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Actility and Factory Systemes explain how IoT is transforming industry.


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Our latest webinar is about Industrial IoT and how to transform your business with LoRaWAN. You will learn how IoT is revolutionizing manufacturing; discover why “un-wiring” is a key trend in industry 4.0; understand why LoRaWAN is the industrial IoT network of choice; hear Factory Systemes explain real-world use cases and deployments; and take a guided tour of ThingPark Enterprise, Actility’s platform for industrial IoT networks.

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Actility and Factory Systemes explain how IoT is transforming industry.

  1. 1. Copyright ©Actility Industrial IoT : Transforming businesses today with LoRaWAN October 24th 2018
  2. 2. Copyright ©Actility  This session will be one hour  Last 10 minutes will be Q&A  Overview of the Industrial IoT (IIoT) Market  Status/barriers/solutions  Actility’s positioning  Introduction to ThingPark Enterprise  Factory Systemes  Introduction of Factory Systemes  Major wins and rollouts of ThingPark Enterprise  Q&A and Wrap up Todays Webinar 2
  3. 3. Copyright ©Actility Do you hear the rumble? 3 Improved operations efficiencies Enhanced process Decrease costs and increase benefits Optimize energy efficiency – predictive maintenance Gain in supply chain visibility Informed decision making Higher product quality 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Low Power IoT Networks by technology (Millions of units) Sigfox Others NB-IoT LoRa CAT-M ABI Research 2018
  4. 4. Copyright ©Actility Perception of IIoT • Complex • Numerous options = silos • Proprietary dedicated to verticals • Fragmented • Lack of interoperability • Expensive • High TCO • Energy consuming IIoT Today 4
  5. 5. Copyright ©Actility Actility at a glance PROFILE PRODUCT & SERVICES PORTFOLIO MARKETS Company founded 2008 Headquarters Paris France 110 Employees – 60 % of R&D and product development 100 M€+ funding raised Orange, Cisco, Bosch, Swisscom, Creadev, Foxconn, Inmarsat etc. 20.000+ LoRaWAN gateways connected on Actility-supplied networks Deploy Scale Enrich  LoRaWAN network server  Professional Services & radio planning  Carrier-grade OSS/BSS for gateway & device management  Join servers for easy device activation  Key Management System for enhanced security & large scale device activation  Firmware-over-the-air update for devices  Ecosystem marketplaces and Partner programs  Geolocation services using combinations of technologes : LoRa network location or AGPS  Access to Roaming hub for easy device roaming  Fully integrated end-to-end solutions marketplace to accelerate go-to-market Public operators Enterprise networks Channel Partners Solution Partners 55 +large scale operators 130+Enterprise Networks 100 % Indirect GTM strategy CISCO, OBS , Factory Systems, Macnica Partner Program for Eco –systems from validation to distribution
  6. 6. Copyright ©Actility Perception of IIoT • Complex • Numerous options = silos • proprietary dedicated to verticals • Fragmented • Lack of interoperability • Expensive • High TCO • Energy consuming IIoT Today LPWA & LoRaWAN 6 One Single Horizontal Platform
  7. 7. Copyright ©Actility LPWA and LoRaWAN : the missing link 7 • Long range, low power -> low TCO • Bi-directional • CapEx efficient • Licence-free spectrum • Easy to install • Mature ecosystem for solutions • Secure by standard • Maintained by the fastest growing tech community : LoRa Alliance • Low data rate – high latency : know your use case & requirements BLE, Z-Wave, W-Mbus, W-Hart… WI-FI Cellular LPWA: LoRaWAN, LTE Cat M, NB-IOT, Sigfox Range Battery life To learn more about LoRaWAN : Actility web site To discover the ecosystem of solutions : ThingPark Market
  8. 8. Copyright ©Actility As a founding member of the LoRa Alliance™ Actility is a leading player of the standard 8 The LoRa Alliance The fastest growing global technology alliance 500+ members
  9. 9. Copyright ©Actility LoRaWAN is the standard for LPWA IIoT is supported by a vibrant ecosystem 9 20 million LoRa chips sold by Semtech Hundredsof LoRaWAN device manufacturers & application providers Big players invested in LoRaWAN solutions:
  10. 10. Copyright ©Actility Large-scale adoption makes LoRaWAN the de-facto standard for IIoT 10 To learn more about the Visit : Lora-Alliance
  11. 11. Copyright ©Actility All verticals are impacted 11 MANUFACTURING BUILDING UTILITIES OIL & GAS & MINING CONSTRUCTION INFRASTRUCTURE LoRaWAN enables new IOT use cases to enhance operations, reduce fixed costs and increase safety AGRICULTURESMART CITY
  12. 12. Copyright ©Actility 12 Security Large Ecosystem Flexible Open Standard Technology Easy-to-use Accelerate the journey to productivity & growth
  13. 13. Copyright ©Actility 13 Specific Purpose: High Density High volume of devices, limited area Factories Offices Campuses Specific Purpose: Remote, rural Specific network availability Specific Purpose: High security Your network, your data Ships Farms Mines Data sensitive Security agency Government
  14. 14. Copyright ©Actility Investment • Limited CAPEX in infrastructure • Subscription based model on number of gateways • No licence fees for spectrum / technology Control & flexibility • On-demand coverage complementing public networks when available • Flexibility on uplink/downlink management • Scalability of the deployment enabling multi-site/multi-country scenarios Business Infrastructure • Battery-optimized indoor connectivity • End-to-end control over data and private LANs • Large choice of gateways (industrial, outdoor, indoor, pico…) covering sensors even in the most difficult areas • Allows new business models without marginal cost for each additional use case allowing for real RoI • Variety of available use cases and hundreds of devices / applications The enterprise LoRaWAN IoT network
  15. 15. Copyright ©Actility ThingPark Enterprise Introduction 15 ThingPark Enterprise is a software platform allowing organizations to implement industrial IoT use cases on a dedicated LPWAN network ThingPark Enterprise enables the connection between multiple data source and business application, to help customers to solve business challenges. ThingPark Enterprise : simple & efficient LoRaWAN device and base station management  ThingPark Enterprise is low touch, easy to set-up, use, support and scale.  ThingPark Enterprise is flexible, it can be deployed in SaaS or any customer environments.  Highly secured solution – End to End security of data and network access control.  Mature LPWAN technology (LoRaWAN) with a large ecosystem of solutions.
  16. 16. Copyright ©Actility Solution Technical Architecture 16 Long range communication 15km+ Network infrastructure controler & service enabler internet Data exposure through API Simple, plug’n play, easy to configure, low maintenance
  17. 17. Copyright ©Actility All you need to operate your IIoT network 17 Base Stations Management Device Management Application Management Platform Management Monitor the network using charts, status. Create and operate a LoRaWAN™ network by adding and managing Base Stations Route your data to your application servers or to IoT cloud platform Onboard your LoRaWAN™ devices, collect data and monitor activities Monitor platform, licenses and data frames of LoRaWAN™ devices (WL). Dashboards
  18. 18. Copyright ©Actility Created for companies to operate and manage own network Dashboards give access to... • Key figures • Status overview • Search tools • Quick links to management panels Visualize the status of your LPWAN infrastructure on one screen
  19. 19. Copyright ©Actility A mature industrial ecosystem covering all the value chain 19Visit and Click on Sensors / nodes Gateways Applications IoT Horizontal Clouds IoT Pure players platform IoT Industrial platforms CISCO Multitech Foxconn Ufispace Kerlink Abeeway Itron Bosch Wika Yokogawa Advantech And 100s more…
  20. 20. Copyright ©Actility IIoT today? 20
  21. 21. Copyright ©Actility Factory Systemes The Leader in Actility ThingPark Enterprise Roll-Outs 21 Gregory Guiheneuf Marketing Director
  22. 22. GALIUM IOT HUB ©2018 FACTORY SYSTEMES. All Rights Reserved.
  23. 23. Our DNA Value Added-Distributor specialized in Industrial IoT solutions!
  24. 24. FOOD & BEVERAGE METAL & MININGS PHARMA – CHEMICAL OTHERS POWER, UTILITIES & INFRASTRUCTURES Over 5000 customers in all industries 14%22% 20% 17% 27%
  25. 25. ECO SYSTEME. +250 SYSTEM INTEGRATOR S in France
  26. 26. OUR OFFER. Industrial IoT Sensing Industrial IoT Network Industrial IoT Platform Process Data Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid
  27. 27. OUR OFFER. Industrial IoT Sensing Industrial IoT Network Industrial IoT Platform Process Data Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid
  28. 28. WHY ACTILITY?
  29. 29. Hardware Vendor Agnostic Solution
  30. 30. Private and On-Premise LPWA Network
  31. 31. High-Availibility Network
  35. 35. Bridging the IT/OT Gap! Galium IoT Hub LoRaWAN Network Server ThingPark Enterprise Actility Message Decoding Rules Engine Data Publication Central Management Console Industrial equipmentsConnected Devices – up to 15Kms CLOUD APPLICATIONS Cloud and On-Premise solutions
  36. 36. Enabling industrial architectures Architecture can evolve overtime with very limited effort… and no impact in the user application
  37. 37. REAL USE CASES.
  38. 38. Over 60 Sites in production in France!
  39. 39. 1 Network… Endless Applications Water Treatment Management Environmental monitoring Ambiant temperature in buildings Mobile Asset Tracking Forklift battery level monitoring Stock level monitoring Machine status Water, Gaz and Electricy Monitoring Equipment/Production Lot Tracking Intrusion detection
  40. 40. Industry 4.0 Secondary Sensing provides a better understanding for Operations & Maintenance Management
  41. 41. Pharmaceutical Industry Enabling environmental control monitoring with certified IoT Devices
  42. 42. - - - - Environmental Monitoring
  43. 43. Steel Industry Enabling energy monitoring from remote locations
  44. 44. - - - - Harsh environment
  45. 45. Water Treatment Plant Enabling energy monitoring from remote locations
  46. 46. - - - - Large scale plant
  47. 47. Agriculture Raw Material Stock Management
  48. 48. - - - Multi-site Stock Monitoring
  49. 49. Smart City Multi-purpose monitoring across the city
  50. 50. - - - Multi-purpose monitoring
  51. 51. Many more use cases…
  53. 53. THANKU F A C T O R Y S Y S T E M E S
  54. 54. Copyright ©Actility The most powerful and advanced LPWA IoT platform for dedicated enterprise networks • Specifically designed for enterprises, making IoT projects secure, fast and simple • Gathers, analyzes and transforms raw data into insight and optimize industrial process in a few clicks • Make faster and smarter decisions to impact top and bottom line • ThingPark Enterprise is easy to use, secure and scalable
  55. 55. Copyright ©Actility 3 Key Take aways 55 It’s ready! It’s easy, and its secure It’saffordable, it’s scalable
  56. 56. Copyright ©Actility Q&A Visit : contact And 56
  57. 57. Copyright ©Actility Stay Connected! Thank you 57