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Tobii Eye Tracking

Tobii Eye Tracking:
Research with Vision

Cognitive Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Tobii Eye Tracking

Eye tracking for      Eye tracking provides unique insights into visual
excellence.           perce...
Research with Vision

Understand visual              Eye tracking is used to answer an endless
perception and          ...
Tobii Eye Tracking
   Tobii Eye Tracking

                             Experimental psychology                     Thro...
Research with Vision

Media psychology & industrial design
In media research eye tracking provides access to
visual att...
Tobii Eye Tracking

                     Neuropsychology &                           In medical diagnostics, use eye tr...
07                                              Research with Vision

Fellow peers and       Tobii Eye Trackers are use...
Tobii Eye Tracking                                   Tobii T60 & T120 Eye Tracker                               Tobii X120...
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Tobii Scientific Research Brochure


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A brochure showing the Tobii eye tracker range in use in the research sector

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Tobii Scientific Research Brochure

  1. 1. Tobii Eye Tracking Tobii Eye Tracking: Research with Vision Cognitive Psychology Developmental Psychology Experimental Psychology Human Computer Interaction Media Psychology & Industrial Design Neuropsychology Mental Health Disorders Ophthalmology
  2. 2. Tobii Eye Tracking Eye tracking for Eye tracking provides unique insights into visual excellence. perception and human behavior. Tobii hard- ware and software have quickly become the leading state of the art system, providing unsurpassed testing efficiency and tracking quality. The Tobii Eye Trackers offer a unique eye color or ethnicity, and high tolerance platform and opportunity to work with to glasses and contact lenses guaran- Tobii StudioTM – the most comprehensive tees performance. gaze analysis and visualization software – Advanced drift compensation guaran- on the market. Become part of the large tees high tolerance to varying light community of researchers already using conditions. Tobii products and share your experiences and findings with other researchers Flexible analysis tools through Tobii’s online forum. Rely on easy – Flexible stimuli generation, including set-up, professional support and training slideshows, moving stimuli, external services, and focus on what is most video capture, scene camera, web important to you: your research. pages and more. – Various data export and filtering Fully automatic eye tracking options enable data abstraction and – Ease of operation makes it possible to filtering without removing flexibility or set up and execute tests without eye access to raw data (Matlab/SPSS tracking experience. compatible). – Automatic and robust eye tracking – Powerful visualization and statistics significantly saves time when conduct- tools allow for high-level qualitative and ing studies. quantitative analysis. – Quick and long lasting calibration – Built-in integration to other software makes each test easy to set up and run. packages (such as E-Prime) provides additional stimulus generation and Completely unobtrusive analysis capabilities. – Great tolerance of head movements Dedicated infant features removes all need for chin-rests and – Customized calibration routines for other restraints. babies and other subjects with limited – Truly remote eye tracking integrated attention. into normal computer screens with – Large tolerance to head motion built-in user camera. enables eye tracking of subjects who – Completely natural environment for cannot be still. subjects minimizes experimental effects. – Easy set up of bold, attention-grabbing – Long studies can be performed without stimuli containing video and audio. fatigue for the subject or reduced quality of data. State-of-the-science tracking quality – High tracking accuracy and excellent head-movement compensation pro- vides reliable data with high confidence. – Automatic optimization of bright and dark pupil tracking, regardless subject’s
  3. 3. Research with Vision Understand visual Eye tracking is used to answer an endless perception and array of research questions in fields such human behavior. as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, experimental psychology, neuro- psychology & mental health disorders, ophthalmology, media psychology, and Human Computer Interaction. Cognitive psychology provide insight into the relationship Cognitive scientists use Tobii Eye between attention and performance in Trackers to answer fine-grained questions situations where strong skills or decision relating to the perception of visual stimuli. making abilities are critical, i.e. driving. Eye-movement data are correlated to information processing and problem- Developmental psychology solving capabilities, in evaluations of Developmental researchers use eye reading, Human Computer Interaction tracking to explain growth and transfor- (HCI), and more. mation in cognitive, social and emotional abilities, spanning the period from infancy – Study the interplay between visual through young adulthood. perception and reading-and-tracking- task performance. – Understand developmental progression At the infant lab at Uppsala – Identify the cause of poor reading skills, in children’s allocation of attention. University eye tracking i.e. relations between the control of eye – Measure visual perception related to studies have identified movements and reading comprehension. understanding and recall. differences in social interactions in normal – Study the cognitive process of respon- – Measure infants’ ability to recognize children and children with dents selectively concentrating on one motion signals when predicting autism. aspect of the environment while reappearance of moving objects. ignoring other matter and stimuli. – Investigate relationships between – Examine human factors in Human control of eye movements and reading Machine Interaction (HMI) and Human comprehension. Computer Interaction (HCI). Eye-movement data help psycholinguists develop efficient learning programs for dyslexic children. Eye movements also
  4. 4. Tobii Eye Tracking Tobii Eye Tracking Experimental psychology Through the inclusion of eye tracking in Eye tracking is an established technique these experiments, researchers can: in laboratory experiments where human – Get insight into how selections are perception and performance are tested made between task-relevant and not- in attention, learning, and memory tasks: relevant information. – Scene-analysis and visual-perception – Determine if selections are made experiments based on spatial representation or Eye tracking experiments – Reaction-time experiments using eye- perceptual objects. show differences in visual movement responses – Understand visual-attention mecha- interest and scan paths of drivers and pedestrians. – Experiments on the relation of learning nisms underlying lateral masking or and performing by exploration crowding effects (Flanker test). – Experiments on how visual information – Reveal social characteristics and is perceived, stored and recalled in cultural processes (organizational memory behavior and business communication). – Face-to-face communication – Create gaze contingent paradigms experiments with area of interest hit-tests and allow dynamic user interaction. Eye tracking experiments have found differences in visual-spatial working memory in healthy and damaged brains.
  5. 5. Research with Vision Media psychology & industrial design In media research eye tracking provides access to visual attention, cognitive processes and behavior of receivers of mediated communication. HCI & usability research Eye tracking is a well established technique for conducting research that embraces cognitive, pedagogical and social aspects of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Media psychology & industrial design HCI and usability research – Measure true psychological impact of – Evaluate usability of websites, software, different media formats and messages. interactive TV and mobile devices . – Understand human perception of print – Understand human perception of virtual ads, TV commercials, shopping shelves, environments and computer games. outdoor ads, web pages and direct – Study cognitive activities in computer- mailings. supported learning environments. – Find out how visual elements get and – Get valuable insights into human- keep the highest attention (or no digital map interaction. attention). Usability researchers are pairing think- – Determine the impact of placement and aloud, observations and interviews with ability to cut through cluttered scenes. eye tracking to add detailed, quantitative In industrial design and industrial ergo- data. Eye movements provide a better nomics, eye movements provide understanding compared to traditional important data for improving aesthetics, measures (e.g. success rate, errors) or usability, engineering, production and subjective feedback (e.g. comments and marketability of physical products. ratings). – Optimize design of control panels, – Understand the decision making digital prototypes, physical products, process. packaging and labeling. – Find out what visual cues drive users effectively. – Understand what user interface A user that searched for customer service at this elements lead to confusion. web site needed almost 50 – Determine conclusively why users fail fixations to find it. in completing a specific task.
  6. 6. Tobii Eye Tracking Neuropsychology & In medical diagnostics, use eye tracking to mental health disorders examine visual-exploration strategies in Cognitive neuroscientists use Tobii Eye patients with brain damage and neurologi- Trackers in observations of physiological cal diseases. Investigating control processes and their correlation with mechanisms of eye movements can cognitive and emotional influences. provide early indicators for diseases such as autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s. – Study the visual processing that takes place in the brain to allow sight. Ophthalmology – Examine brain activity and eye move- In the field of ophthalmology, vision ments simultaneously while people specialists use eye tracking to study engage in cognitive tasks (Combination ocular-motor behavior and vision of eye tracking with EEG can tell what deficiencies. regions of the brain are activated in certain tasks or when faced with – Get information about saccadic emotionally loaded images). performance or tell how peripheral – Measure the conditions under which vision reacts to flashing objects and external visual-stimuli of moderate sudden movements. intensity capture spatial attention. – Diagnose conditions such as strabis- – Analyze object-by-object search mus (uncontrolled inward or outward mechanisms in studies of change eye-movement), amblyopia (lazy eye) blindness. and glaucoma.
  7. 7. 07 Research with Vision Fellow peers and Tobii Eye Trackers are used in hundreds of colleagues share their leading research labs worldwide. Below are a Tobii experiences. few enthusiastic responses from researchers using Tobii products. ”A consortium of researchers who study “At the Institute of Medical Psychology, and oculomotor anticipation and smooth cognitive and language development in Medical Faculty of the University of pursuit. The system is flexible and compat- human infants has been working closely Magdeburg we use a Tobii Eye Tracker to ible with many third-party applications, with the technical staff at Tobii; collectively study vision and eye movements in brain such as E-Prime, Director, and Matlab, we have purchased eight Tobii systems. damaged patients undergoing neurologi- which greatly expands its potential. The Our experience is that the system offers cal rehabilitation and vision restoration calibration routine is friendly to both the extraordinary ease of use with infants and but we also study normal subjects. One experimenter and the research participant, young children, especially for calibration important advantage with this system is especially infants.” and data analyses.” that it provides a natural testing environ- Scott P. Johnson Richard Aslin ment where subjects can move freely in Professor of Psychology Professor of Brain and Cognitive front of the eye tracker. With other eye University of California, Los Angeles Sciences, Director, Rochester trackers, holding the head fixed prohibits Center for Brain Imaging reliable, long-term recordings and is a “Clemson houses four Tobii Eye Trackers, University of Rochester too artificial situation. We can adapt the three installed in the eye tracking lab and program to our specific research one in my office. One aspect I appreciate “At the Tilburg Institute of Behavioral questions. Our experience with the Tobii is the Tobii’s ease of programmability – Economic Research (TIBER) of Tilburg system is very positive“. this is where it really shines for me. Tobii University we are using four Tobii Eye Bernhard A. Sabel, PhD designed the system in a very clever way, Trackers. We use the Eye Trackers to Professor of Medical Psychology following a client/server model. This examine moment-to-moment decision University of Magdeburg means that I pretty much have full control making, such as on websites, or in of the device from within the client product-by-attribute matrices. We study “We are very impressed with the tracking programs that I write for it. Calibration and attentional responses to print advertise- robustness, the high accuracy and the use of the tracker is by far much nicer ments and television commercials. We excellent linearity across the entire than with older equipment. chose Tobii Eye Trackers because of the screen of the Tobii Eye Tracker. Also, Andrew Duchowski breakthrough integration with LCD Tobii has been very responsive and Assoc Professor of Computer screens. This makes eye tracking very professional in supporting our needs.” Science Clemson University natural and unobtrusive and the eye Jan Ygge trackers easily transportable. We also Professor in Pediatric Opthamology “The Institute of Psychology, CAS has one chose Tobii because of the ease of Karolinska Institutet Tobii Eye tracker for the time being, which calibration. The software is user-friendly is used in the evaluation of websites, to the extent that essentially anyone can “We have used a Tobii system to record software usability tests and human be up-and-running in less than an hour. oculomotor behavior in infants, children, attention mechanisms research. The Tobii We were immediately convinced and and adults since 2003. We have found the Eye Tracker meets our requirements of have only become more enthusiastic”. Tobii useful for a wide range of questions the engineering psychology experiments Rik Pieters of perceptual and cognitive development, and is really easy to operate.” Professor of Marketing including the recording of gaze patterns Sun Xianghong Faculty of Economics and Business during free viewing, preferential looking Professor of Institute of Psychology Tilburg University and visual discrimination, visual search, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  8. 8. Tobii Eye Tracking Tobii T60 & T120 Eye Tracker Tobii X120 Eye Tracker Your complete Tobii Eye Trackers and Tobii Studio™ provide a stationary or mobile comprehensive system for effective capture eye tracking lab. and high-level analysis of eye gaze data, a PC screen, user video and much more. Tobii Eye Trackers Tobii Studio™ Analysis Software Tobii Eye Trackers are easy to use, fully Tobii Studio gathers eye gaze data in real automatic and track basically every time and provides flexible high-level research subject. High accuracy, analysis tools. Replay your eye-gaze advanced drift-compensation, large video, calculate eye-tracking metrics and tolerance OF head movements and visualize eye-gaze data through gaze optimization of bright and dark pupil- plots, heat maps, video clips and more. tracking provides you with a natural testing environment and high quality Tobii Studio includes a range of features data throughout the entire population. specifically designed to meet your research needs, such as infant calibration, Tobii T60 & T120 Eye Trackers are support for scene camera and external integrated into a 17” monitor, and are ideal video setups, trigger signals, demo- for all forms of eye tracking studies with graphical filtering, mixed and randomized stimuli that can be presented on a screen. stimulus, Matlab/SPSS compatible data and more. Gaze data are combined with Tobii X120 Eye Tracker is our most flexible recording of user video, sound, key- system, recommended for studies that strokes, mouse clicks, event logging and require particular stimuli set-ups, such as other data streams for a holistic view of a TV or other display, a projection screen, behavior. or a physical product. Please request our separate product Tobii Eye Trackers are the only systems brochures and descriptions for more that allow you to use E-Prime for design- information about Tobii T60, T120 & X120 ing and running gaze contingency Eye Trackers and Tobii Studio. paradigms. EMEA NOrTH AMErICA ASIA CENTrAl EUrOPE Tobii Technology AB Tobii Technology, Inc. Tobii Technology, Ltd. Tobii Technology GmbH Karlsrovägen 2D 510 N. Washington Street 3-4-13 Takanawa, Minato-ku Niedenau 45 S-182 53 Danderyd Suite 200 - Falls Church, VA Tokyo 108-0074 D-60325 Frankfurt am Main Sweden 22046 - USA Japan Germany +46 8 663 69 90 Phone +1-703-738-1300 Phone +81-3-5793-3316 Phone +49 69 24 75 03 40 Phone +46 8 30 14 00 Fax +1-888-898-6244 Phone +81-3-5793-3317 Fax +49 69 24 75 03 429 Fax +1-703-738-1313 Fax