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Tobii T60 Xl Eye Tracker Product Leaflet Sr


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A brochure showing the Tobii T60XL eye tracker in use in the research sector

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Tobii T60 Xl Eye Tracker Product Leaflet Sr

  1. 1. Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker The world’s first widescreen Eye Tracker for large stimulus display 24” Full HD Available Q2 - 2009
  2. 2. Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker Tobii T60 XL Study the big picture – and the small details Eye Tracker – with high precision. The Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker allows you to easily, accurately and unobtrusively measure gaze over wide-screen stimuli. It is easy to transport and set up onsite. 24” Large stimuli displays High-quality tracking Tobii_T60 XL_Leaflet_12-03-2009_US HD The Tobii T60 XL is integrated into a high- High accuracy and excellent head-move- Full resolution 24” TFT wide screen monitor. ment compensation provide you with New technical advancements offer high- high-quality data throughout your entire quality tracking over wide-screen gaze population. Tobii Eye Trackers track basically angles. High screen resolution and the everyone, regardless of ethnic origin, age, possibility to position respondents close to glasses or contact lenses. Drift compensa- the screen, allow for studying small details. tion guarantees high tolerance to varying light conditions. The Tobii T60 XL provides automatic measurement of participants’ gaze positions Available software and accessories to within 17 milliseconds (60 Hz), obtaining Tobii Studio™ Analysis Software collects eye an extremely accurate measure of their gaze and other data in real time and provides reaction to the images displayed. High- comprehensive analysis tools. Alternatively quality speakers and built-in web camera you can use any other eye tracking enabled enable playback of sound stimuli and analysis application. Please see our separate recording of facial expressions. The height- product leaflet for more information on Tobii Optimal for market research, usability adjustable desk stand facilitates research Studio™. testing & scientific research even with different lengths of participants. The Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker is the only wide Tobii Software Development Kit (SDK) allows screen Eye Tracker available. For the first time you to easily create your own applications. Plug-and-play commercial and scientific researchers can Please request our separate product descrip- Eye trackers from Tobii enable long-lasting conduct wide screen eye tracking using large tion for more information on the Tobii SDK. calibrations in seconds. Tracking is fully stimuli that actually become readable. automatic and commences with issuing a Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker is shipped with a Easily test in-magazine ads, shopping simple command. Advanced technology sturdy case on wheels for comfortable and shelves, packaging, interactive TV, games, and software substitute for technical safe transportation. control panels or other large stimuli. expertise. Large studies can be conducted Technical specification Tobii T60 XL Automatically measure preferential looking cost effectively. Accuracy 0.5 degrees (typ.) in developmental and linguistic research. Data rate 60 Hz Or use eye tracking in peripheral vision Unobtrusive research. Regardless of the project, you can Tobii T60 XL is truly remote and unobtrusive. Freedom of head movement 40x20x27 cm 16x 8x11’’ analyze collected data immediately. The Tobii Great freedom for head movement allows Binocular tracking Yes T60 XL provides high-accuracy data over any respondents to behave naturally, as in front of Bright/dark pupil tracking Both - automatic optimization wide-screen stimulus and allows for efficient any other computer screen - and permits you Display size 24” TFT quantitative data analysis and export. to track eye movements simultaneously with Display resolution 1080p (1920x1200) Complete unobtrusiveness minimizes complementary test procedures. experimental effects. T/X firmware Embedded Weight ~13 kg (29 lbs) The T60 XL is easy to set up and also ideal for User camera Built in onsite data collection. Speakers Built in Height Adjustable © Tobii®. Illustrations and specifications do not necessarily apply to products and services offered in each local market. Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. EMEA NOrTH AMErIcA ASIA cENTrAL EUrOPE Tobii Technology AB Tobii Technology, Inc. Tobii Technology, Ltd. Tobii Technology GmbH Karlsrovägen 2D 510 N. Washington Street 3-4-13 Takanawa, Minato-ku Niedenau 45 S-182 53 Danderyd Suite 200 - Falls Church, VA Tokyo 108-0074 D-60325 Frankfurt am Main Sweden 22046 - USA Japan Germany +46 8 663 69 90 Phone +1-703-738-1300 Phone +81-3-5793-3316 Phone +49 69 24 75 03 40 Phone +46 8 30 14 00 Fax +1-888-898-6244 Phone +1-703-738-1313 Fax +81-3-5793-3317 Fax +49 69 24 75 03 429 Fax