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Actian corporation case study rohatyn group


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Actian/Ingres Case study.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Actian corporation case study rohatyn group

  1. 1. SUCCESS STORY VectorWise at Rohatyn Group The Rohatyn Group (TRG) is a hedge fund headquartered in New York focusing on emerging markets. THE CHALLENGE Information about positions, pricing and risk is critical to investment decision making. For tactical decision making TRG provided analysts immediate access to the information they need inCustomer a format that they can use through a self-service data access environment. TRG maintain extensiveRohatyn Group data about the current state of all their market positions in a multi-dimensional data structure managed by a proprietary in-memory database. This enabled analysts to interactively answer theirIndustry questions about the current state of their investments.Financial Services The combination of market volatility and a desire to do more strategic analysis drove the needChallenge to understand how the positions had performed over time. While the existing solution provided• Risk management the interactive analysis TRG were looking for, it did not have the historical data. They wanted the required in the highly user tools to remain the same and the query responses to be interactive, but they needed to do the volatile market of analysis on more than 1000 times the data. hedge funds.Solution ALTERNATIVESVectorWise was deployed to The proprietary in-memory database clearly would not be able to hold the volume of data requiredprocess data from multiple to analyze market positions over time, so TRG started to look for so that hedge fundmanagers could evaluate their Existing relational database technology was ruled out because solutions could not provide thepositions in near real time. interactivity the analysts wanted without spending a fortune on hardware, database tuning, or both.Benefits A third option TRG evaluated was the use of a specialized OLAP engine. While the engine wouldAbility to mitigate financial risk probably be able to provide the interactivity the analysts wanted, the implementation would require specialized OLAP skills and the existing ad hoc data access tools would not be able to interact directly with the OLAP environment. SOLUTION TRG learned about VectorWise during its Technology Preview Program in the Spring of 2010. Warren Master, CTO of TRG, read about the underlying technology and decided to give VectorWise a try. The result: incredibly fast performance out of the box. Warren’s first experience made him decide to run a full proof of concept on a low-cost server: a $999 server with only 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of memory! For the VectorWise POC TRG could have mapped the existing data structures to a star schema with 20 dimensional tables and a fact table. Instead TRG decided to flatten all of the data into a single table with almost 300 columns. They loaded millions of rows of historical data into
  2. 2. SUCCESS STORYthe single table and the results were incredible: VectorWise provided the in-memory performance and interactivity theanalysts wanted with the data residing on-disk. Fast performance was delivered out-of-the-box without any indexing, pre-aggregating results, or extensive database tuning. VectorWise’s support for standard SQL made the implementation veryfast and the simplicity of the data design made the migration very easy.A solution very similar to what was tested in the POC has been in production at TRG since September 2010. Forproduction use the $999 server has been upgraded to a modest enterprise class server. The use of any other relationaldatabase technology would have required TRG to implement a multi-node cluster in order to achieve the performance andinteractivity the users want.BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL BENEFITSVectorWise provided exactly what TRG was looking for and more:• Access to historical data enables different analyses that enable analysts to better assess the risk of the current market positions. This results in a higher confidence about current positions and a better ability to make decisions about position changes.• Flexibility and adaptability of the VectorWise-based solution have improved greatly over the proprietary in-memory database. When the analysts decide that they need to track several additional stress tests for all of their positions, there is no need for a new data design or reprogramming. In VectorWise extra columns in the table are populated with data and the users can immediately perform their analyses with no further changes to the application.• In-memory query performance against large data sets that cannot possibly fit in-memory is delivering the performance and interactivity the users want. Not having to index or aggregate the data prior to publication means that users can quickly gain access to the data and don’t have to wait for time-consuming load processes to finish.• ANSI SQL-based interfaces and standards-based connectivity enabled the existing tools to work against VectorWise without modification.• Relational database management is well-known at TRG’s IT department so the company did not have to acquire expert skills to manage or tune the database.FUTURETRG implemented VectorWise underneath an application that had the biggest need for improvement. There are other areaswhere TRG see opportunities to benefit from the out-of-the-box performance VectorWise can provide.About Ingres CorporationIngres is the leading open source database management company. We are the world’s second largest open source company and the pioneer of The NewEconomics of IT, providing open source solutions at dramatically reduced cost than proprietary software vendors. As a leader in The New Economics of IT,Ingres delivers low cost and accelerated innovation to its more than 10,000 customers worldwide.Ingres Corporation Ingres Europe Limited Ingres Germany GmbH Ingres France Ingres Australia500 Arguello Street, Suite 200 215 Bath Road Ohmstrasse 12 7C Place Du Dôme Level 8, Suite 1Redwood City, California 94063 Slough, SL1 4AA 63225 Langen Immeuble Elysées La Défense 616 St. Kilda RoadUSA United Kingdom Germany 92056 Paris La Défense Cedex Melbourne, Victoria, 3004Phone: +1.650.587.5500 Phone: +44 (0) 1753 559500 Phone: +49 (0) 6103.9881.0 France Australia Phone: +33 (0) Phone: +61 3 8530.1700For more information, contact©2010 Ingres Corporation. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. Ingres is a trademark of Ingres Corporation in the United States and in other countries.All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. SS-737A