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Customer service excellence


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Published in: Business, Education
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Customer service excellence

  1. 1. Company Catalogue
  2. 2. 2013 Training Catalogwww.tsmart-consulting.comTo register: +2 01014272725Customer Service ExcellenceT h e a r t o f d e l i g h t i n gc u s t o m e r sPA R T O F T H ES E R I E S2013Info@tsmart-consulting.comThe custo er service represe tative is thevoice of the orga izatio . As the custo er’sprimary contact, the CSR projects the companyimage and plays a critical role in buildingcusto er relatio ships3 Days workshop2013 Training Catalogwww. actsolutions-int.comTo register: +2 01014272725
  3. 3. 2013 Training Catalogwww.tsmart-consulting.comTo register: +2 01014272725 Info@tsmart-consulting.comProgram DescriptionTraining Aids: Training Movies Comprehensive Handouts Role Plays Games and Exercises Case StudiesCourse outlines: Introduction to CustomerRelationship Management. The Importance of Customer Serviceas a differentiator among companies. What are the core competencies for asuccessful call center agent? Effective communication skills . How to build rapport with customers. Telephone etiquettes. Call Quality techniques. Problem solving Techniques . How to handle difficult and angrycustomer. How to handle between Quality andproductivity . Role Plays.This course is designed for customerservice representatives to providethem with the required skills andattributes to be successful in thisdemanding profession. Some of theskills and attributes include: The ability to provide quality serviceon every call. The expertise to accurately assessthe type of customer on call. The talent to communicate effectivelywith customers. A positive attitude that transmits tocustomers, co workers, and managers.PA R T O F T H ES E R I E S2013Course Overview:2013 Training Catalogwww. actsolutions-int.comTo register: +2 01014272725
  4. 4. Contact DetailsMr. Ahmed HanafiCo Founder- Act SolutionsM:+20 1227177716Tel: +202 25 16 83 35Email:ahmed.hanafi@actsolutions-int.comContactus@actsolutions.comwww.actsolutions-int.com4
  5. 5. Contact DetailsMs. Mayar NabilR&D Training SpecialistM:+20 122916821Tel: +202 25 16 83 35Email: mayar@actsolutions-int.comwww.actsolutions-int.comFor Further inquiries:Contactus@actsolutions-int.cominfo@actsolutions-int.com5