Getting Started with Foursquare for Recreation Facilities


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This workshop covered the benefits of Foursquare for your recreation facilities, how to set up your account(s) and recommended best practices.

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Getting Started with Foursquare for Recreation Facilities

  1. 1. GETTING STARTED WITH FOURSQUARE Presented By Datis Mohsenipour | Online Marketing Specialist | 800.661.1196
  2. 2. TODAY’S AGENDA • What is Foursquare? • Understanding the “lingo” • Benefits of claiming your Foursquare Venue(s) • How to get started • Foursquare manager tools • Additional
  3. 3. FOURSQUARE What is Foursquare? Foursquare is a location-based social network that allows users to “check-in” to establishments through a mobile application. ― Over 20 million users ― Over 1 million businesses ― 2 billion
  4. 4. FOURSQUARE Understanding the Lingo ― Checking-In ⁃ When you are at a location, you tag your location in Foursquare by checking in – it is then displayed to your network of friends ― The Mayor ⁃ The mayor is the head honcho – the person that checks in the most frequently at a location. Some establishments have specials available exclusively to the mayor. ― Badges ⁃ Badges are bragging rights for being more social, checking in more, and checking in at more places – earn badges for different
  5. 5. FOURSQUARE Benefits of Claiming your location on Foursquare ― Expand your reach!!! ⁃ Many people connect Foursquare to Facebook and Twitter, expanding the reach of a check- even more ― Offer specials as incentives for check-ins – trading discounts for further exposure … it’s a good trade off! ― Helps you measure how people are talking about your center(s) and the activities they are participating in ― Allows you access to statistics on people who are checking in: ⁃ Total Check-ins month-to-month, users, frequency, coming soon: Demographics + Time of day ― Prevent people from displaying incorrect info about your
  6. 6. FOURSQUARE Getting Started 1. Log in to Foursquare (create an account if you don’t have one 2. Find your venue, click on it then claim it! ⁃ Must be logged into Foursquare ⁃ Select “Do you manage this venue? Claim here.” link on right side of the page with your listing. 3. Verify your listing 1. Accept terms of use 2. Confirm phone number 3. Final Verification - Choose from Instant or
  10. 10. FOURSQUARE
  11. 11. FOURSQUARE Foursquare Manager Tools: Updates ― Send local updates to loyal customers (people who have checked in to your location or have “liked” your location on Foursquare) ⁃ Share text, photos or specials with nearby customers – can also be synced with Facebook and
  12. 12. FOURSQUARE Foursquare Manager Tools: Updates ― Updates will appear… ⁃ When people view your location ⁃ In your loyal customers’ friends tabs ⁃ After people check-in ― What to include in updates: ⁃ News about your programs ⁃ Registration launch updates with URL to registration page ⁃ Info on specials and contests ⁃ Always include an image (draws more attention)
  13. 13. FOURSQUARE Foursquare Manager Tools: Specials ― Local venues with specials show an icon below their name ― searches can be filtered to only locate venues with specials ― Types of specials: ⁃ Discounts – Spend $100 and receive $10 off ⁃ Freebies – Check in between now and November 1st and receive a free keychain ⁃ Loyalty Specials – Receive a free vitamin water on your 10th check in ⁃ Mayor Special – The Mayor receives 10% off all items in the
  14. 14. FOURSQUARE Foursquare Manager Tools: Specials ― Recommendations: ⁃ Use local updates to share your specials ⁃ Set expiry date on each special and try multiple types to gauge the success – Foursquare has dashboard that provides analytics on check-ins and specials ⁃ Check that special has been redeemed on phone before providing discount – specials that have not been redeemed appear gray – once it has redeemed the screen becomes bright orange ⁃ Make sure your staff is all aware of the check-in
  15. 15. FOURSQUARE Foursquare Manager Tools: Dashboard ― Foursquare provides great analytic tools that can help you measure the success of your campaigns ― Here are some of the stats available: ⁃ Total Check-ins ⁃ Unique Check-ins ⁃ Check-ins month over month ⁃ Check-ins shared on social platforms ⁃ Top visitors ⁃ Recent
  16. 16. FOURSQUARE Additional Recommendations ― Focus on Recreation over Parks ― Leave tips for your visitors ⁃ “Online registration is available at” ⁃ Fall programs are now available, register online to avoid long lines” ― Create constant updates – try for daily – make sure to use images and sync to Facebook and Twitter for increased reach ― Sync account to Twitter to inherit Twitter username ⁃  ⁃ Can be done under “tools tab” ⁃ If you don’t have Twitter already use to select username ― Create brand page if you have multiple facilities (will cover in a future webinar or can book 1 on 1)
  17. 17. CONTACT 778.374.1230 1.800.661.1196 (ext 1230)