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Attention tool featurelist_3.1

  1. 1. FEATURE LIST 3.1 Attention Tool® FEATURE LIST 3.1 Attention Tool® eye tracking software is built with 3 platform layers Page 4 Page 3 Page 2 © iMotions - Emotion Technology A/S . Denmark, India, USA . CONFIDENTIAL Redistribution is not permitted without written permission from iMotions. 1/4
  2. 2. FEATURE LIST 3.1 Attention Tool® Data Collection Platform focuses on ease-of-use of managing high volume testing assuring high data quality. STUDY MANAGEMENT The core element in the study management is ease-of-use. Straight forward interfaces utilizing many different test scenarios. Multiple eye tracking platform support Choose the eye tracking hardware platform of your preference. Attention Tool supports Tobii and SMI eye trackers. Evaluate still, video, and instruction/dummy stimuli Test on several stimuli types separately or combined in the same study. Still (.jpg), moving (.wmv), instructions / dummy (.jpg) stimuli. Full exposure control Control the test down to the smallest detail. Set customized position (Fix/ Random) and exposure time of all types of stimuli. Respondent exposure control (manual stimuli change) Allow the respondents to be in control of exposure time by clicking with the mouse or the spacebar to go forward. Full respondent control and advanced segmentation Isolate and analyze subsets of your respondent base with the fast and interactive segment builder and respondent management features. PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT The data collection platform is built for volume testing, all integrated in a state- of-the-art production system optimized for fast and efficient data collection. Study Sharing / Merging of Databases Browse your eye tracking network, share what you want to collect data for, and continuously add/merge the data collected to your own library. Test Plan Integration Customize your study setup fast and easy with as many variables as desired. Migration of studies or library between installations Enable large volume data collection across many sites in combination with Study Sharing. Setup study in one location and collect data in another one. QUALITY MANAGEMENT Assure that the operator gets the best data from the beginning without worrying about losing important findings because of poor data quality. EyeFinder and quantified calibration feedback Evaluate the calibration quality in real-time and guide the operator to take necessary actions to get the best calibration. Data quality assurance, feedback & outlier detection Get immediate statistical feedback on data quality via validity from the eye tracking platform. High Quality Data collection via a 4 step controlled process. Light and Emotion Base Calibration Get high data quality assurance to measure Emotional Activation. Data Protection Back up your entire data base and save important studies into files. You can share them with other people or store them safely to restore them again. Synchronize changes across collected data and segmentations © iMotions - Emotion Technology A/S . Denmark, India, USA . CONFIDENTIAL Redistribution is not permitted without written permission from iMotions. 2/4
  3. 3. FEATURE LIST 3.1 Attention Tool® Analysis Platform delivers ground breaking Reading Metrics & Emotion Metrics on top of "traditional" Eye Tracking Metrics. It provides unrivaled understanding of consumer response to visual stimuli from a pre-conscious emotional stage to conscious visual engagement. Still stimulus/image Video stimulus EYE TRACKING METRICS Specify how the respondent is visually decoding the stimuli. Spotlight Reveals attention areas created by the respondents’ aggregated viewing in diverse visualization outputs. Highlight (Areas Of Interest) Selects and labels any area of the stimulus/image to obtain metrics for that particular area. Heatmap and Dynamic Heatmap Visualizes the intensity of the gaze by colors with a high towards low intensity indicator. Gaze Replay + Fixation Plot Reveals the way the image is viewed by each of the respondents in real time. Replay as necessary. Bee Swarm, Dynamic Spotlight and Rubber Bands Dynamic visualization of the respondents’ gaze for the duration of the stimuli exposure. Rubber bands surround customizable levels of gaze. READING METRICS Evaluates reading patterns on text. Reading Meter™ Detects reading patterns in the text block. It measures the Number of Readers & the % of Text Read. Reading Intensity Maps Measures the intensity of the reading and visualizes the reading areas with a high low reading intensity scale indicator. EMOTION METRICS Measures the intensity of the sub-conscious emotional impact the stimulus/image produces in the respondent. Emotional Activation (Arousal) Intensity level (1-10) of the emotional impact produced by the image. It measures Average level and 95% Confidence interval. Emotional Comparison Matrix Pairwise comparison of Emotional Activation (Arousal) across stimuli. Webcam support Monitor the face of the respondent during data collection, analysis as well as in the reporting to know how respondents engage with the stimuli. © iMotions - Emotion Technology A/S . Denmark, India, USA . CONFIDENTIAL Redistribution is not permitted without written permission from iMotions. 3/4
  4. 4. FEATURE LIST 3.1 STATISTICS Easy accessible numerical and text output for fast statistical analysis of all metrics. Segmentation Statistics Real-time segmentation statistics including age distribution, data quality, respondent count, and segmentation criteria. Result Statistics • Attention Areas (AA): Areas with respondents’ aggregated viewing • Sequence of Attention: Order of the viewing of AA • Hit Time: Average time the respondent takes to get to the AA • Time Spend: Average time spend in an AA out of the total time • Ratio: Number of respondents who had glance at the AA • Revisitors: Number of respondents who revisited an AA • Revisits: Number of times the respondent revisited the AA • Residual: Time the respondents spent outside the AA Result Statistics Fixations: Semi transparent circles – sized relative to the duration of the fixation and centered in the middle of the gaze points. Respondent name and time in the gaze sequence when snapshot was taken. When exported as movie it will show the actual time. Drop out time / Respondent Exposure Control Shows how much time the respondents spent looking at the stimulus while using the manual stimulus change. Time to first fixation Export individual results as image or movie files to create full CUSTOM REPORTING customizable reports from any analysis Export a snapshot image of the current gaze view Export the entire animated gaze pattern in a movie file Export your reports to Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, PDF Benchmark your communication All metrics are normalized to make all reports and results comparable and usable for ongoing benchmarking. © iMotions - Emotion Technology A/S . Denmark, India, USA . CONFIDENTIAL Redistribution is not permitted without written permission from iMotions. 4/4