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Brand YOURSELF In A New Digital World


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I spoke on the topic of personal branding October 18th in Calgary at the GBTA Energy and Resource Symposium. This presentation is relevant to anyone looking to enhance their own professional personal brand to capture more career and business opportunity.

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Brand YOURSELF In A New Digital World

  1. 1. By Loa Fridfinnson
  2. 2. •  Media rich environment •  What a Personal Brand is •  How you can create one •  Embrace change & grow
  4. 4. •  What do people think of you? •  What are your unique strengths? •  What does Google say about you? •  What have you accomplished in your career? •  How do you make a difference?
  5. 5. •  Who is your audience?   •  What are their unique characteristics? •  What do they care about? •  What will make their life easier?  •  How can you add value? BOSS, HR, CUSTOMER, INFLUENCERS
  6. 6. SHARE WHAT YOU KNOW! Position yourself as an industry expert.  Learn what your target “customer” wants.  Help them get it.  Be a trusted advisor. What other relevant hashtags can you search for on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Facebook?
  7. 7. Your Unique Value Proposition •  Who are you? •  What business are you in? •  Who do you help? •  What benefits do you deliver? •  Who do you compete with? •  What makes you special?
  8. 8. I am an integrated marketing specialist in print, digital media and public relations helping small to medium sized businesses make a meaningful connection with their target audience, online and offline. I achieve this through a unique story telling process, matching my client’s and their customer’s values, to create long-term brand advocates and generate higher sales.
  9. 9. • Meditation • Exercise everyday • Pay someone a genuine compliment • Do random acts of kindness • Indulge in activity that makes you happy • Sharpen your saw •  Spend time with uplifting people •  Read an autobiography •  Volunteer your time •  Practice an attitude of gratitude •  Join Toastmasters •  Network like mad!
  10. 10. •  Master the Brand Called You - Brenda Bence •  How to Sell - Owen Par •  Art of People - Dave Kerpen