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Actian Vectorwise Brochure

Actian Vectorwise Brochure. Go to to find out more about Actian's products and services.

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Actian Vectorwise Brochure

  1. 1. BrochureInsight Delivered
  2. 2. Brochure Insight DeliveredWhat is Vectorwise?Today’s business software hasn’t kept pace with the explosive growth ofdata. This means that the software you rely on is often unable to analyzedata on the scale you need to make the best decisions possible. As a result,many critical business decisions are made based on inadequate or sum-marized data sets because today’s software can’t provide the analysis andinsights you need when you need them.Taking action on Big Data is impossible if you cannot even gain the insights required tomake business decisions. Actian enables you to take action on Big Data using Vectorwiseas the enabling foundation.Vectorwise represents a step-change in database technology. By unlocking the capabilitiesof the modern chip, our customers and partners report 10x–70x better performance ben-efits for analytic workloads. Those queries which currently take you minutes can be cut toseconds. The answers you’ve been told are too expensive to compute can be delivered usingcommodity servers and don’t require expert tuning. Vectorwise can power your business infour easy steps: install, load data, gather statistics and start running queries. This skipsover complex, time-consuming steps such as complex schema, data load design andexpert tuning that you would normally expect to take hours or even days. “We ported a business application from oracle to Ingres Vectorwise Database and were astounded by the substantial performance increases, which were up to 70x better. our customers are also tired of paying for Big Software prices so we are always on the look- out for more cost effective solutions. With Ingres Vectorwise Database, we get the best of both worlds; we can now offer our customers a lower cost and a better performing analytic database.” Michael Thuleweit, Managing Director, Datamatics 2
  3. 3. Brochure Insight Delivered Benefits Significantly Increased Performance our clients report 10x – 70x better performance at a fraction of the hardware cost com- pared with the results of other market-leading DBMS products. Simple to Use Vectorwise is easy to set up and run, requires no expert schema design or tuning and“The more work we makes a rapid impact on business decisions. This reduces cost and risk thereby accelerat-throw at Ingres ing Business Intelligence (BI) projects and their success.Vectorwise, the fasterit is relative to other Affordabledatabases. Ingres enlisting a single commodity server, Vectorwise delivers the performance of a cluster ofVectorwise could do servers using other technologies. using less hardware is less expensive but also results inany query we tested in lower power consumption as well as less use of space in the data center and lower costsunder one second, to cool down the data center. Vectorwise delivers fast performance without the need forwhere the same query special schema design or expert tuning.took several minuteson another database.” Low riskDan Sanders The performance and simplicity of the technology has been proven by our customers andengineer, Advanced ecommerce partners. This technology is supported by Actian whose global support capabilities continueresearch Systems to be demonstrated by over 10,000 customers running mission critical workloads around the world. customers report that answers to complex business queries that previously took several minutes are now available in seconds. What our partners say Partners report that the amount of time analytical or BI projects previously took can now be cut in half using Vectorwise. Fully utilize current hardware Vectorwise can now efficiently exploit the 95% of modern chip capability that isn’t currently utilized by business software, rather than forcing chip customization or blindly throwing hardware at the problem. Lower overall TCO As Vectorwise enables better performance with less hardware, the outcome is more than 10x better performance at a fraction of the hardware cost. In addition, the simple self- tuning technology reduces the need for scarce specialist resources. Improved green credentials Vectorwise delivers dramatically greater performance with small servers and produces radical reductions in disk storage which significantly reduces power and air conditioning requirements and the carbon footprint at large. 3
  4. 4. Brochure Insight Delivered Is Vectorwise right for my organization? Vectorwise is perfect for analyzing large volumes of data such as web clicks, stock ticks and call records. If you or your organization often analyze huge amounts of historical data with ad hoc or complex queries and your performance or business depends on the speed, accuracy or frequency of turnaround, then Vectorwise is worth investigation. If you recog-“The speed is blindingly nize the need to take action on Big Data then you should definitely evaluate right out of the box examples of use cases can be found in most industries including but not limited to:and it eliminates layersof work that had to be › Web analytics and cross-selling analysis for ecommercedone in the past. IngresVectorwise uses automat- › risk or asset management compliance and fraud detection for Financial Servicesed compression and in- organizationsdexing which eliminates › call data record analysis and customer retention in Telcosthe need to spend extrahours tuning and tweak- › Viewing figure analysis in Television and Mediaing our data. This means › customer loyalty analysis in retailwe are now able to cutthe time of our businessintelligence engagements How does Vectorwise achieve its groundbreaking speed?with our customers by There are three main areas of innovation:up to 50%.”Roy Hann, rational commerce 1. Vector processing takes full advantage of the modern microprocessor driving up to 100 fold improvements in processing performance. 2. Vectorwise is designed for on-chip cache memory which is two orders of magnitude faster than rAM. 3. Self optimizing, compressed column store means only the data needed for the query is streamed directly to the chip cache. This means fewer disks which helps reduce power and storage costs. This ground-breaking product, Vectorwise, is a combination of the Ingres database and technology from Vectorwise, a spin-out from the renowned cWI institute in Amsterdam. 4
  5. 5. Brochure Insight DeliveredAs an ISV, what does Vectorwise mean to my organization?hundreds of ISV organizations around the world are already taking advantage of the ActianPartnership Plus Program, specifically designed to support the ISV community within thecontext of today’s technology landscape. Part of our pledge to our partner community isto constantly invest in technology that cuts Tco and maximizes ISV revenue.Vectorwise is a testament to this approach. By developing your solutions on Vectorwise,you are given the ability to handle unprecedented amounts of data on very simple hardwarewhich opens a raft of new possibilities in analytic applications.This comes with the added assurance of Actian’s world class technical and marketingsupport.The power of today’s chip technologyIntel® collaborates with enterprise software ecosystem leaders and innovators and enablesbusiness applications to perform best on Intel architecture. The Vectorwise project andresulting new software, combined with the Intel micro architecture, delivers breakthroughperformance in data analytics processing and lowers Tco for the enterprise.As a result of this collaboration, Vectorwise is able to unlock and exploit the full process-ing power of today’s chip technology. Now, business applications can gain the full benefitsof Moore’s Law with consequent reductions in hardware costs, project risk and complexity.The ability to handle unprecedented amounts of data on simple commodity hardware willopen up a raft of new possibilities for analytic applications that will deliver a competitiveedge to our partners and customers.Vectorwise enables you to build Action Apps today to take action on Big Data. 5
  6. 6. About Actian: Incite Action Actian corporation (formerly Ingres corp.) is the first to unveil a cloud Action Platform for building Action Apps. Action Apps are lightweight consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Actian products incite action at more than 10,000 customers worldwide by driving their mission critical workloads and providing rapid action insights to their data. Actian is headquartered in redwood city, california with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Melbourne.Actian Corporation Actian Europe Limited Actian Germany GmbH Actian France Actian Australia Pty Ltd500 ArGueLLo STreeT 217 BATh roAD ohMSTrASSe 12 7c PLAce Du DÔMe LeVeL 8, SuITe 1SuITe 200 SLouGh 63225 LANGeN IMMeuBLe eLYSÉeS 616 ST. KILDA roADreDWooD cITY BerKShIre, SL1 4AA GerMANY LA DÉFeNSe MeLBourNe, VIcTorIA, 3004cALIForNIA 94063 uNITeD KINGDoM PHONE: +49 (0) 6103.9881.0 92056 PArIS LA DÉFeNSe AuSTrALIAuSA PHONE: +44 (0)1753 559500 ceDeX PHONE: +61 3 8530.1700PHONE: +1.650.587.5500 WeIMArer STr. 1A FrANce D-98693 ILMeNAu PHONE: +33 (0) GerMANY PHONE: +49 (0) 3677.6785.0 ACTIAN.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT ACTIAN@ACTIAN.COM B-100A ©2011 Actian corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the u.S.A. Actian, cloud Action Platform, Ingres, and Vectorwise are trademarks of Actian corporation. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.