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Specialization for the Win, by Ajoy Krishnamoorthy and Christian Lindberg


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Cloud xRP Platform Division head Ajoy Krishnamoorthy and VP of Partner Solutions Christian Lindberg discuss how talking about specialization leads to winning marketing strategy in the Marketing breakout track at the Acumatica Partner Summit 2015 in Long Beach, CA

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Specialization for the Win, by Ajoy Krishnamoorthy and Christian Lindberg

  1. 1. Specialization for the Win Christian Lindberg Ajoy Krishnamoorthy Better Faster Stronger Version 5.0
  2. 2. Information Overload Buying Behaviors Crowded Marketplace
  3. 3. What’s your differentiation?
  4. 4. Product Domain Services Price?
  5. 5. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself - Peter Drucker
  6. 6. • Lead with your differentiation • Tell your story • Know when there is not a fit • Not a commodity • Customize the pitch • Address different buyer types at different stages of the buying journey • What’s in it for the customer?
  7. 7. Some tips… 1. SEM this, SEO that….but DYKC? (Do You Know the Customer) 2. Digital marketing is more than a pretty web site (but having one is a solid start) 3. Keep your friends close, enemies….? (know your competition, their weakness and their STRENGHTS) 4. Do more of what’s working and less of what’s not (First step is finding what is working and what’s not) • Be data driven (with context). 5. Stand on the shoulders of… ecosystem (Don’t go
  8. 8. Tales from the trenches
  9. 9. Patricia Bennett CEO PC Bennett Dennis Stroud CEO Spitfire Management Mark Damm CEO FuseForward
  10. 10. Resources - Marketing and Sales toolkit (Available on partner portal) - Digital Hub Package - Acumatica marketing university - Campaign in a box (Vertical focused)