Acuity News Q3 2009


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Issue one of our newsletter with the latest news in the world of Tobii eye tracking and Acuity.

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Acuity News Q3 2009

  1. 1. NEW Tobii T60 XL The all new, purpose designed 24” widescreen full HD eyetracker designed for larger stimulii... NEW Tobii Studio 2.0 The new and improved features, giving you and greater ROI and deeper insight into your studies... NEW Tailored Training We have recently expanded our The quarterly newsletter from: training offering to cover specific UX and “web 2.0” related tasks... We are eyetracking specialists... In April 2008 we bought out the “hardware” side of and training to all our clients, throughout the UK talking about how they have used these tools in Bunnyfoot, the previous reseller for Tobii. We have and Ireland. We are active partners with Tobii, their research - both acaedmic researchers and spent the last 18 months organising the business heavily involved with product development and in commercial users. and growing it - we are now the largest Tobii their beta testing program. We have a long list of accessories and upgrades dealer in the world. The team at Acuity has a vast wealth of knowledge to your current system, if you are looking to try a Eye tracking is what we do - we partner with the about imaging, eyetracking and data analysis. You new technique or eyetrack an unusual setup feel best technology providers to bring you a platform will not find a better partner to deal with when free to call us and ask for advice. From eyetracking capable of delivering the data you need. We enable implementing eyetracking into your research. mobile phones to monkeys we can help. you to use this valuable information through clear, Over the course of the next twelve months we will We look forward to speaking to you soon. concise and current training. Finally we support you be hosting a series of half day events around the UK through installation, implementation and day to Scott Hodgins and Ireland which will allow you, your colleagues day problem solving. Managing Director and your peers to see the latest technology and We offer full sales, locally based technical support software. We will have a series of guest speakers Announcing the... T60 XL Optimal for market research, usability testing speakers and built-in web camera enable playback of & scientific research. sound stimuli and recording of facial expressions. The height adjustable desk stand facilitates easy, repeatable The Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker is the only HD ready research with different height participants. All wide screen Eye Tracker available. For the first time eyetrackers from Tobii enable long lasting calibrations commercial and scientific researchers can conduct in seconds. The Tobii plug-and-play approach is fully wide screen eye tracking using large stimuli that automatic and starts with a click. Large studies can be actually become readable. conducted rapidly and cost effectively. The Tobii T60 XL The Tobii T60 XL provides automatic measurement is truly remote and unobtrusive. High freedom for head of participants’ gaze positions to within 17 ms (60 movement allows respondents to behave naturally, and Hz), obtaining an extremely accurate measure of permits you to track eye movements simultaneously their reaction to the images displayed. High quality with complementary test procedures. Shelf / Pack Testing Scientific Research Usability / UX / Design The widescreen, HD Tobii XL is ideal for Allowing for a wider field of view From everything from dashboard dis- pack and shelf testing allowing wider scientific research can be taken to plays to PC applications, from mobile aspect images to be shown – giving a new level with the XL. The larger, interfaces to web testing the T60XL the participant a more immersive higher resolution screen allows for gives unparalleled flexibility in what experience. The increased resolu- larger fields of tracking, increased you can test with an integrated screen tion means images are crisper, more detail and still offers the same level tracker. By offering a wide range of vibrant and more representative of the of unobtrusiveness of the standard T resolutions up to full 1920x1200HD real thing. series unit. you can test almost anything!
  2. 2. Tobii Studio 2.0 Acuity Training Tobii Studio 2 brings new unique benefits An eye tracker is a big investment and at Acuity we to your research and business – with appreciate that you want to be able to get the very major updates extending functionality and best from your purchase. We can offer a range of performance of the leading eye tracking training courses covering everything from a basic analysis and visualization software. With refresher course, to specific courses looking at the new RTA (retrospective think aloud) testing mobile or handheld devices. Alternatively and questionnaire functions usability and we can work with you to create a fully customised MR studies get an added dimension while course to help integrate eye tracking into your academic clients who use E-Prime will love workflows, and maximise return on investment. the new automatic scene generation tool. When Courses range from half a day to a week, and can setting up tests there is now a quick preview function for your stimuli and a way to quickly be broken down to fit around your plans. So if change presentation screens. To upgrade to Studio 2.0 you need to have a valid support contract you want to know what those heatmaps actually – if you don’t have one there is currently a great promotion on, and with plans for even more mean, or how to work with Web 2.0 pages then exciting features in Studio 2.1 and 2.2 it represents excellent value! get in touch and let us discuss your requirements. Support Offer Your Studio software support contract is your key to receiving all the latest Studio functionality, minor and major software releases and getting access to Tobii’s excellent technical support team. For a very limited time only Acuity are offering two free non-recording licence keys free with every purchase of a two or three year extended support and upgrade contract. These licences allow you to prepare tests and review, analyse and create visualisations from your recordings on machines other than the test machine – allowing you to keep the tracker free to be used! These licences also share the upgrade and support package so you will always have the most up to date functionality. This offer is for a limited period only, and can be used to extend any outstanding or existing support already in place. Meet the Team Scott Hodgins Jon Ward Natasha French Managing Director Sales Director Client Services Manager Scott is responsible for the day to day running of Jon heads up the sales operation at Acuity and Natasha looks after our clients and keeps them all Acuity and initiating and managing our various helps maintain our high levels of service, specialist up to date with the latest news and information OEM projects. His 15 years of experience in Digital knowledge and exceptionally standards which we from us, Tobii and eyetracking in general. Natasha Imaging, designing novel imaging systems for constantly strive to raise! Prior to getting himself has years of experience in customer facing roles. bio-sciences and physics research, means that he involved in the exciting world of eye tracking he Travelling extensively, Natasha has developed a is also called upon to look after some of our more was involved in imaging in the security industry passion for communication and human behaviour. esoteric eyetracking clients. Scott’s passions are and even managed to fit in a tour of duty in Iraq in Natasha enjoys watersports and is learning to love diving and London Irish RFC. 2006. Jon loves gadgets and Chelsea FC. fishing. How to stay in touch with us... Acuity tries to make it easy for you to stay up to date with the latest from the world of eyetracking. You can find the latest about our products and services on our website, our thoughts and tips about techniques on our blog, we also share thoughts, documents and presentations via Twitter, Scribd and SlideShare. We are active members of the “Eye-tracking” group on LinkedIn and have our own private area for Acuity clients to discuss experiments, tips and techniques. and search for “eye-tracking” Our contact details... Acuity ETS Limited We don’t want to spam you mercilessly, please let us Davidson House Telephone: +44 (0) 1189 000 795 know if you want to be removed from our marketing Forbury Square Fax: +44 (0) 1189 195 095 activities list, simply email us at: Reading RG1 3EU Website: United Kingdom Email: