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Paul Massen

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Paul Massen

  1. 1. Independent Civil Society Coordinator The Open Government Partnership Meetup #1 - Open Data Ireland 25 October 2012 Paul Maassenweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  2. 2. Independent Civil Society Coordinator launch-videoweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  3. 3. OGP basics Independent Civil• Open government = better society Society Coordinator• OGP origin• What makes the OGP concept different?• Why engage as civil society?• Some early successesweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  4. 4. Grand challenges Independent Civil Society Coordinator• Improving Public Services (208)—i.e. health, education, criminal justice, water, electricity, telecommunications and any other relevant service areas, by fostering public service improvement or private sector innovation• Increasing Public Integrity (306)—i.e. corruption and public ethics, access to information, campaign finance reform, and media and civil society freedom• More Effectively Managing Public Resources (142)—i.e. budgets, procurement, natural resources and foreign assistance• Creating Safer Communities (15)—i.e. public safety, the security sector, disaster and crisis response, and environmental threats• Increasing Corporate Accountability (18)—i.e. environment, anti- corruption, consumer protection, and community engagementweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  5. 5. Commitments focus on ‘e’ Independent Civil Society Coordinator Source: Global Integrityweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  6. 6. OGP in Europe: where is Ireland? Independent Civil Society Coordinator Eligible Memberweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  7. 7. Independent Civil Society Coordinator Questions?web: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  8. 8. Independent Civil Society Coordinator One year videoweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  9. 9. Independent Civil Society Coordinator EXTRA SLIDESweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  10. 10. Common expectations Independent Civil Society Coordinator• Endorse a high-level Declaration of Principles on Open Government;• Make concrete commitments as part of a country action plan that stretches the country beyond current practice;• Develop country action plans through a multi-stakeholder process, with the active engagement of citizens and civil society;• Commit to a self-assessment and independent reporting on the country’s progress;• Contribute to the advancement of open government in other countries through sharing of best practices, expertise, technical assistance, technologies and resources, as appropriate.web: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  11. 11. Eligibility criteria Independent Civil Society Coordinator• Fiscal Transparency: The timely publication of essential budget documents forms the basic building blocks of budget accountability and an open budget system.• Access to Information: An access to information law that guarantees the public’s right to information and access to government data is essential to the spirit and practice of open government.• Disclosures Related to Elected or Senior Public Officials: Rules that require public disclosure of income and assets for elected and senior public officials are essential to anti-corruption and open, accountable government.• Citizen Engagement: Open Government requires openness to citizen participation and engagement in policymaking and governance, including basic protections for civil liberties.web: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul
  12. 12. Process to join Independent Civil Society Coordinatorweb: | | skype: maassenpaul | twitter: @maassenpaul


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