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Day 2 Keynote Presentations from the Acumatica Partner Summit 2015


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Doug Johnson and Ali Jani present some great Acumatica implementations from the current year, including many solutions developed in partnership with ISVs.

Jon Roskill, Richard Duffy, and the Acumatica Leadership team present the final Summit thank you notes and Q&A.

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Day 2 Keynote Presentations from the Acumatica Partner Summit 2015

  1. 1. Solution Showcase Doug Johnson, Sales Engineer Ali Jani, VP of Product Management & Services Better Faster Stronger Version 5.0
  2. 2. Solution Showcase Overview Agenda: • ISV solutions backed-up by customer deployments Retail / Electronic Retail • Classical Conversations (Books, literature) • Colorado Components (auto-parts distributor) • Caswell (electro plating) Manufacturing • PowerPrime Pumps (industrial supplies, make to stock)
  3. 3. Classical Conversations Fusion POS: Portable Sales Terminals / Projects
  4. 4. Requirements and Benefits Requirements • Mobile POS terminals for event sales • Integration with EchoSign, carriers, Yahoo, and Drupal website • Event profitability Benefits • Real-time inventory tracking across 80 sites • Sales tax calculation based on event location • Scales to process 1,000s of orders per day • Improved fulfillment processes
  5. 5. Classical Conversations Workflow Other POS and inventory sites Sales Rep (on site) Customer (at event/ fair) Event (Project) Warehouse Sales order, payment details, and shipping information sent Costs and revenues for the event maintained as a project in Acumatica Non-carried books received via mail Shipment scanned via Fusion WMS 4 Payment collected, books taken or ordered Buy and order books 1 2 3 5
  6. 6. Ship the Order
  7. 7. Classical Conversations Chris Sanford CTO, Classical Connections “Acumatica and FUSION POS help us manage event sales, inventory, and event success factors in real-time across multiple cities.”
  8. 8. Colorado Components & Caswell Kensium: Ecommerce using Magento
  9. 9. Colorado Components Storefront
  10. 10. Requirements and Benefits Requirements • B2B and B2C in one site • Real-time inventory and shipping • Catalog quick order Benefits from Integration • Maintain inventory & pricing in one system • Automated order processing • Arm dealers with better information • Scaled customer-facing processes
  11. 11. CC Dealer Colorado Components Workflow Confirmation, charge amount, receipt, tracking Direct online order Online orders and inventory inquiries Pay via credit card Pay on account Email confirmation Order to warehouse 1 Customer a b Warehouse (Texas) 2
  12. 12. Requirements and Benefits Benefits from Integration • Process hundreds of orders without manual intervention • Maintain inventory/pricing in one place • Customers get order status and shipment tracking from Magento Requirements • Existing storefront with reward points • Rapid deployment • Grow without adding employees
  13. 13. Caswell Workflow
  14. 14. Caswell Plating Lance Caswell Owner, Caswell Plating “Acumatica and Cloud9 ERP implemented in 10 days so we could continue growing our business without adding people.”
  15. 15. PowerPrime Pumps Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order Manufacturing
  16. 16. Requirements and Benefits Requirements • Integrated CRM, accounting, and manufacturing • Make-to-stock and make-to-order • Document management for specsBenefits • Integrated CRM, accounting, manufacturing via web • MRP sources hundreds of parts with long lead times • Quotes for custom items integrated with manufacturing
  17. 17. Municipality PowerPrime Flow Sales Quote Quote in CRM Quote approved, SO created (specs attached) BOM created, parts sourced Pump built Pump shipped and invoiced 1 PowerPrime Sales Rep 2 6 5 4 3
  18. 18. PowerPrime Production Stagin g Productio n Test Finishing Quality • Production Order Maintenance • To Inventory • Material Planning • Critical Materials
  19. 19. PowerPrime Pumps Joel Molina PowerPrime Pumps “Working with Acumatica and JAAS allows us to manage our sales and production processes from a single integrated system.”
  20. 20. Innovation will continue … Retail Ecommerce Manufacturing
  21. 21. Thank You, Windows 2003
  22. 22. Thank You, Sage
  23. 23. Thank You, Government
  24. 24. Thank You, Google For giving us such good placement on your website
  25. 25. Thank You, Seahawks
  26. 26. Thank You, Mitt, Who Founded Bain, Who Bought…
  27. 27. Thank You, NetSuite
  28. 28. Thank You, Sponsors
  29. 29. Thank You, Partners
  30. 30. We’re In It Together The Perfect Partner…
  31. 31. The Perfect Partner Executes Together Differentiates Leverages Partner Program Challenges UsTakes Share Pursues Excellence Leads with Acumatica
  32. 32. What Makes Acumatica Your Perfect Partner Reason #1 Right Product Reason #2 Right Ecosystem Reason #3 Right Programs Let’s Unlock Business Potential Together
  33. 33. Join Us On The Road
  34. 34. Q&A
  35. 35. And Orlando In Feb 2016
  36. 36. •Know your rooms • Tech Admin S4 • Int Financials S1 • Distribution S7 • Developer S3 • Ecommerce Integration S5 •See you next year! Staying For Training?
  37. 37. Thank You