Actian/Ingres database


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Actian/Ingres Database

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Actian/Ingres database

  1. 1. PRODUCTS Ingres Database Performance anD avaIlabIlIty for toDay’s mIssIon crItIcal envIronments In today’s tough economic environment, availability, scalability, security, and extensive companies worldwide are positioning their IT manageability features. infrastructures to support their most critical Ingres is a leader in supporting mission- business needs: reducing costs, optimizing critical applications and helping manage the processes, and preparing for new business most demanding enterprise applications of opportunities. Business leaders recognize Fortune 500 companies. As an open source that staying competitive means preparing for database, Ingres Database has the advantages change. Key success factors include: of collaborative development, rapid innovation, • Increasing flexibility to manage volatile and lower cost – something that proprietary markets alternatives can’t match. Ingres continues to drive • Optimizing existing IT investments and both technological and business innovation, lowering costs providing the enterprise features you need with the open source model you want. • Extracting value from existing data Ingres Database delivers superior application • Streamlining and simplifying business performance for transaction-intensive processes environments. Ingres Database provides a • Improving productivity flexible, robust data server that integrates The solution is Ingres. Ingres Database easily with your existing environment – integrates easily into complex IT environments ensuring high performance and streamlined, to ensure maximum performance with minimal easy administration while managing massive overhead. amounts of structured and unstructured data. Ingres Database Highlights Key Success Factors Ingres Database is the leading enterprise Increasing Flexibility to Manage open source database. It supports very large Volatile Markets database systems in demanding operational Ingres Database helps customers and business environments. A commercially supported, open partners improve profitability, reduce risk, and source database management system (DBMS) deliver best-of-breed solutions to customers. that reduces IT costs and time to value, Ingres Ingres supports industry-standard SQL and Database provides exceptional performance,
  2. 2. ProDUcts InGres Database continues support of the latest standards, such as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and Microsoft .NET. Optimizing Existing IT Investments and Lowering Costs Ingres Database runs on a wide array of Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms, enabling you to take advantage of Ingres using the equipment you already own. Upgrading to the latest version of Ingres Database from any current Ingres product is a highly automated task. Ingres provides a robust toolset that simplifies use and lowers costs. Ingres Visual DBA allows all common database analyst (DBA) activities to be administered from anywhere on the network, and our Visual Performance Monitor allows DBAs to view activity on the system and take corrective action quickly and easily. Robust backup and restore functions offer DBAs high-level data availability while eliminating many manual tasks. Notably, Ingres Database enables online backups, eliminating the need to interrupt production to secure the information. Extracting Value from Existing Data Ingres continues to While Ingres Database provides exceptional transactional performance, it also provides superbreduce the complexity, analytical performance. This capability allows customers to use Ingres Database as the foundation time, DBA skills, and for business intelligence solutions, as well as for their transactional systems. cost associated with Streamlining and Simplifying Business Processesdatabase management Ingres Database supports a set of open, industry-standard security mechanisms such as roles, by eliminating, password-based authentication, and DBMS schema authorizations. In addition, Ingres Database simplifying, and provides full auditing capabilities, making compliance with industry and government regulations a simple task. automating many For user authentication, Ingres Database supports pluggable authentication modules (PAMs). tasks typically These open standards ensure flexibility and maximum security with easier validation and associated with verification. an enterprise-class Improving Productivity database. Ingres has a tradition of providing tools to help companies with a small number of administrators manage a large number of systems. Ingres continues to reduce the complexity, time, DBA skills, and cost associated with database management by eliminating, simplifying, and automating many tasks typically associated with an enterprise-class database.
  3. 3. Benefits of Ingres Database FeaturesHigh-Performance Technology• Enhanced log writing• Smarter query optimization, including improved caching• Reduced contention between concurrent usersSecurity• Role separation for regulatory compliance• Support for roles and users• Configurable user authentication mechanisms using pluggable authentication modulesSystem Management• Automated backup and restore functions• Rich GUI tool set along with flexible command-line control• Flexible restore optionsApplication Development• ANSI SQL compliant• Unicode support• Silent installation• Continued support of embedded SQL, ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, SQLJ• .NET DriverAvailable Platforms• IBM AIX• HP Tru64• HP-UX, HP-UX Itanium• Linux on Intel processor-compatible servers, Linux Itanium• Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32- and 64-bit
  4. 4. ProDUctsAbout Ingres CorporationIngres corporation is a leading provider of open source database management software and support services. Ingres powers customer success with theflexibility, cost savings, and innovation that are hallmarks of an open source deployment. Ingres supports its customers with a vibrant community and worldclass support, globally. based in redwood city, california, Ingres has major development, sales, and support centers throughout the world, and more than10,000 customers in the United states and internationally. for more information, visit CORPORATION : 500 ARGUELLO STREET : SUITE 200 : REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA 94063PHONE +1.650.587.5500 : FAX +1.650.587.5550 : : For more information, contact©2008 Ingres corporation. all rights reserved. Printed in the U.s.a. Ingres is a trademark of Ingres corporation in the United states and in other countries.all other trademarks or registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective holders. Ps-411a