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The Digital Publishing checklist


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The Digital Publishing checklist

  1. 1. Digital PublishingThe check-list you mustgo through, before goingfor a digital publishingsolution
  2. 2. Hello there!It is known that the digital market has grown considerably in the last fewyears. This is because more and more businesses are starting to go onlinealso – and for some good and strongreasons.Of, course everyone wants to take their businesses into theonline world.The question is where to start and what exactly should you look for, whenyou want to go for a digital publishing solution for your business.We have created a helpful checklist for you!Enjoy!
  3. 3. more action less paper 1.Self-Service of Full Service? In the digital publishing industry, there are two popular solutions : The Self Service and the Full Service. Each of them has advantages of its own – choosing one depends on you and your business.What does Self-Service mean?The Self-Service solution is providing you with a software which you can usein-house. By using this solution, you and your team will have full-access to thesoftware and to each publication which you are creating. You can modify andadd inside your e-publication anything, at any given time with your team.What does Full-Service mean?The full-Service solutions means that the programmers and designers of thedigital publishing company chosen by you will do all the workinvolved in the process of creating an e-publication. All that you have to dois come up with all the data and they will create everything for you after yourspecifications.
  4. 4. 2. Availability: will your e-publications be available on mobile devices and tablets?
  5. 5. more action less paper Availability on mobile devices, smart phones and tablets is becoming more important as months are passing. Because we are living in a high-speed world lately – most of the people prefer to take content and information withthem, on the go.When going for a digital publishing solution you will have to think that yourreaders and audience can access it by PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Androiddevices and other tablet and mobile devices.As more and more devices are being used by the general audience, digitalpublishing has adapted also. If before most of the solutions used Flash tocreate dynamic content (but which was not available on iPhones and iPads)now some of them are also using HTML5 which can be viewed on all devices. When looking for a digital publishing solution – remember to check out this important detail also.
  6. 6. 3. Features and functionalitiesThe features and functionalities are a very important area for you to makeresearch.You will have to be attentive to the features that e-publishing solutions are givingyou. These must be the features that you are thinking to offer to your audience.The best way for you to decide is to create a list of what would you like to offer toyour readers and then compare it to what each solution is offering you.The features and functionalities you may want to think about and add to your listwould be:a). Interactive and dynamic content.b). Videos.c). Sounds.d). Links.e). Social Media and sharing options.f). Availability on multiple devices.g). Small online games and surveys.h). Interactive contests.i). Statistics (which will help you to know them better).
  7. 7. more action less paper4. Customization and BrandingA very important thing is to make your digital publications reflect yourbrand and identity.And more than that – you have to make sure that your e-publication will promoteyour brand successfully.Here are some things a digital publishing software must provide for you and yourbrand:a). Customization of the waiting logo, background and buttons.b). Customization of the layout of the document (A4, Landscape, etc.).c). If you are promoting more services under different names within your brand,logos and other features should be also available for being changed.d). Page and data replacement when needed (whenthings are changing within your company, they mustchange in your e-publication too – like offers andrelevant company information which you are making public).
  8. 8. 5. Tracking and analyticsIn order for you to understand your audience and find out their needs trackingand analytics may also be something you have to look out for in a digitalpublishing solution.These features will allow you to see how many people have visited youre-publication, how many clicks were made and where.This is a great tool in determining the strong points in your digital publication andin improving.
  9. 9. more action less paper 6. Will they give it for a test? Testing the solution is practiced especially in the case of the Self-Service and it should be Free!This Free test should give you access to all the tools which you will get whenpurchasing the solution. Training should also be provided in order for you to be properlyintroduced – ask them about training and also ask if there are any fees involved.In the Full-Service case there are some e-publishing companies which will createa Free Demo on your PDF in order to show you how your publication will look likein digital format.
  10. 10. 7. How about support?When evaluating a provider – always check out their support.You will need it – especially at the beginning.Check out how quick they are replying to your e-mails and their overall attitude –you wouldn`t like to work with grumpy people, do you?Once you are deciding for a solution – the support team will be your contact forany questions or eventual difficulties.Very important – Ask if the support is included in the software`s price!Also – ask for manuals and video tutorials that can be of help for you in theprocess of working with the digital publishing software.
  11. 11. more action less paper You can find out more about digital publishing by accessing these links: Differences between Self-Service and Full Service –Actionpaper Blog How to use social media in the benefit of your e-publicationand business. Publishing on iPad – find out more about iPad Native andWeb apps for e-publishing.