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Action coach reviews3


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Action coach reviews3

  1. 1. ActionCoach Reviews
  2. 2. “It blew me away, I just loved the people. They were clever, diverse and confident; the atmosphere in the room was brilliant. I suddenly thought, I’m doing the wrong thing, I should be coaching! I’d experienced for myself how an ActionCOACH can transform a business and I wanted to do that for others.” “I had complete confidence in the ActionCOACH tools and techniques. Having experienced them first hand as a client, I knew they worked. It’s the world’s No.1 business coaching company, so it made absolute sense to buy an ActionCOACH franchise.” Hayley Erner
  3. 3. “I first became aware of ActionCOACH through a friend who described his work as a Business Coach and recommended it to me. He advised me to speak to Ian Christelow, ActionCOACH UK Managing Director. After I talked to Ian I had a really clear picture and understanding of what ActionCOACH does and what being an ActionCOACH would mean for me. I have always been a keen sportsman and had been involved in growing and developing a number of small businesses, so the concept and value of having a business coach really resonated with me.” Stephen Unwin
  4. 4. “You’re encouraged to keep learning and training, so you continue adding value to your clients. For someone like me that’s really appealing.” “By month four I could take money out of the business to pay myself and by month 18 I had a very secure, stable coaching business. I was comfortably earning what I’d been earning at the height of my corporate career, and I was doing it on my terms, with no major commute.” Roger Pemberton