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Customer service


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Customer service

  1. 1. Company Catalogue
  2. 2. "The single most important thing to realizeabout any enterprise is that there are noresults inside its walls. The result of a businessis a satisfied customer.”Peter Drucker2013 Training Catalogwww. actsolutions-int.comTo register: +2 01014272725Customer ServiceH i g h - s t a n d a r d c u s t o m e r s e r v i c et e c h n i q u e sPA R T O F T H ES E R I E S2013Info@actsolutions-int.com2 Days workshop
  3. 3. 2013 Training Catalogwww.tsmart-consulting.comTo register: +2 01014272725 Info@tsmart-consulting.comThis workshop will look at all types ofcustomers and how we can serve thembetter and improve ourselves in theprocess Knowing what customer service meansin relation to all your customers, bothinternal and external. Recognizing how attitude affectscustomer service. Identifying usto ers’ needs. Using outstanding customer service togenerate return business. Building good communication throughin-person customer service. Providing outstanding customer serviceover the phone. Connecting with customers throughonline tools . Dealing with difficult customers.Program DescriptionCourse OutlinesMay e you’re o the fro tli es of acompany, serving the people who buyyour produ ts. Perhaps you’re aaccountant, serving the employees byproducing their pay checks and keepingthe o pa y ru i g. Or ay e you’re acompany owner, serving your staff andyour customers.PA R T O F T H ES E R I E S2013Course Overview:Course Objective:Training Aids: Training Movies Comprehensive Handouts Games and Exercises2013 Training Catalogwww. actsolutions-int.comTo register: +2 01014272725
  4. 4. Contact DetailsMr. Ahmed HanafiCo Founder- Act SolutionsM:+20 122 717 7716Tel: +202 25 16 83 35Email:ahmed.hanafi@actsolutions-int.comContactus@actsolutions.comwww.actsolutions-int.com4
  5. 5. Contact DetailsMs. Mayar NabilR&D Training SpecialistM:+20 122 916 821Tel: +202 25 16 83 35Email: mayar@actsolutions-int.comwww.actsolutions-int.comFor Further inquiries:Contactus@actsolutions-int.cominfo@actsolutions-int.com5