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Overcoming Objections by Ali Jani


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Acumatica Partner Summit 2015 Breakout Session

Published in: Business
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Overcoming Objections by Ali Jani

  1. 1. Overcoming ObjectionsAli Jani VP Product Management and Services Better Faster Stronger Version 5.0
  2. 2. Key Topics Part 1 Today • Objections – Always Prepared • Product Objections • Technology Objections • Saas Related Objections Part 2 – Included for later reference • Services and Support Objections • Pricing and Negotiation • Acumatica Brand • License Agreement/Contract Objections
  3. 3. Objections Always Prepared
  4. 4. Objections – Always Prepared “Anticipate” • to think of something that will or might happen in the future • to expect or look ahead to something with pleasure : to look forward to something • to do something before someone else
  5. 5. Always Prepared • Except the unexpected - With sales, what can go wrong, usually will. • Competition does not rest • The decision maker isn't really the decision maker • Important stake holder on Vacation • People don’t live forever • Avoid installing last minute updates prior to your demo / Have a replicated backup demo environments / Etc.. • All questions are fair game – compartmentalize and completeness - put issues to bed the first time • Choices without rational or guidance = more objections • What are your top 3 “winners” for your specific prospect in each then objection categories? • What does your client think you top expertise are? • Sometimes the same words are heard differently when the perception is they are hearing from the experts mouth • Introduce subject matter experts early in the sales cycle • Always know Why Me?
  6. 6. Product Features Objections
  7. 7. Product Features Objections • Do you really understand the client pains and needs • Should know possible short comings before they do • “Must Haves” vs “Like to Have” • Is it ok to say “No” ? • What are your top 3 “winners” – Repeat often – Examples: Customizability/Personalization, document management, integrated CRM, real-time data, audit trails, attributes, generic inquiries, navigation and usability, role based controls, exchange integration, mobile ready, built in carrier integration, tight ecommerce integration, multi warehouse replenishment, manufacturing integration, etc.. • Domain knowledge and Lingo • Past customer experiences with similar needs • Know the competition in relation with your prospects needs • Spend time on website for learning product details and videos • Search the web for challenges faced by users
  8. 8. Common Product Objections • Marketing Automation • Sales force integration • Gmail and Outlook integration • Sub-item restrictions • Dimensional Accounting / Tags for GL accounts • Use of existing Report Writers / DB Schema • Analytics • PCI and Credit Card Processing Choices • Ease of customization (add a field and validation) • Barcode Scanning / optimized fulfillment • Multi level Commissions / profit base commissions • Customer Loyalty Management (Rewards/gift cards) • Social Integration
  9. 9. Technology Objections
  10. 10. Common Technology Objections• What resource level do I need? • How will I know when I need to upgrade my resource level? • External Report Writer / DB Schema & Dictionary? • REST based APIs ? • ODBC access? • How will my customization migrate? • Can I integrate it to my PHP site? • Is source code available? • Why doesn't Acumatica use MVC? • Is it HTML5? • How quickly can my staff learn the Technology? • Languages available? • Localization? Winners: • Acumatica is a platform company and ERP company • Install Whole environment on Dev Computers • Extensible with minimal risks in version management • Choice of DB • Rapid Application Development • As simple as you need, as complex as you can handle
  11. 11. Saas Related Objections
  12. 12. Common Saas Objections • Compliance (SOC , SAE, PCI, etc..) • True Multi-tenancy? (NetSuite engaged prospects – sometimes Intacct) • Upgrade predictability – Is everyone on same release? How many versions of the software is supported? • Version lock - How will I know I will not be stuck on an older version? • Vendor managed updates - Is there a fee for services to upgrade? • Stronger communities - How many users on same version as me? • Trusted - Who is hosting and managing?
  13. 13. Saas Winners • Top 3 winners to repeat often (Saas Bill of Rights) • Data ownership and access • Free SaaS Sandbox with every major upgrade (Permanent local) • No cost Web Services / APIs (including server side scripts) • Worthy followers • Killer cloud performance + Geo optimized • No “Named Users” - Add or change employees anytime at no cost • Easy contract changes (downgrades or upgrades) • Free non-production version for internal use • Automatic Disaster Recovery (multi-zone) • With some caution: – Deployment changes if needs arise – More options over upgrade timing • Personalized Domain
  14. 14. NetSuite Saas Killers Lead your prospect to ask NetSuite: • What options am I not buying? Examples: Advanced Inventory, Contract Renewals Module, Demand planning, Recurring Billing, Revenue Recognition, Incentive Planning, Financial Planning, One World • Can you lock the discounts for when my contract is renewed? • Can you give a quote that is fixed for 20 additional users? • Can I get a price for upgrade from LE to MME quoted now and agreed on incase we grow or need the functionality. • I’ve heard from time to time you ask clients who need better performance or with extensive web services integrations to subscribe to different tier of services. How will I be sure you will be able to handle my volume with good performance without asking me later I need upgrade? • What is Suite Cloud plus? • 10 threads, single user, and 5 scheduled scripts limit on shared servers • To have multiple users, more threads, or reliability, premiums apply – lev 1 – 40K a year (same limits but simply more reliable performance) – Lev 2 – 75K - 20 threads / 2 accounts / 10 scripts – Lev 3 – 100K – 30 threads / 3 accounts / 15 scripts
  15. 15. Overcoming Objections Part 2 Ali Jani VP Product Management and Services Better Faster Stronger Version 5.0
  16. 16. Services and Support Objections
  17. 17. Common Services and Support Objections • Implementation Cost Justification • Fixed Priced Implementation • Cost of Services associated with future upgrades • Cost of Customizations • Maintenance on Customization • Visibility into implementation progress • Billing process for time spent • Acumatica Implementation Experience • Support Plans (Post implementation) • 24/7 Access to help • Issue tracking and visibility • Time spent on learning what to do or on bugs • Developer Support and Training • Customer Community • Access to Acumatica
  18. 18. Pricing and Negotiation
  19. 19. Common Pricing Objections • Price-lock into future years • Future Start Date of Maintenance / Saas Service • Why cant I tie payment terms to my go live date? • Can I just use the Eval version till I go live? • Monthly Payments / Split Payments • Services Payment Terms - Why is some upfront? • Why do I need to pay for support separately? • Satisfaction guarantee • References – People in my industry • Competition is more aggressive. I need a better discount.
  20. 20. Acumatica Brand Objections
  21. 21. Positioning Acumatica • Use of Company presentation • Management team accessibility • 3rd party validation – awards • 1000+ Customers • Long term viability • OEM business and long term contracts • Sister companies
  22. 22. Acumatica Brand Objections • Russian based company? • Relatively New company – Never heard of Acumatica • Financial Strength • Buyout target • Research Analyst Radars (Gartner Magic Quadrant) • Number of customer installations • Product Maturity • Company Scalability
  23. 23. License Agreement and Contracts
  24. 24. Common EULA Objections • Limitation of liability • Venue • SLA and related credits • Excessive downtime • Deletion of data upon termination • Sales and Services Agreements • What they get with Saas services • Add-on Saas Services • Direct Support and related SOW/MSA