts, or a combination of both • Syntax is similar to Microsoft Excel ranges: 400000:420000 • You can combine multiple ranges or accounts, separate them with coma: 400000:420000,425000,426000:426099 • Wildcards are also supported in ranges: 4260??
  12. 12. Handling of NaN/Infinity Values• Scenario: Variance & in Comparative Balance Sheet • What if the first column is 0? Division by zero error! • Before: =IIf( ISNULL(B,0)<>0 ,D/B, 0) • Now: =D/B – much more simple!
  13. 13. Relative Calculations • Scenario: in P&L, indicate percentage of account relative to total sales • Formula: =B/Value(@BaseRowCode, 'B') • @BaseRowCode refers to the row code specified in the row set • Value(row, column) functions retrieves the value of a cell at a given position.
  14. 14. Sorting • Scenario: in Balance Sheet, assets should be sorted from highest value to lowest value • New type of row: “Sort” • Value has to contain sort expression: =SORT(fromrow, torow, column) • Descending sort using =SORTD function. Example: =SORTD('00110','00140', 'B')
  15. 15. Unit Set Auto-Expansion • Scenario: you have 50 branches, and 10 different departments and need to dynamically filter data based on the selected branch and department • Configuring and maintaining all the combinations in unit sets is a time-consuming process
  16. 16. Unit Set Auto-Expansion • Configured in the Data Source panel by configuring the “Expand” property • GL reports: expansion possible by account and subaccount • PM reports: expansion possible by account group, project, project task and inventory • Non-expanding wildcard char = asterisk. Ex: EU- ??-**-**-***, the system will generate 6 units in the tree view, with the following subacount data source: EU-00-??-??-???, EU-AD-??-??-???, EU- FN-??-???, EU-MR-??-??-???, EU-PU-??-??-??? and EU-SL-??-??-???.
  17. 17. Project Management Reports • Completely Reviewed in 5.0; numerous design issues identified • All the new features presented so far also apply to Project Management reports • If you need to create PM reports, please migrate to 5.0 immediately
  18. 18. Looking Ahead – upcoming 5.1 enhancements
  19. 19. Rounding • Scenario: you need to present your financials in whole dollars, thousands, or millions of dollars • Was previously accomplished using column format: #,##0 or formulas – but it’s a bad solution • Doesn’t play nice with Hide Zero / Suppress Empty settings and • Breaks hyperlinking • Doesn’t handle rounding differences
  20. 20. Rounding • In Acumatica 5.1, we will be adding a new Rounding setting configurable in the Column Set: • For Balance Sheet, it will be possible to calculate rounding differences and use that in a formula to ensure Assets = Liabilities
  21. 21. Lazy Loading • Problem: when previewing a report containing unit sets, system has to process every unit before the report can be viewed • Solution: load units on demand, as they are requested by the user • In benchmarks, a very complex ARM report that used to take 40 minutes to rend now opens in less than 40 seconds
  22. 22. Other Enhancements • Format Property on Row • Denominated Accounts • Visibility Conditions for Columns and Rows
  23. 23. Wrap-Up To learn more on this and other 5.0 changes, check-out the technical release notes available on the portal What else would you like to see in ARM? Questions?
  24. 24. THANK YOU Gabriel Michaud m Skype: gabrielmichaud @gabrielmichaud