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Act solutions english profile

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. Content2Act Solutions: About US. Our Vision and Mission. Why ACT? Our Training Methodology. Our Clients. Our Consultancy Methodology. Case Studies. Training Courses. Contact Us.
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE ?We’ve been in the Business asTelecom Professionals working withmultinational companies since 1999and served as Consultants andTrainers for the past 7 years. We’vedecided on 2007 to establish ourtraining & consultancy firm andnamed it ACT SOLUTIONS(ACT).Who we are ?Our Story3
  4. 4. Our BelievesVision and MissionVision: ACT aims at Developing the HumanPotentials in the MENA region, helping inadvancing the organizations and individuals’careers.Mission: To positively influence business in theregion by becoming more professional incarrying out their business through consultativetraining that’s based on real understanding ofbusiness models and working out a tailoredsolution and customized models that answersevery customer’s unique needs.4
  5. 5. Our Competitive AdvantageRepresentation of the three influencial factors :Competitiveadvantage12 Years of Experience inmultinationals all over theworld.5
  6. 6. Competency Based TrainingAnalytical skillsLeadership.Results Oriented.Customer Focus.Problem solving and decision makingALRCP6
  7. 7. Experiential learning : Do , Reflect , and ApplyCustomerExperience the activity and do itProcess , analyze theexperienceGeneralize to connect theexperience to real- worldexamplesApply what was learned to asimilar situationShare Reactions,observations publiclyEvaluate the resultsAmend to fit1234567Our MethodologyDOReflectApplyPart of ourtools7
  8. 8. Our References8
  9. 9. `Courses’ EvaluationLast year average scores“The participants evaluation was extremelypositive, with an overall average programrating of 4.8 out of 5.”9
  10. 10. We proposed a structured approach to develop the best Customer Services Strategy for Jawwal ; ensuringcustomer satisfaction and retention as well as operational effectivenessApproach to customer service strategyWhat is the best Customer Services Strategy for Jawwalto ensure a successful results in 2010?What are the key drivers and bestin-class-practices for CustomerServices?What are the options of setting upefficient and effective CustomerServices operations?What is the best Customer ServicesStrategy for Jawwal?SituationAnalysisBenchmarking OptionsEvaluationof optionsDesign ofthestrategyImplementation1 2 3 4 5 6JawwalQuestionsConsultancyMilestonesWhatT.SMARThasoffered?InternalAnalysisGathered allrequiredinformationbefore andduring theconsultancyBenchmarkingComparedthe currentbusinessprocesseswith theinternationalstandardsOptionsProvidedseveraloptions andsolutions toovercome theGAPSEvaluate andselect optionEvaluated alloptions andsolutions andpicked up thebest to suitJawwalDetail thestrategyProvided aclearguidelinesand directionsto ImplementJawwalStrategyApplyJawwalTeamOur consultancy Approach• Example:SAMPLE
  11. 11. Case study : Retail boosting programBackground:This account was undertaking a strategic move of assessing capabilities and competencies of its retail team; bothowned and franchise shops. Our team executed assessment centers for all levels ( Managers, supers and reps),and came out with 70 specific personalized reports as well as generic development areas .Description of Actual Services Provided by ACT:• Developing competency matrix for each position.•Assessment centers and CBIs.• Development plans.•Tailoring training programs to address the needs.•Executing the programs ( Mar 2011 – Oct 2011).•Operational plan.Achievements:-Increase in postpaid sales.-Improve customer satisfaction.-Promotion of high calibers.- Maintain better communication level between management and staff.-Reframe managers and supers KPIs.11In Jordan
  12. 12. Case study : Retail boosting program12In JordanSAMPLE
  13. 13. 13Background:In light of new entrant in the market, it was a must for our client to improve customer experience specially incustomer care department. The core of this consultancy was to come up with specific customer focus strategy ,operations gap analysis and detailed departmental action plans.Description of Actual Services Provided by ACT: Pre consultancy interviews . Building the customer care strategy. Setting departmental objectives and KPIs. Gap analysis. Recommendations .Operational plan.Achievements:- Improve customer experience.- Decreasing current SLAs.-Maintain better communication level between management and staff.Case study : Customer Care Consultancy
  14. 14. Methodology14Case study : Customer Care ConsultancySAMPLE
  15. 15. Our Training CoursesManagement &Soft SkillsHR & AdminMarketingStrategic ManagementChange ManagementFirst TimeleaderLeadership & ManagementTeam Building & CommunicationSkillsProblem Solving & DecisionMakingCreative ThinkingCustomerService&Call centerSalesAmaze your customersUp-selling and cross sellingAgents LevelCall center & VAMManagementCustomer RelationshipManagementWorkforce ManagementPlanning and budgetingCompetency based HRStrategic Human resourcemanagementCompetency basedInterviewsFacilities ManagementLevel 1Marketing FundamentalsCustomer ChurnManagementCustomer ValueManagementPricing StrategiesCorporate Selling SkillsAdvanced selling skillsRetail selling skillsSales Rep. LevelRetail ManagementCustomer ExperienceManagementCustomer FocusDistribution StrategiesCorporate SocialResponsibilityBudgetingFacilities ManagementLevel 2Facilities ManagementLevel 3152013 Training Catalogwww.tsmart-consulting.comBusinessSpecialtiesCustomer ServiceEmotional IntteligenceSales Fundamentals Accounting CourseBrad Management WorkshopEvents Management CourseCommunication StrategiesCreative Problem SolvingCritical ThinkingProject ManagementTime Management
  16. 16. Contact DetailsMr. Ahmed HanafiM:+20 1227177716Tel: +202 25 16 83 35Email:ahmed.hanafi@actsolutions-int.comContactus@actsolutions-int.comwww.actsolutions-int.com16